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Fabio Farisi

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Fabio Farisi


Full name: Fabio Farisi
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9” (1,75 m)
Weight: 140 lbs (63 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Really dark brown
Skin: Fair
Handiness: Right handed
Fabio is effective and polite, but he takes no prisoners and will always do things his way, which often leads to clashes with those he considers arbitrarily appointed figures of authority. However, he listens to those who have earned his respect somehow. He feels as if Japanese society has closed its doors to him, thus he has closed his heart to them, but with his fellow partners in crime, he opens up, joking around and talking more often. He has a pragmatic approach to life’s problems and regularly toes the line between right and wrong, whenever it suits him best.
Born to Southern Italian parents who moved to Kanagawa prefecture to work in the burgeoning "plastic waste management industry", Fabio was always shunned by his peers due to his foreign background, so he tended to gravitate towards the sons of his parents’ coworkers. Similarly secluded and influenced by their progenitors, he and most of his friends came onto the wrong side of the law, becoming associates and aspiring soldiers of the Soplamo crime family, one of many international offshoots of New Yark’s Gunpla Mafia.

Working under caporegime Skyline Sammy in his hometown of Yokohama, Fabio excelled at thievery and intimidation. Eventually, he was brought aboard on Sammy’s ingenious scheme to hijack a Bandai truck full of HG Michaelises and melt them to produce bootleg Ecopla of better selling kits. Unfortunately, the hijacking went south when a mall security Haro alerted the police. His friends were slowed down by the robot's Dilanza Foam Launcher, so Fabio stayed behind and fought Haro, allowing them to escape, but getting arrested in the process.

Approached by Gunpla Battle Official Referees, he was asked to cooperate with investigators in exchange for a reduced sentence and entry into The Gundam Base Witness Protection Program. Refusing to talk, he was sentenced to 20 weeks in juvenile detention, to make an example out of him. Despite the stiff sentence, Fabio kept his head down and his mouth shut. After serving his time, he was released on probation, but his old school expelled him for possessing a criminal record, and his profile was too high to keep working in Yokohama.

Thus, it was decided that Fabio would relocate to the outskirts of Tokyo and live with his Uncle Joevanni, while his parents were busy on a trip to America, selling scalped limited edition Gundam sneakers. The boss of the family, Toby Soplamo, pulled some strings in the local Kantai Academy to secure a spot for Fabio, so he can complete Grade 12 while he helps his Uncle’s crew expand the family’s operations up north.

Now attending Kantai Academy, he keeps to himself, even as his classmates spread outlandish rumors about the circumstances of his arrest and avoid him like the plague. But when one of the teachers suddenly sets up a new Gunpla club in the school, he can’t keep himself from entering, despite his otherwise impenetrable facade. Will he be able to learn the way forward, or will he fall into the depths of darkness?


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