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Full name: Ishirio “Kai” Kaiju

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 121 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Skin: Fair

Handiness: Right Handed


Kai is meticulous. He doesn’t excel in academics or even physical sports. In fact, he is often bullied because of his interests. His strength is in building Gunpla and Gunpla Battle. He can be cold and bitter, and often shows this side of his personality freely. 


Not physically imposing, Kai can be easily described as scrawny. He will often wear big sun glasses to hide his features, even inside. He prefers being quiet and slinking to the back of a room rather than being the center of attention. 


Kai had a rough childhood. He grew up to a single mother, his father was never in his life growing up and has been a bit of a mystery. While his mother meant well for his formulative years, she always struggled to provide for him. In fact, he never had time or money for Gunpla and it was never a big aspiration of his. He did recall watching many anime series with his mother as a means of bonding with her. Gundam of course being a chief series that he fondly recalls watching with his mother and getting hooked in. 

Tragedy struck when he turned 16 and his mother was killed one day in a freak traffic accident. Grief consumed him and he was forced to move with his grandparents. This move caused him to start attending Anno Higher Learning. The only positive thing from his mother’s death was a large settlement which he received from the accident. As a means of dealing with his grief he sought to express his grief through Gunpla.  

His escape into Gunpla while initially gained him a lot of friends it also quickly bolstered a lot of envious attention from other members of the Gunpla club. His skills proved to be on par if not superior to many other senior members of the club in both design and battle. His maverick attitude quickly alienated him to the point where he was being harassed by many members of the school and his own club. The bullying reached a fever pitch when one day he was beat up and sent to the hospital, all because he didn’t want to give his gunpla for someone else to use. His grandparents had him transferred to Kantai Academy in hopes of getting him a fresh start. 

Kai’s gunpla style could largely be described as conservative and hardly exploratory in design or concept. Where he excels is in detail and generic customization. Since being ousted from Anno though he has had a more devious desire to expand his gunpla horizons and investigate newer bolder designs. His battle skills, though at times reckless, could be considered natural and he seems to have a good instinct for fighting virtually. 

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