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Maybe this is something for each individual faction to decide upon but I thought that at least here I could start a discussion using this post.


I was wondering if each faction could have established units into which its soldiers would be assigned to placed.  This could have an affect on where the soldiers are posted, whether it be on Earth or in space, and also what kind of MS they use.  It might also help the military faction members get to know each other a little better if our characters are posted at the same base.


And just on a side note it would give us real established units to be a part of instead of just making them up as we go.


Anyway, this is just an idea, I'm not really pushing this too hard.

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I don't know about the other factions, but the EA has been doing this for some time now, though it has had little effect on the RP or the placement of the Earth Alliance's members.  It will most likely be updated when the pilot academy goes online; but simply put, its being looked at, so don't worry; but thanks for suggesting it 

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