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Re: Character Approval: Linite Estral


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NOTE: This profile has undergone some renovations to improve the character. Said renovations have been OKed by Kaizer.



Player name: GraceJP

Character number: 1

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Linite Estral

Nickname: Lini (By her sister Navina)

Age: 19 years old (D.O.B: February 12, C.E 65)

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Earth Alliance officer (Ensign)

Birthplace: Washington, D.C

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality: Linite is generally kind-hearted and supportive of others. She is able to remain calm in pressing situations, when careful concentration is required, but in a heated argument, for example, her fiery temper emerges quite often.

Linite is a strong believer in respect, and is never the type to question her superiors outwardly. Her biggest pet peeve is disrespectful soldiers.


Linite is very prone to taking on an older-sister/family type of role because of her younger sister Navina. She is the type of person that people tend to gravitate towards if they are lonely, or in need of someone to care for them, to which Linite normally obliges with enthusiasm.

Linite is very serious about her work in the military, and is determined to achieve her goals. She often thinks about the future, and what life will bring her.


Sometimes, Linite’s appearance can be quite misleading. Linite looks like a serious, smooth, alluring woman who doesn’t tend to slip up. But on the contrary, Linite can be very clumsy, and is just as prone to making mistakes as any other person. And, of course, she is not normally serious.



width=456 height=600http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/LacusJP/OCs/CopyofLiniteEstral.gif[/img]

Uniform and reference images copyright to their respective owners.


Height: 167.64cm

Weight: 54.09kgs

Hair Colour and Style: Linite wears her long blonde hair in an interesting ponytail variation. Two sections of hair (one on each side) Are pulled back, fastened, and bent upwards so that the remainder of the hair can be seen overtop of her head. The rest of the hair is left hanging.

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: Linite can easily be recognized by her hair.

Skin Tone: Pale Ivory

Build: Slender, with graceful curves.

Clothing: Aside from her Earth Alliance uniform, Linite wears comfortable, yet stylish garments. She often wears fitted blazers and blouses, as well as knee-length skirts and dress pants.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Evelyn Estral

Father: Russell Estral

Siblings: Navina Estral (Age 17)

Husband/Boyfriend: Linite is currently single.


Personal History:


For many years the Estral family had been involved with the military. Many of Linite’s family members had joined the Earth militaries before her, starting with her great grandmother and grandfather, who had first met at a military base.


Evelyn and Russell Estral had both been amongst the few lucky survivors of both the Type S and Type S2 influenza epidemics, unlike their parents before them. Linite was born in Washington, D.C on February 12, C.E 65, five years after the couple’s marriage. In C.E 68, Linite’s younger sister Navina was born.

The girls were placed in the care of some friends of the family in C.E 70, when Evelyn and Russell went to re-join the military at the start of the first Bloody Valentine War.


During the wars, the sisters had a very difficult time coping with the absence of their parents, and the constant worry that they might not return. The sisters constantly depended on each other for support, and this caused them to develop a fiercely strong relationship. They both decided during that time that when they grew up, they would get involved with the military, as had their parents, and their relatives before them.


Evelyn and Russell both gained a good reputation in ship mechanics during the first and second Bloody Valentine wars, during which they were both nearly killed when ZAFT forces attacked the Earth Alliance port they were working at.

After the second peace treaty was signed, Evelyn and Russell returned home safe and sound to their daughters.


Throughout her childhood, Linite developed talent in the area of mechanics, and continued to improve as she grew. Although this area held her interest, she wanted to explore other fields as well. Linite was faced with the difficult choice of whether she wanted to specialize in mechanics, or some other field.


At the age of 15, Linite enlisted in the Earth Alliance’s military academy, to carry on her family’s traditions. She had decided not to concentrate on one particular field of study, but instead develop a good knowledge base in a number of areas, so she could keep her options open for the future. Navina followed in her footsteps two years later.

At times Linite was contemplative about whether or not she would be successful in the military. Her mother always told her that everyone in her family wanted her to be successful, and that by joining the military, she would surely make them all proud. Her words convinced Linite that the military was where her success would lie.


At the end of her training at the academy, she was among the top twenty graduates in her class. She became an official Earth Alliance soldier holding the rank of Ensign.


When Linite’s younger sister Navina was in her final year at the academy, she suffered severe head injuries as a result of an accident during a training drill. She was rushed to the hospital, and went into a coma. As soon as she got word, Linite took leave from her military duties, and was by Navina’s side every day, especially when their parents couldn’t be there.

After two weeks, Navina still hadn’t woken up. The family was very worried, but still had hope for her recovery. Yet still, after four weeks, her eyes hadn’t opened, and she showed little sign of improvement. By this time, even the doctors were beginning to sound doubtful that she would ever regain consciousness, and Linite and their parents contemplated losing her.

During the fifth week of Navina’s coma, doctors were to observe her and determine officially whether or not she would recover, and it didn’t look good. Linite was almost to the point of depression when she went to visit Navina again, but as Linite started talking to her sister, as she usually did whenever she was visiting; Navina miraculously opened her eyes, and responded to Linite’s words with a smile.


This experience has since been fueling Linite’s determination to succeed both in the military, and in helping Navina get her life back on track so she can complete her training, and fulfill her dreams.

Currently, Navina is in still in the hospital for precautionary reasons. She is slowly but surely recovering from her ordeal. Linite continues to visit her sister when she has off-time, and often writes to her.

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Hm, the bio is a decent; but a bit bland, it is very linear. Perhaps you could say something about why she felt she needed to join ZAFT, was she pressured by her relatives to join it?  You can try to elaborate on some mental development in the bio, also could you please look at the faction numbers, as you can see ZAFT is x2 the size of the Earth Alliance

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