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Exvind Serexith


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Full name: Exvind Serexith

Nickname: Goes by either just Exvind or Ex

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Sextilus City

Citizenship: PLANT


Admist most other people, despite their alligences or whether they be Natural or not, he is rather quiet and withdrawn, and could typically be described as timid. He happens to be very conscious and has only one true phobia: arachnaphobia. All other odd tendencies could be called personality quirks at best. Despite his quiet exterior, he holds a great love and loyalty towards his family and the PLANTs in general. When he does speak, it is almost always stammered and nervous though his mind is quite the opposite. While being reclusive unless working or running some sort of errand, he expresses his mind freely through messaging and computers rather than through his voice.




Height: 6'0"

Weight: 142 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Short white hair grown out slightly longer in the front rather than the rear.

Eye Colour: A hazel-esque color with a balance between brown, blue, and green.

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Very pale skin due to lack of sunlight, which is not unexpected considering his social life (or lack thereof)

Build: Thin but not without fair muscle tone.

Clothing: For casual wear, he often wears an unbuttoned pink short-sleeved T-shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt and pants. Exvind also wears thin glasses that he pushes back up to the bridge of his nose with his middle finger in almost a trademark motion due to their almost constant slipping down. His working uniform is the almost stereotypical blue 'repair man' coveralls.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Lynette Deuce Serexith (Deceased. Died giving birth to Tobias.)

Father: Alphonse Serexith-Bureaucrat

Siblings: Younger brother Tobias (Desceased. Complications in childbirth.)

Wife/Girlfriend: None, and doubtful there ever will be one.


Personal History:

Exvind was born into an upper-middle class family and led a fairly decent childhood. Despite his hectic schedule, his father enjoyed spending time with Exvind, as did his mother. However, when he was five years old, and his parents expecting a new baby, his life shattered. While giving bith, his mother began to have a violent reaction to an antisthetic given to her. Both she and the unborn baby looked to be allergic to it, Lynette's tongue and throat swelling and blocking her air way, and the baby choked also, the umbilical cord acting as a noose.


Both Exvind and his father had to watch as his mother and unborn brother suffocated, the doctors unable to save them.


Since then, both he and his father began to drift apart. His father spent much more time at work and becoming a mild alchoholic, while Exvind became reclusive and began to stay in his room whenever possible, going through much of his life unspeaking and alone. He and his father did not talk much afterwards. They ate in silence, and before Exvind even tried to start a conversation, his father would not pay any attention, rather sometimes just spending hours looking at a portrait of Lynette.


Exvind spent this time reading books about the Valentine Wars, the history of the PLANTs, and the mobile suits. The suits were what amazed him the most: gargantuan weapons that were key in so many conflicts. He used his pay to learn more about the ZAFT, and went so far as to purchase a simulator program on his computer and play numerous computer games involving the subject. He passed through school with high grades and no friends, and chose to get a job that would give him needed experience if he really did attempt to become a pilot. To be quite honest, aside from that previously mentioned, Exvind's life thus far was uneventful, save for the one and only excursion from his secluded sanctuary:


Visits to the graves of his mother and brother. Their graves sit in the nearest cemetary, atop a hill. Tobias' is a bronze-looking plaque that reads, Here lies Tobias Serexith, taken away before he started. Both Exvind and his father spent much more money on his mother's grave. It too had a plaque, but it rested at the foot of a life-sized stone replica of Lynette Serexith. Her plaque read, Here lies Lynette Deuce Serexith, a loving mother, wife, and woman who died bringing a child into the world. In loving memory... Exvind has only cried once in his life, at his mother's funeral.


From the time of the deaths in his family, Exvind fell into a state of deep depression, spending the time not focused on school on almost constantly using the Mobile suite simulator and games as an outlet for his emotions. Some days, he felt that he was normal, others he felt he was dead inside, and at other times, he felt as if everyone else should feel his pain. As such, his methods of strategy varied day to day on his outlook on life. From taking moderate hit-and-run attacks on other players, to standing still simply to see how his Mobile Suit could be destroyed with him inside so he could be with his dearly departed, to going on a full-out rampage destroying every single person who crossed his path despite if their characters were Orb, Plant, Earth, or freelance. This went on until just after his 18th birthday, when he met a user with the alias of Nobody. Nobody happened to watch one of Exvind's killing sprees, actually noting the lack of boasts as player after player fell. The dialogue went somewhat like this:


Nobody: What? No 'I'M THE BEST!' or 'Ha-HA!' Seriously, you've GOT to be setting some kinda record.

Exvind: ...I dont really use the chat function.

Nobody: Oh come on, everybody chats, its how you talk to your friends.

Exvind ...I dont have friends.

Nobody: lol

Exvind: ...

Nobody: You're serious arent you?

Nobody: Well I'd kill to have a weapon of mass destruction as a friend.

Nobody has requested to be your friend: Accept or Decline?

Exvind has registered Nobody as a friend.


Over the next months, Nobody (Who happened to live in Maius) and Exvind shared a sense of comraderie, and chatted almost daily. This in turn led to Exvind finally telling someone abit about how he felt inside. His sorrow and anger was actually fairly useful when used in team efforts. But Exvind had to admit to Nobody, that he really did not want to be a technician for the rest of his life, but he did not know what to do. Once again, it spawned another one of Nobody's rather...sarcastic moments.


Nobody: You're kidding me, right? You have NO idea what to do, and you're chatting with me through a ZAFT Mobile Suit sim game.

Exvind: Well...yes actually. As much as I find repair work rewarding in experience, I really want to do something more.

Nobody: ....ROTFL!

Exvind: What? I dont see how its funny!

Nobody: *wipes tear from eye* Ex, you never cease to amuse me. You say you enjoy reading about Mobile Suits, and the Bloody Valentine Wars. On this sim program, you have an almost record-breaking Kill/Death Ratio, plus you destroyed about 200 other units alone in the Space War event sim two weeks ago. Now think, where would you be able to get a steady job piloting a Mobile Suit?

Exvind: ......Wow, you really have a way of making me feel like an idiot, and I was salutatorian.

Nobody: Yeah, yeah, I know about your superior grades, now go ahead and take a shot behind you, Orb grunt at your six. You think blowing things up via computer is a good emotion outlet, try it in real life.


As such, on his 19th birthday, Exvind Serexith decided to test his luck, and went to apply for ZAFT.

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Pretty good bio mate!


Occupation: Currently maintains a living as basic technician performing minor repairs where needed, but aspires to be a pilot in the near future.

That's what he works as for a living, so it should just be Technition; when he becomes a pilot change it to pilot


Identifying Marks: Thin glasses that he pushes back up to the bridge of his nose with his middle finger in almost a trademark motion.

Pop that stuff in clothing


You also haven't designated a handiness lol


Apart from that I don't see much wrong with it, I'll let the other people pick over it though

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To be honest, I dont want to come off as pushy or impatient, or this could be my lack of experience with this site and its methods, but is there something more to getting my character approved that I haven't done yet, or is it just a matter of time? Simply curious here...

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Most likely the latter.


Only the AD Team and Admins have the power to finally approve character profiles. Of these, only Valiant and winders actually do so. winders will be out until Wednesday, and Valiant has been busy of late. Not to worry, one of them will return in due time.

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Good profile, I think this one is one of the most unique profiles I've ever seen.


I'm going to move it so consider it approved but try to remember that simulation MS battles are way different to real ones for future reference




Post which faction you wish to join

*note some factions, eg: ZAFT* may be closed

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