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Post critique

Ray Katsuki

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Heya guys


Im having abit of a dilema with the rpg post's im making, they just dont seem as good as they used to be. Im just out of practice so it will come back at some point.


But any ideas or suggestions are welcome, honestly if my post sucks or could be improved just say.  I need the input to improve.


Thanks Guys

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Ah wind with your humor you are killing me


Nah man it gets the point across but its bare bones, basic.


I want to write like Rad and as ishe quite rightly pointed out DD is an excellent post maker also yourself and Kaizer both great Rper's


I'm not saying I'm bad its just that I want to  get better so the best way is to accept criticism, thats all

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Hmm...I feel your posts are pretty good already, Ray. Just my opinion...


Good: In-depth description of character's thoughts as well as how he acts in a certain way.


Bad: A few kinks here and there, but mostly to do with minor errors involving typing of words. It's simple; To improve, don't rush things through. Sometimes some of the posts give me the impression you rushed it.


Just my two cents. I'm certain My own posts don't go anywhere either, since I don't have any RP quality or rank for that matter. 

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Faith: Don't take that RP Quality rating as the lone standard by how well everyone considers your RPs. Only the admins can increase or decrease that, anyway. Consider my case: I'm honored that Ray says he wants to write like me, but look - I've only got two points of RP Quality to his three!


Ray: I'll have to second Faith on this one. We can all see where you're taking your post, but sometimes it's hard to read and understand some of the minor details with all the typing errors that you let slip. Take your time to correct any typing errors you encounter, which are mostly in the form of missing punctuation, extra spacing and incorrect capitalization.


I suggest typing your posts in a word processor like Microsoft Word first to take advantage of it's better spelling and grammar checking tools. Besides that, I believe that having a place where you can save and review your work periodically would also remove the 'pressure to post' I tend to feel from your work.


Other than that, I've seen great improvement since the time you sent me your character's information. Believe me, Ray, you don't need to write like me. You've got a style all your own that everyone can see; all you need is to practice as much as you can without pressuring yourself.


Now, apologies, but what was that about a side-plot between your character and mine that you wanted to discuss over IRC last time?

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As you guys have said I do need to take more time in my post's.  Basically I need to stop posting in work.  lol its the post before I get caught thing


Thing is I do feel a pressure to respond to a post ASAP but sometimes the post's do come out sub-standard.


As for the sub plot ive just sent you a pm so we can take it fomr there

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Well, you definitely need to stop RP-posting from work, lol.


What I do when I get the feeling that I'm being pressured is write is to immediately stop, save my work, and pay attention to something else until I calm down enough to focus on it again. With this method, it sometimes takes me an hour or so to finish each of my RP posts (sometimes even those that aren't) but I'm able to assure myself (and hopefully my readers), that I'm able to give each post my all. I'm not sure it might work for you, but it's worth a shot.

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