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Azaru Vesta

Azaru Vesta

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Full name: Azaru Vesta

Nickname: Azaru, Blaze (only other pilots call him this way)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot

Birthplace: Junius City

Citizenship: Plant


Azaru is a quiet and honest person, people tends to think that he is a cold person, but he isn't, he needs more time to get confidence with new people than the rest, he also is very loyal toward his friends, if Azaru is under pressure he can act more aggressively but that's not usual.


When Azaru is on a mission, he tries to keep everything on the tracks but can be very stubborn when the topic “harm innocent people” comes to scene, he's the type ask first shoot later, and he try to not overestimate or underestimate every assignment.


When he is off duty he like to drive cars, swim or spend hours in the kitchen cooking delicious dishes, he also likes music specially opera but lacks the 'touch' that his mother has.





It's the first vector I have done in looong time so don't expect much.

(Click on the image for better resolution)


Height: 190 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Hair Colour and Style: He wears long blue dyed hair which fades to his original hair color, black, depending on illumination.

Eye Colour: Dark blue.

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned white

Build: Athletic

Clothing: Aside uniform clothing, he likes to wear wisely chosen combined suits, he appreciate specially silk clothes and expensive leather jackets.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Seren Elan

Father: Julius Vesta

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:

Twenty five year ago one middle class architect meet a young Idol promise before a concert, from that encounter born a strong relationship that never broke, their names were Julius Vesta and Seren Elan, and from that relationship Azaru was born.


Life was easy for Azaru in its firsts years, he was a cheerful boy with lots of friends,  a caring mother and a father that travels a little too much because of his job, most of the time his mother Seren was at their, not too big, flat, because she left her career as singer when Azaru born, she wished to quit even before, but Julius ever regretted that as if she were lowering her status.


One day, when Azaru was eight, his father Julius brought great news excellent news, Julius was about to be promoted, and Julius felt that he finally could repay in some way all the love and dedication of his wife, so they will live into an individual house in November city and Azaru will assist to one of the best schools of November.


"Every is already signed, so you and your mother will move next week", Julius said, Azaru by his side felt a mixed compound of feelings, he was at the same time, happy, sad and excited, "but I have to stay here until my project is finished", Julius said finishing the sentence.


After moving Azaru did a small party in which he exchanged presents with his best friends, and with most of his class mates, Azaru wishing them the best promised that he will come next year's holiday to see them all, Azaru for a moment felt like he was about to say goodbye to everything he knows but in no time he thought that it was a nonsense.


Two days later Azaru departed from Junius to its brand new life in November City.


Two moths later his father returned bringing a letter from Azaru's best friend, in this letter Ginta said that his family will move into November city in no time, so Azaru put his best efforts preparing a welcome party for Ginta.


But that party never be done, Ginta's family narrowly escaped from the Junius 7 incident, and with the rest of colonies at maximum alert, couldn't be done, Ginta was safe but Azaru simply couldn't stand that almost everyone he knows at Junius city simply vanished.


Days passed slowly for Azaru, he realized what had happened but at a lower lever he couldn't understand why, why life suddenly can became so cruel in a flash, and slowly Azaru became shy, quiet and reflexive, as if that loss had stolen something very appreciated for him.


After a year of sadness and pain Azaru could overcome his depression and found it's brand new purpose, he thought no one should suffer a great loss like that again, and in order to accomplish that he will enlist into ZAFT military academy as soon as he has the right age, to prevent incidents like Junius 7, no matter if these affects naturals or coordinators, innocent people shouldn't be involved in war.


So aside to his everyday classes, he started to learn anything that he considered useful to access into ZAFT military academy, like computer languages, basic strategy, and most important, all the information he could gather about mobile suits, as he realized that piloting mobile suits could be the best way to accomplish what he felt he has to do.


Much later he started to drive cars and bikes, just for learning that every machine has his own limits  and how to push them if he need, but that only put more distance between he and their relatives, as Azaru could only focus in its purpose, so only his true friends and family remained at this point.


And reached the moment, Azaru entered ZAFT military academy, proving been a steady pilot and an excellent gunner, there earned his nick, Blaze, which started as some kind of joke when he completed a training mission with his training mobile suit damaged by a defective backpack that ignited during the exercise.


Actually Azaru has served in several battleships, mainly in patrol or escort duties, as there are no signs of war.

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Not a bad profile.  Some issues that I noticed.


Hair: Um...people don't have naturally blue hair.  Valiant addressed this issue in one of the guides.  Your character is allowed to have 'dyed' hair but the natural hair color must be stated.


Clothing: 'stylish clothes'   

Perhaps you can give some examples in detail? 


History:  You could add more details to tie in with his current personality.  Like 'Why is he quiet/honest/cold etc.?  Also, he'd be 9 years old (current year is CE85, Bloody Valentine was CE70) once he strived to work up to the Academy.  I think I understand what you mean, but a little more clarification like 'what he did' in order to achieve that particular goal perhaps.


That's all I see so far, good work.


EDIT: Bah, I fail at 'history.'  Corrected the age/years.

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people tends to think that he is a cold person

Why do they think he is a cold person? Is he shy?


When he are off duty he like to drive cars

A little grammatical error here


from that relationship born Azaru.

From that relationship Azaru was born sounds better


and Julius wanted for  his wife somewhat more than a plain middle class life, every was already planned, both will move to bigger house in November city while Julius remains in Junius city until his current project is finished.

A little thick to read, does he want his wife to live better than a middle class life? Who moved to a bigger house in November City? It's a little hard to understand.


Apart from that it looks fine, perhaps you could expand on some points like how he reacted to the loss of so many friends on Junius? Was he shocked to the point of wanting revenge or...?


A little bit more and this profile will be fine

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Every is already signed, so you and your mother will move next week, Julius said, Azaru by his side felt a mixed compound of feelings, he was at the same time, happy, sad and excited, but I have to stay here until my project is finished, Julius said finishing the sentence.


Please learn to use quotation marks to denote speech. I believe I went through that in the "How to Role Play" guide.

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Thanks for the tip Valiant, it should be fixed right now (with a mental note to do not fall in the same error twice).


Also thanks to winders and liubei013 for pointing what can be improved on this profile.



--- Edit ---


Reviewing character creation rules I just read:


4) Once your character's profile is in the Library board, you can post in your character's thread to request to join a faction.


So, I can request here my application for PLANT here or else I need to PM somebody to do that request?

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