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Odessa Gilchrist


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Full name: Odessa Gilchrist (pronounced Gil-crist)


Nickname: Essa, Homer


Age: 24


Gender: Female


Race: Natural


Occupation: Reporter for CWN


Birthplace: ORB


Citizenship: Atlantic Fed. (>> I think)


Personality: "Looks can be deceiving. Beneath this enjoyable smile is a man with breasts." Her work stresses her and she's unapologetic, unless absolutely necessary or dealing with clientèle. She smokes too much and works too much to have a sex life and when it's time to get a story done she switches to "Men at Work" mode. Where estrogen levels plummet and testosterone takes over, working herself to the bone, where all thoughts of life's necessities disappear.   




Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Dark Rust red that is short, layered, and tapers along her neck 

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Identifying Marks: Blue wire framed glasses, painted nails match her top.   

Skin Tone: Healthy pale peach with coral glossed lips

Build: Semi tall filling out her bones with a well rounded, curvaceous shape that the jerks at the office say put the O in Odessa.

Clothing: Black blazer jacket and a button up suit shirt that looks semi professional, either a plain dressy skirt or pressed pants with low slug heels and her over the shoulder bag which carries her never ending supply of pens, notepads, recorder and CWN's credit card that is given to every employee.


Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Mona Zuhayr Gilchrist

Father: Oliver Gilchrist

Siblings: Younger sister Livia (61/2 going to start second grade in the fall)

Wife/Girlfriend: (None) Back in college - was a dare- won 350$ for it. Do not talk about it.


Personal History: Born in neutral territory and raised up in a family where education was the key to success. Her child hood could be ground down to tutoring, piano practice and studying. The few times where vacation was allowed, holidays and birthday, were happy fond memories of her mediocre life. Graduating from High School with honors and then at the top of her class at the local university she shocked her parent when she went under journalism.


Odessa was easily accepted into her internship at CWN, the most widely known newscasting name out there, and was swiftly introduced to reality. What Odessa hadn't expected was to be assigned to EFR (expendable foreign reporter). Sent into the most mundane of places with a camera man and mic or sitting in a garded office interview with a notepad and pen setting up meetings with sources she's been thrust into a world only seen on T.V's.


World Peace, Peace on Earth, to have a peaceful co-existance, everywhere she went they said the same thing in a different manner. Her recent years have been spent following the story lines of soliders and military officals on all sides. Earning her the Private nickname Homer among the troops. Her interviews and stories were going to be placed into a large running series that CWN was going to present called Words of Soliders. This was difficult when she too held her own ideals, but because of her CWN employment she wasn't allowed to let feelings interfere.


Absolute Peace...The only thing Absolute was zero in this world. The fools that actually believed in absolute peace wouldn't live to see the end of it. Right now there wasn't a war, at the moment things were quiet. But it was just like the ocean calm and serene but underneath brimming with life and movement, the perfect disguise.


Odessa came upon this theory when sitting in a psychology lecture at the University. There would never be absolute peace simply because we are all different. There will always be an opposite, another opinion, the flip side of the coin. Something that people fail to understand.


Right now conflicts have dwindled down into conferences and presidential meetings. Bloodshed was now ink on contracts and disagreements were settled with signing papers and shaking hands didn't mean that it was over. Look at the history books! Look at the timelines! Do people honestly think that it's all over now? That all those lives that were lost and the conflicts that arose during those years were now long gone and we've evolved onto a higher level?!


She lives out of Hotel rooms and on shuttles and planes. Money is sealed in a single plastic gold card provided by CWN and clothes are kept in a suitcase and carry-on should she suddenly have to flee. She on a quest for the truth and is willing to risk it all to find it.     

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Lol, why is she called Homer? Perhaps you could elaborate on that in the background. I think of the Simpsons when I see that name.


Also, you need to have an actual citizenship. I understand that she lives off travelling cash, but she's still got to be a citizen of some nation in order to get a passport.


As for ENN (Earth News Network?), we'll have to wait for Valiant on that one. If we go by the scrolling headline box he's put at the left, then the most popular news network is CWN (though I don't recall what it stands for). ENN could still be some other network, of course.


Also, there hasn't been any major conflicts in the past decade. We are CE 85, so your character would've been 14 or younger to have witnessed the war (and thus, could not have reported on it).

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<< Booyah! This is what I meant by not grasping the info required. Thank you!


P.S. Homer refers to the Book Homer's Odessy I'm sure you heard of it in english or literature class. The movie "O'Brother Where Art Thou" was based off it.

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Ah, that Homer. You should really put that in the background. ^.-


As for suggestions on your charcter's citizenship, unless she's immigrated to some other nation (Atlantic Federation, Kingdom of Scandinavia, PLANT, etc.), she would still be a citizen of Orb.

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I think she missed this:


That was what Odessa saw and reported but because of her ENN employment she wasn't allowed to let feelings interfere.


CWN stands for Copernicus World News. Copernicus is sort of like a neutral city and its reporting is supposedly the most accurate given the lack of influences from anti-Coordinator or anit-Naturals stance or other ideals (such as those of Orb).

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No, you're seeing the same thing as me. The first three paragraphs are bio, then turns into RP at the next three.


However, I do see how easy it is to turn those paragraphs into a proper biography, and suggest you do so, Odessa.

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