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Full name: Davis arukus

Nickname: none


Gender: male

Race: ( Coordinator)

Occupation: none

Birthplace: December city

Citizenship: plants





Height: 5 feet

Weight: 110

Hair Colour and Style: blue hair

Eye Colour: yellow

Identifying Marks: scar on the arm

Skin Tone: light brown

Build: upper arms

Clothing: own style

Handiness: ( Ambidextrous)




Mother: mrisa aruku

Father: David arukus

Siblings:  sister Anna arukus

Girlfriend: none


Personal History:  Davis arukus born on C.E. 65  mrisa and David arukus. mrisa worked as a nurse i i    in December city while their sons farther is a business man. His farther was usually of plant on business so Davis saw very little of his farther growing up all he had to depend on was his mother who was a nurse. who worked late into a night so Davis usually stayed at his friends house for supper usually because his mom was not usually their. usually after super at his friends he would go home and finish his homework and go to bed because when his mom came home he was already sleeping.


while Davis was in pre school he didn't have many friends cause he spent most of his time alone because when he saw other kids parents it made him cry because he never had the love of both his parents. so he would cry alone but as Davis got older he started to realize that he had their love they were just to busy to be their so that is why they hired a caregiver to watch over him once he came from his friends house. when he was in junior high he started to make lots of friends because he knew he count on their support so he grew up with good friends so he study hard to pass  junior high. when he went into high school most of his friends went to different plants for high schools because their parents wanted them to to make new friends was one of the big reasons  for leaving there home plant. Davis stayed on plant because he didn't want to leave the plant just yet some of his friends stayed on plant to because they just wanted to stay on plant to Davis still sent letters to his friends that were on different plants. he graduated grade 12 with good marks. Davis is now thinking of joining the ZAFT military because he thinks he owes his plant services for taking care of him all these years so he has decided to join the ZaFT military


Davis hobby's were drawing in his spare time reading and writing story's  he loved to draw air planes because he still wondered how they could fly even know he new how they flew he wondered this since he was six years old. he loved to read romance novels thinking some day his love life would be like one of the novals he had read before. he also loved to write scary story's because they reached out to him in a way it did to know other.

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Did it occur to you that 'Upper Arms' is no more of a body type than 'Upper Body' is?


Here's a few Examples:


-Tall and Muscular

-Thin and Wiry

-Athletically Built

-Short and Diminuitive

-Moderately Built


These all refer to how the person's body is structured OVERALL. That's what they're asking you for. Do you understand, now?

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