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BATTLE: Pyscho Soldier Two!


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Number of Competitors: 4

Team 1:

Athena Asamiya - winders, Strike Rouge Aile Gundam

Kula Diamond - Wilhelm, Strike IWSP Gundam

Team 2:

Echtel Endrance - Fuku with Nodachi, Aegis Gundam

Samuel Arkan  (Berzerker) - liubei013, Sword Calamity Gundam

Battlefield: Snow covered City Ruins arena

Restrictions on MS: Non Nuke MS, MS Only; C.E. 71 MS only

Battle Mode: Double Duel 2 v 2

Referee: Kaizer

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If it's allowed, I'd wish to join Fuku in this 2 on 2.  (It's about time I get to flex my RP muscles in MS combat...haven't done so for a while.)


Name: Samuel Arkan  (Berzerker)

Suit: GAT-X133 Sword Calamity Gundam


EDIT: Yeah, the RoE's fine.  Already looked it over before making my MS choice.

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You should have been reading my last post a little closer Winders.  I had suggested that we change the battle order slightly so that Liubei would have a fighting chance in a 2 on 1 match.  The current order of Winders, Wilhelm, Liubei makes it hard for Liubei, as not only does this mean that you and Wilhelm can pound on him with multiple attacks at once, it means he has to take more time to react and write even longer posts then usually needed; thus slowing down the match.


I suggested that we change the order to Winders, Liubei, Wilhelm, Liubei, so that he would only need to react to one person at a time, and so we can keep the match moving at a somewhat quicker pace.  If you are taking it out on people, take it out on me for suggesting the revised order, and not on Liu for implementing it.

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Actually winders, I meant it to be more like this:







rinse and repeat as nescessary 


Since Winders already has his post down, Liu and Wilhelm can post their respective parts and then wait for Winders to return on wednesday.  If there are any further complaints or concerns over the battle order, we can discuss them when Winders gets back.  Till then, just use the turn order I laid out 

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