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Profile: Landis Exel Zenastan


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Player Name: F.A.I.T.H

Character Number: 01

Faction: PLANT




Full name: Landis Exel Zenastan

Nickname: 'Exel', or Lez

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Martius 4

Citizenship: P.L.A.N.T

Personality: Displays a quiet facade around people and considered cold. Landis would, however, show a different side when interacting with people he feel comfortable with, becoming proactively sarcastic and likes to make fun of them. He is easily irritated when something doesn't go according to plan as well. Despite his countenance towards his friends as being 'jovial and confident', Landis has an inferiority complex, and usually thinks about issues in a different way compared to the normal perspective. Having walked the jagged path of pessimism and deciding that he was heading nowhere, Landis has since become driven to bring optimism into his life more often, though he is not beyond believing that thinking 'the worst could happen' will better prepare him for any surprises waiting in store for him. Landis doesn't have a good amount of respect for authority as well, considering the fact that one of his personal philosophies would be that 'those who are to be respected earn it, whoever he/she is.' Despite that, he still has a strong sense of honour and will always seek to repay any favours he owned. Has a soft spot for animals, especially cats, and is terrible at handling crying people, especially girls.


While Landis is on duty, though, there is an almost immediate distinction between his attitude while he is at work and at ease in the company of friends. Unexpected smiles break out every now and then, but not all of them might be shown in a simple gesture of goodwill. According to his personal philosophy, he only shows respect because it's a requirement, not because he wants to when he believes a superior to be unreasonable or incompetent. Diligence to him is simply a part of his opinion, not to suck it up to his superiors or to show people how good he make himself out to be.


In any form of conflict, Landis adopts a seemingly relaxed attitude, while each and every nerve in his body is actually tensed and ready for action whenever the need arises. He does not believe in mercy on the battlefield, preferring to make sure the enemy is of either no threat to his comrades and him-Or to utterly destroy them on the basis of suspicion that they wouldn't really be grateful to him for giving them a second chance.


In his free time, Landis would often find ways to get his hands on musical instruments, most notably the piano and occasionally the guitar. Despite his cool coutenance, Landis has a strange habit of occasionally singing in the shower especially when he is on Cloud Nine. He practises sports as well as martial arts mostly despite his wide range of interests in cultural activities as well. Despite his supposed ease at interacting with people he is closer to, Landis still has difficulty doing so




Height: 174cm

Weight: 68kg

Hair Colour and Style: Messy, Sleek obsidian-colored hair with it dyed silver at his temples. His has a messy fringe resting slightly on his forehead and reaching to his eyebrows, while the back part of it extends just over the collar. Side-burns reach past his ear and hang out loosely.

Eye Colour: Amethyst

Identifying Marks: None.

Skin Tone: Slightly tanned.

Build: Slender, with muscle mass mostly in the abdomen, arms and legs.

Clothing: For civilian clothing, he mostly wears a black jacket preferably with a lighter color shirt (white or red). On more formal occasions like functions or just simply going out somewhere further with his friends, Landis prefers a trenchcoat over his standard jacket. Wears a ZAFT red uniform when on duty.

Handiness: Ambidextrous. His dominant hand is still the left, though he can use his right with relative ease as well.




Mother: Ryoko Exel Ishitama (45, Art teacher)

Father: Derran Zenastan (56, Committee member of National Defense) Estranged [Note: This seems a little demanding, so tell me if I just overstepped the border for character creation.]

Siblings: Evran Zenastan (deceased at the age of 20 on C.E 73) 

Wife/Girlfriend: None currently.


Personal History: Born to Ryoko and Vandel Exel Ishitama (doctor) on Martius 3. His father passed away from the crossfire of a shootout in a relatively nondescript armed robbery when he was just three years old and his mother later chose to remarry into the Zenastan family when he was 6 years of age.


   Changing environments and enrolling in a new school did not make his life any better, even if his stepfather was one of the higher-ups in the National Defense Council. Because of his differing opinions and perspectives in comparison to 'normal' school children, Landis often found himself in sticky situations most of the time with the kids at school, often getting beaten up and ostracized for being 'unsociable'. He kept the truth from his mother lest her worries might go overboard, while his father was not even at home most of the time. Even when he was, Landis seemed invisible to him as compared to the only person that he talked to, and that was his stepbrother, Evran Zenastan, with whom he hit it off with almost immediately, despite the 12-year difference in age.


    It was through Evran that Landis took up an interest of machines and firearms as well as sports, and his hunger for knowledge as well as his aptitude for picking up things astonished his stepbrother, who eventually started teaching him the art of self-defense as well as several sports for him to keep fit. While Landis could only touch on the surface of what he learned, considering his age, he hungered for more, and the conscription of Evran into the army by a stepfather he had hardly seen served only to disappoint him and to generate more animosity for the latter.


    It wasn't until the news that Evran had died fighting against ORB did that dislike turn to hatred, for Derran Zenastan could not even show his face at the funeral of his son due to pressing matters regarding the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the war. Young as he is, Landis never considered th obligations of the then upstart committee member of the National Defense and found comfort with his mother as well as the things Evran had encouraged him to take on.


    The return of his stepfather back to the household only heralded storm clouds, when the first time Landis really met him was at 12 years of age. Having been told to 'take a break' from work, Derran returned only to ensue in heated exchanges with Ryoko. Having become a bitter man from the lost of his only son and the failures of ZAFT, it was during that one particular exchange that Derran demanded for a divorce on the grounds that 'they were a bother to him.' That sparked off the growth of the seed of deep hatred for him, becoming the main reason why Landis currently lives with his mother away from Derran.


     As ironical as it seemed, Landis enrolled into the nearest military academy right after the stormy episode with his stepfather was over, seeking to put his knowledge of the technology and weaponry to good use, even if the era of war and conflict was deemed to be over. A meteroric rise as well as a smoother road to graduation made him suspicious, and his second meeting with Derran only served to confirm that the latter had pulled some strings for him, for which Landis was never thankful of, considering that his agenda was purely for the sake of himself as well as to provide for his mother and attempt to surpass his brother, whom he considered superior in every aspect. Despite his negative viewpoint about the world collapsing around him, he had Evran and his section mates to thank for showing him the greener side of the terribly dried out pasture he was standing on, serving as yet another prod to make him work even more diligently to reach the standards he had set for himself.


      For now, however, all Landis wants to do is to play a significant part in keeping the peace and stability of PLANT...for which his stepbrother had sacrificed himself and for his mother.   

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You flatter me. I still feel that there could be something better about the profile, but thanks for the vote of confidence. What I want to know is who the faction leader for ZAFT is. Can't seem to find any information regarding that...


EDIT: Never mind. I got that information from the Announcements thread.

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Please refrain from referring to canon characters.


"Derran Zenastan could not even show his face at the funeral of his son due to pressing matters regarding the chaos that ensued after the death of Chairman Gilbert Dullindal"


As for Derran being a member of the Defense Council, I would leave that to the faction leaders to decide.

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PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


On the Morning of November 1st of CE85, Landis Exel Zenastan is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over him.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters

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