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Re: A day in Aprilius


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A heavy rain falls from the sky at Aprilius one in order to simulate the change in weather much like the Earth. Large crowds of people walk the street, most of them going about their daily chores. Delfina Schneider, a young beauty stares outside at the passing crowds from a café window. She stirs her drink with a straw before she holds it up to her lips for a sip. It was a light cola, but it was starting to become warm due to most of the ice melting. Delfina lowers her glass, and looks around. It would be at least a half an hour before her meal would be ready. The café was well lit with several customers taking refuge from the thick rainfall. She was dressed casually in a white Zaft uniform, a commander’s cap rests on the edge of the table. Delfina grabs hold of her hat and runs her thumbs on the Zaft logo. “What a day, everyone is on a business trip, and what do I have to do?” Her eyes maneuver towards the thick stack of folders resting beside her. “I’m seriously going to have to punch instructor Wilhelm in the jaw for making me take the commander exam!” Delfina lets out a depressed sigh, as more people start pour in.

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A PLANT, no matter how big or where, always felt like home to Mal; definitely more so than any of the places he had stayed while on Earth. He wasn’t racist, he enjoyed speaking to both Coordinators and Naturals and his friends were a rather lengthy, and mixed, list including members from both but there was something comforting about being around a city full of Coordinators and knowing that your skills, however unnatural they may seem, were replicated in at least one other person. Perhaps even to a level he would find incredible.


Still, nobody could walk around a floating city for the hours that Mal had, buying gifts for his family and then arranging for them to be delivered to their different locations, without working up an appetite for something to eat. Walking out from beneath the shelter of the store selling mobile phones with a bag in hand, his latest purchase something for him instead of his twin sisters or his parents, the Coordinator spotted a café across the road and literally ran as he felt the rain upon his head.


It was easy to become distracted when one was in a good mood, especially if that someone had a bank account with a healthy and positive number after the selling of their motorcycle, but that was no excuse for not noticing the simulated weather. The heavy black trainers he wore, made wider than they needed to be to fit the more than six foot tall nineteen year old, pounded against the pavement with a constant beat as his dark blue denim jeans became darker with the added water and his black top began to cling to his skin.


Ducking through the doorway of the café just before another potential customer could shut it, accidentally, in his face, Mal waited patiently in queue until he was able to leave with a steaming cup of coffee and the promises of a cheeseburger and fries heading his way soon. Now if only he had a seat… Catching a glimpse of purplish black hair, Mal’s eyes backtracked to a woman in the outfit of a ZAFT pilot. She looked familiar, though where from he couldn’t tell, and hopefully wouldn’t mind sitting next to the slightly drowned man warming his hands as he moved by holding the hot coffee mug.


”Excuse me, would you mind if I sat here?” Gesturing at the empty seat with one hand, careful not to let his grin on the cup waive, Mal saw a woman with flaming red hair plastered to her forehead enter and immediately thanked the gods that he had tied his own hair back into a ponytail before his little shopping trip. His polite tone betrayed his currently calm posture, looking perfectly relaxed while a mental battle was being waged inside his head. Must salute! No, out of uniform… She doesn’t even know me! M-U-S-T S-A-L-U-T-E! Aww shuddup, you don’t know what you’re talking about!

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Brian walked outside of a hotel not far from the main shaft in the center of the PLANT. He'd made his choice figuring that if he got lost (as he was certain he would for a few days), he could use the connecting shaft as a landmark to guide himself back to the hotel. It was somewhat expensive, but it was better than sleeping in the park. As it stood, Brian simply couldn't wait to report for duty for ZAFT. Besides having something productive to do, he'd be able to sleep in barracks on base rather than paying through the nose at the hotel. Since he did lack something to do at the moment, he decided that now was an opportune moment to go looking around Aprilius One and get a feel for the streets. The PLANTs were now his home, so he figured he had better get used to them.


About fifteen minutes after he left the hotel, though, he felt something hit his neck. At first, he was afraid he had been hit by the pigeon artillery, but then he was hit again on the head. And again on the arm. He sighed as the realization dawned on him that he was simply being rained on. The sigh, however, changed to a groan as his fears came true. As he had suspected, he didn't know where he was. He dashed underneath a nearby overhang to get out of the rain, joining a couple others who had done the same. He looked around to get his bearings, but he couldn't see the main shaft. "Stupid thing must be on the other side of this building. Hardly my lucky day so far."


Brian began looking on the other side of the street for another overhang to dash to, but as he did, he noticed a small cafe. At the thought of the food that was undoubtedly inside, his stomach growled at him. Brian needed no further encouragement and raced down and across the street as fast as his legs could take him. Despite his speed, the distance to the cafe and the severity of the rain worked against him, and by the time he threw himself through the door and into the cafe, he was moderately wet. Still, it could have been worse. He took his overshirt off and threw it over his shoulder, which left him with a T-shirt and a slightly warmer feeling, as the overshirt had caught the brunt of the rain. He got in line and, when his turn came, placed an order for a cheese sandwhich and a bowl of soup, while taking a lemonade with him as he sought out a table. Most of the tables already had customers sitting at them, but of those tables, only one caught his attention. Over by the window, there was a female ZAFT officer, a commander to judge by her uniform, and a man standing next to the table. "I wonder if she works on this PLANT. Hmm, well, when in Rome, say 'Hi' to the Romans."


He walked over the table and waved with his free hand. "Excuse me, Commander, sir", he said as he indicated each of them in turn with a nod of his head. "I was wondering if I could join you. As you can see, most of the tables are pretty full at this point."

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The rain bombarded the street with tremendous force and made the water splash violently as the raindrops met their unavoidably doom against the street pavement.


In a small crowded entrance to an apartmentcomplex Christoph wrestled for his small space among the crowd of people who all tried to stay dry as they hid from the rain.


Gah, i cant stand being showed and pushed like this, why doesn't everyone just stand still and we all would fit.


He gazed across the street berly seeing anything trough the thick rain, he scanned back and fourth several times, finally he noticed a less crowded allthough smaller free space across the street. Christoph started to make his way trough the pushing and showing crowd with one last struggle against a big sturdy man he was free.


Christoph zipped his black motorcycle jacket decorated with orangepatterns and dragons, adjusted its neck making sure that no raindrops would find their way under the jacket.

He sprinted out into the heavyrain immediately his hair turned from well comed into a wet mess with hair hanging down in his face, cowering his neck with one hand Christoph tried to remove his hair from his sight with the other before he ran straight into a wall.


Christoph's sneakers splashed against the pavement under him as he finally reached the free dry space that he had spotted across the street. He ran a hand trough his hair soaking his whole hand in the wet striped hair.


Well it could be worse. Christoph smiled for a second as his eye catched a café that right about now looked like an oasis to him, A cup of hot chocolate wouldn't harm right now.


Christoph braced himself for another sprint across a street, 1 - 2 - 3, GO!

He threw himself out there and sprinted lightning fast across the street to wards the café his sneakers splashing more violent for each step he took in his haste to get across he almost slammed into the cafe´s door skiding abit on his sneakers he got to a halt just before the door, he opened it and stepped in a smooth warm breeze stroked him across the face and his cheeks started to blush.


ahh, lovely


Christoph stepped up to the counter and ordered a warm chocolate the man behind the counter whipped it together in an instant and before Christoph knew it he was sitting at a table in the cafe. Christoph´s ice blue eyes scanned the room for some interesting people, his hair still dripping wet and the stripes still annoyingly hanging in his face. He took a zip from the cup, he could feel the warm sweet chocolate in his mouth he kept it in hos mouth for a while to taste its sweetness before he swallowed it. As he swallowed he could feel a warmth spreeding downwards his body.


Doesn't seem to be anyone of interest in here.


Christoph gently put the white cup down with a faint clunk it safely landed on the silver steel table in front of him, his eyes quickly stopped scanning trough the room as they had wandered op on a beauty in white zaft uniform, there was already two men "harassing" her so Christoph continued to observe her from a distance.

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”Excuse me, would you mind if I sat here?”


Delfina looks up at the man approaching her. He was soaked from the rain and holding a cup of tea in his off hand. She looks around, to see that most of the tables had already started to fill up. Deflina had no choice, but to allow the man to sit next to her. In a casual motion, she extends her hand toward the empty seat. "Please take a seat, allow me to clear a way for you."


Delfina grabs a few stacks of folders off the table, and opens her small leather briefcase by her free. She was hunched over allowing her uniform jacket to become even more tighter over her small frame. her delicate hands move quickly moving several folders out of the way, and sliding them into the case. Delfina was shocked, who would have thought that people would pour in like this. She was starting to have regrets about eating at the barracks. At the moment of thinking about the Barracks, and shook her head left to right trying to shake the image out of her head. Ever since she started to work in the capital, it seemed as if Open game was written on her forehead. Luckily, this man has a better story for sitting at the table, his clothes are soaked, and he is seeking refuge from the unexpected storm.


Before Delfina thought it was safe, another man around the same age as the Blue haired one crosses over to the table. He was slightly thinner, and shorter in stature than the other seated across from Deflina. He waves casually, and starts to speak in a normal tone.


Excuse me, Commander, sir, I was wondering if I could join you? As you can see, most of the tables are pretty full at this point."


Delfina lets out a sigh, and shakes her head. "What's the deal with these guys swarming me? Maybe i really do have vulnerable written on my head." Although Delfina didn't liked to be called commander in public it made her seem as if she was just a soldier, and had no life outside that. Also, those who used sir to greet her made it meanacing to her ears. Delfina looks at him with an apathetic gaze. I guess I should act friendly to them... She slightly, and lets out a soft smile. Although it was a fake smile to her, Delfina played it off perfectly. Constantly working in the recruitment office made it rather easy to fake happiness or sadness.


"Please have a seat, what weather we're having. It came totally unexpected, they should give us an early warning." She holds her hand to the other seat on her left side. Delfina felt a bit awkward sitting next to complete strangers, it felt weird even sitting on the public bus with strangers during her school days. She puts her hands lightly on the table, folding her hands over eachother. "I'm Delfina Schneider, what are your names gentlemen?"

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Christoph watched the party of three some tables away from him, he tried to figure out the womans reaction when she got swarmed by the two men. He smiled for himself as he took another zip from the warm chocolate cup that steamed and heated his cheeks blushing them even more as they adjusted themself from the cold outside to the warmer inside of the café.


Christoph gently put down the steaming cup of chocolate and unzipped his motorcycle jacket and pushed it back over the chairs back using it as a coatrack, Ah, just perfect temperature, he leaned forward against the table that let go a faint squeak as he rested his weight on it.


His eyes feasted on the lovely woman some distance from him, I wonder what they are talking about, i guess they are giving her tons of compliments. Christoph made sure that if she noticed him looking at her that he did it with class and a warmth in his ice blue eyes.


The café was still filling with people that avoided the rain outside, the seat in front of him at the two seater table he was sitting at was still vacant so it was just a matter of time before someone took a seat.

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Placing the cup of coffee on the table, Malcolm thanked the woman before taking a seat and staring out the café window. It seemed like she didn’t want to be disturbed, why else would someone go to a public place and build a wall of folders, so instead of acting on his normal ‘I want to be friends with everyone’ programming, the Coordinator simply stared out the window with his hands wrapped around the cup.


The rain was still descending from the heavens, the audible pitter patter of drops colliding against the window an oddly soothing background for the café, but it actually seemed to be getting worse rather than better. Next time, can’t the people in charge of the weather give us a little bit of a heads up? Although he asked the question inside his own head, Mal realized at the same time that there had probably been a weather forecast that he had simply not paid any attention to. Heck, he should’ve brought a jacket as it was.


A small part of him registered the coming of another male, asking as he had if it was alright to sit at the same table as the ZAFT commander, but the only sign he gave of being anywhere but inside his own mind was to move his cup from the table to his lips and take a too big gulp that scalded his tongue. Placing the cup back on the table so quickly it seemed like he had dropped it, Mal began to fan his tongue.


And that stupid action that made him look dorkier than ever thought possible, his tongue sticking out with water dripping from the tip of his nose onto it and a single hand moving back and forth to try and cool his mouth down, was exactly the image he did not want getting stuck in anybodies mind. Especially when that anybody happened to be a woman asking him for his name, though admittedly it seemed more from courtesy than anything else.


”My name is Malcolm Fain, Commander Schneider; it is nice to meet you.” Returning his gaze to the window, or rather what lay outside of the window, Malcolm ignored the urge to stand up and salute his commanding officer. It didn’t help that he was relatively fresh out of the recruiting office.

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OOC: Er, Wilhelm, for the record, in my post, "Commander" = Delfina, "sir" = Mal.


IC: "Brian Tsukamoto, ma'am. Thank you."


Despite her superior rank, he found himself with little impulse to indicate that fact. Indeed, for the time being, he content to simply wear the persona of a civilian. He began thinking as he took the shirt from his shoulder and put it on the back of his chair. As he then sat down, he thought through the logic of it. It actually wasn't a bad idea. If he ever encountered her again in the course of his career, he could simply claim he joined later (which, since he was not yet due to report for duty, had some truth to it). If he didn't, no problem. Besides, he just didn't want to go through the whole military "chain-of-command" thing if he didn't have to, as he found it mildly annoying.


After sitting down, he took a long sip from his lemonade, in the process completely missing Mal's escapade with his coffee cup until it was almost over. As Mal introduced himself, Brian nodded at him in acknowledgment. He looked out the window, where the rain was pouring as hard as ever. He'd be stuck here for a while, so he probably ought to try and make conversation. Unfortunately, small talk was never his forte. He turned back to the ZAFT officer and made what seemed, at least to him, a particularly bad attempt to strike up a conversation.


"Sorry for barging in on you, but as you said, the weather caught everyone off guard and I'm still not familiar with the lay of the land here. I'll try not to annoy you for too long."

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OOC: KK I'll change it


Delfina lets out a somewhat shocked expression turning to see what has happened to Macolm. She lets out a small laugh, as she catches a glimpse of him fanning his tongue before he turns to the window. Delfina felt her tension from her busy day at the office melt away. She lets out a relived sigh while Malcom introduces himself. "Oh please, don't call me Commander, I'm off duty, so please don't act so tense around me." She winks in his general location, a sparkling aura seemed to shine around her.


Delfina turns her attention to the other man, Brian. She immediately shakes her head in responce to words. She closes her eyes and shakes her hands in modest motion. "You're not annoying me at all, its been a while since I've had company." A few thoughts were starting to surface about the two of them. It seemed that her uniform was making them tense up. Delfina had no other idea, except take off her uniform jacket. It was starting to get warm in the cafe, and also she wanted to see their reaction. Delfina moves her hand to her chest, and starts to unbutton her outer jacket. As she slowly undoes her jacket, Delfina pans across the cafe. "Also, I don't mind if you call me by my first name, Delfina." She manages to undo her jacket, and turns around placing it on the back of her chair. Delfina was wearing a simple form fitting undershirt. "So, what brings you guys to Aprilius? On vacation, or personal business?"


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The rain continued to fall like some flood of biblical proportions as rain so heavy fell it bounced when it hit the ground, almost like it was attempting to purge the PLANT clean of all life. 


Ray allowed himself a small smile at this thought and perhaps looking at most of the population as they ran and ducked for cover attempting to avoid the rain that wouldn't be a bad idea...


The smile quickly returned to his usual scowl hidden under his ever present white mask.  He had arrived here early this morning and was expecting a briefing with his "commander".  But it turned out she had other plans..


He used the term loosely as the commander was probably a  bubble headed 18 year old girl who would be better suited to modeling than leading ZAFT, had to be a PR stunt. Worst of all she had taken paperwork to some cafe to do. Did she not realize she had an office? Still she had scored high in the grading so she must have potential so perhaps she can have a tad of leeway.  Not much but a little. 


Ray not being one to be kept waiting had taken it upon himself to find her.


His daisho and medal's made a light jingling sound as Ray moved through the rain seemingly oblivious to its heavy fall as it soaked his hair and glanced of his great coat and down his mask almost giving the appearance of tears.  People started to give him second hurried glances, whisper and just generally avoided him, none met his gaze or even attempted eye contact. 


After all he was the "Lunar Wolf" and his reputation had mixed with rumour making Ray like a bad fairy tale something to told to children to keep them quiet  making him the bogey man of ZAFT.  The stuff of nightmares.


Ray entered the third cafe he had tried today, like in an old western as soon as he opened the door silence enveloped the room and some people began to whisper.  He enterered water began to pool at his feet as he scanned the room looking for the commander...


(OOC this is the right cafe btw )

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Brian did what he never thought he would do: he did a double-take. It wouldn't be obvious to people across the room, or even just a couple tables away, but those nearby, like Delfina and Mal, would have to be blind or have extremely bad timing to miss it. He couldn't quite help it, though. Stating that allowing Brian and Mal weren't annoying her was a reaction he had considered within the realm of possibility. Taking off her uniform coat, however, was something completely unexpected. Of course, it was rather warm in the cafe, but the timing made Brian wonder if Delfina had some ulterior motive. The wheels in his head moved into hyperspeed trying to figure it out.


Millions of years later in Brian-time (which equated to about a second or two in so-called "real time"), he was little better than when he started, and so he gave up his attempt to figure it out. He'd often heard other guys joke about how the women they knew were completely incomprehensible. "Boy, oh boy, they weren't kidding in the least." Brian decided that the best tactic was to just plow ahead with the conversation and take her at face value. As he was about to, he heard a sound and all the conversation seemed to stop. He turned to the door to find a man in a ZAFT uniform with a white mask, looking determined to intimidate everyone and doing a pretty good job of it.


He turned back to the table and muttered, "Creepy guy", just loud enough for Delfina and Mal to hear him. For the second time in one minute, he decided his best course of action was to ignore the circumstances and plow ahead.


"Well then, Delfina. I actually immigrated here from Orb a couple days ago. As such, I'm still sorting out a few things before I start looking for a permanant home somewhere in the PLANTs. After all that's done, well, we'll see where life takes me."


His voice was lower than normal, probably due to the newcomer's undeniable aura. However, he was still audible to those at the table and those nearby as well, due to the silence that was only now beginning to dissipate.

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Christoph´s had been focusing on enjoying his cup of hot chocolate although from time to time he looked up over at the table with the gorgeous woman, he could see that a conversation had started over at the woman’s table.


I guess they weren’t harassing her then.


He sighed faintly as he put down his cup of chocolate on the table with a cloink. Christoph crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on the steel chair, his jacket made a leathery sound as it rubbed against the chair making sure that everyone knew that it was genuine leather. Before he got lost in his own thoughts the café’s door opened and a man with a zaft uniform decorated with what looked like tons of medals entered. An impressive aura around him and an intimidating white mask and the daisho made Christoph a bit curious about the man.


Why do I recognize this man It’s like I have seen him before.


Christoph pondered some more and suddenly it struck him that his now dead brother Fredrich had mentioned a skilled infamous ZAFT pilot that had taken out a lot of Fredrich´s squad mates, he always wore a white mask. They had shared battlegrounds with him on deadly terms several times; of course this got to be him.


Christoph quickly uncrossed his arms and leaned forward over the table making it squeak once again, Christoph´s blue eyes gazed so hard op on the man that he wished they pierced trough the white mask so he could find out what the man was hiding.


What was it now again, Wolfez, Moon Wolve.... Lunar Wolf, yeah that got to be it.


Christoph continued to study the man from a distance almost like he was getting ready to approach the man.

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Offering Commander Schneider, no, that’s just Schneider at the moment, a relieved smile, Malcolm lifted his cup of coffee once again although this time more to give him a second to think than to actually drink. Staring into the black contents of the cup, thankfully not able to see his reflection as he was fairly certain it wouldn’t be a pleasant sight at this moment in time, Mal took a quick sip then placed it back down before speaking.


”I’m a little glad, allows me to delude myself into thinking that my lack of a salute was okay under the circumstance.” It was hard not to notice the energy in his voice, the almost youthful enthusiasm that Mal seemed to have for everything, even as he attempted to speak seriously. Allowing his gaze to travel back towards the window as the Commander began to speak to the other male, one Brian Tsukamoto, Mal allowed his thoughts to travel.


Not knowing when he’d next get a chance to be ‘normal’, to get rid of the military uniform of a cadet and to simply walk around a PLANT or town on Earth, Mal had intended to spend all of his time doing the simple things; shopping, catching a movie or two and perhaps finish off that letter he had been writing to his parents. Could he really afford to allow the rain to ruin that? Right after my food has arrived, well after I’ve finished it really, I’ll head back out there and buy a jacket. Coming to a decision as quickly as he did was nothing new for Mal, at least when something as trivial as a jacket was concerned, but it did seem that he had missed part of the conversation.


And on top of that, he had missed Delfina, as she gave them permission to call her, removing her jacket revealing a form fitting undershirt that almost made Mal laugh. He had been popular enough in school to have girlfriends, had seen the subtle actions one of the opposite sex would use to try and lure a guy towards her, and Delfina reminded him a lot of them. A joke almost exploded off of his tongue, a comment about ‘seeing the sites’ to answer Delfina’s question, but although she may not of been on duty now… it was wisest not to anger somebody who may one day find themselves deciding if you were to be aboard a ship or guarding a hotel.


”I’m a cadet with the ZAFT military, on a little R&R at the moment and I thought I’d get some shopping out of the way…” Before he could finish what he was going to say, though what that was even he hadn’t decided yet, Mal found his gaze drawn towards a man wearing a mask that had just entered the café. Water was literally pooling around the guy, though he still recognized the appearance from stories. Speaking a little louder than he should’ve, especially now that the place had gone silent, Mal stared. “Wow, isn’t that Lunar… umm, yeah; Lunar Wolf? The guy’s practically infamous!”

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Christoph was interrupted in his thoughts as a couple, a blond haired woman and a short but good looking guy with red hair in youthful clothing walked by his table looking for a free table for them to sit at when they accidentally bumped his table.


“Oh I am so sorry, It wasn’t intentional.” The blond girls cheeks started to turn red as she got embarrassed because she bumped into Christoph´s table, the man stood in the background still searching the café for a free table.


“No worries, It seems like you need this table more then I do, after all your two in your company and it is a table for two and I am occupying it with my loneliness.”


Christoph smiled as he simultaneously stood up pushing his chair backwards with his rear, he stood aside and made an inviting gesture for the girl to sit down, she smiled and started to sit down.


“Charlie this nice gentleman offered his table to us” She waved her right hand in a feminine motion against the man whose name obviously was Charlie. Charlie responded with a smile and quickly sat down in the free chair on the other side of the table.


Well, if he’s not going to do it I will.


Christoph pushed the chair in underneath the girl as he had been told to do by his mother a million times, the girl tilted her head and smiled towards him.


“Thank you very much” She was clearly impressed by the gesture.


Charlie laughed a bit as he leaned over the table stretching his arms towards the girl and gently held her hands.


“Well now you’re going to want to be spoiled like that every time.”


Christoph smiled against the couple and gave them a nod as he slowly started to walk away from them with his wet sneakers, almost skidding across the floor like an ice dancer he made his way across the wet floor.


Well I better make a good impression on the Lunar Wolf .


Christoph had almost skid all the way to the Wolf when he realized that he wasn’t wearing his ZAFT uniform, he stretched to his fullest length, Christoph was quite well built for his age so he usually was noticed without stretching, but this was the Lunar Wolf he was about to talk so he had to make sure the Wolf noticed the new recruits respect for him. It almost looked like the Lunar Wolf was looking for someone or something, as he scanned the cafe from the back to the front.


He stopped some inches away from the Lunar Wolf, keeping a respectful distance as he was though to do with higher ranking officers and of course the intimidating white mask made him keep some more distance then usual.


Christoph saluted the Lunar Wolf with a strong movement of his hand quickly followed with a sentence of respect.


“Sir, Recruit Crailsheim at your service, is there in anyway I can help you, sir? I couldn’t help but noticing that you are looking for someone or something, sir”


Christoph kept his respectful stance in front of the Lunar Wolf.

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“Sir, Recruit Crailsheim at your service, is there in anyway I can help you, sir? I could’t help but noticing that you are looking for someone or something, sir”


Ray locked his gaze on the recruit standing before him, and looked the young man straight in his ice blue eyes, full of hope.   he would learn.  Something about his name seemed familiar.... Ah yes..Crailsheim....could it be....


..Ray laughed the civilian shuttle would be easy meat just another casualty of war... he positioned the Guaiz closer to the civilian shuttle with a quick burst of his shoulder thrusters and aimed his beam cannon enjoying the feeble attempts of the pilot to engage in emergency procedures..coordinators..naturals what did it matter?..one person dies its a tradegy..fifty or more and its a statistic and one more thing to blame the EA for.


Just before he could fire Dagger L positioned itself in between Rays Guaiz and the shuttle.  Shield raised in one hand its other open in a gesture of stop.  The pilot them spoke on an open frequency his voice rushed and angry.


"These are civilians dammit! I am Lt Fredrich Crailsheim these people are non combatants repeat non combatants!!" there was a brief pause  "Allow them to leave the combat zone and I..


"You dont get in between the wolf and his prey.." Ray interupted


The sentence was cut off in static as the arrestors from the Guaiz's hips fired and smashed the Dagger L in the torso making rents just above the cockpit and driving it backwards narrowly missing the civilian ship.


Quickly taking aim Ray took his shot at the civilian ship only for the Dagger to manever in and block the shot with with its own body.


The shot took the dagger high in the torso, the pilot obviously didn't have time to get the shield up. causing a large hole, sparks could be seen from within shortly after the enemy MS exploded silently in space. Nothing more than debris.


Ray then took aim on the civilian shuttle, target locked..Ray looked down at his hand it refused to fire..Why?


Ray shook his head no point thinking about that now there was work to be done...


Ray snapped back to the present, couldn't possibly be that would be too much of a coinincidence.


"Recruit" he said with more than a hint of disdain "I am looking for Commander Delfina Schneider...


“Wow, isn’t that Lunar… umm, yeah; Lunar Wolf? The guy’s practically infamous!” while not said loud it was loud enough for ray to hear given the current silence of the cafe.


Ray looked for the source of the statement and traced it to a young man with electric blue hair covering the left side of his face sat at the same table as the elusive commander..


Ray walked past Christoph, completely disregarding the young recruit and advanced on the table..

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Delfina lets out a nod, lets out a soft laugh. She didn't realize that these two were in the military. Much to her dismay, she was unable to remember any of her recruitment interviews. After going through several hundred of them, Delfina stopped trying to remember names. For some reason, Delfina knew that these Recruits would cross her path more then just on this freak occurrence. She moves her hand to her face, and moves a few stray strands of hair form her eyes. The purplish hair was featherlike in nature, it moved swiftly out of her eyes, but her hair still pet its somewhat ominous style. Whatever she seemed do to it, it still was breaktaking toward the other girls in the cafe. Before Delfina could rest easy, the unthinkable happened. Her eyes move over toward the other uniformed man walking toward the table.


"Wow, isn’t that Lunar… umm, yeah; Lunar Wolf? The guy’s practically infamous!”


Delfina's eyes shudder, as she feels a chill run down her spine. She lets out a small grumble and turns her head away  letting out a small pout. "Why is that guy always chasing me everywhere I go..." She crosses her arms and gets to her feet. Delfina grabs her jacket with her off hand, and slides it back on. "It was nice to meet you two, sadly headquarters must be working me like a dog again." without even time to button her shirt, she grabs her briefcase and walks toward Ray. His mask still freaked her out, but it was starting to subside. She found it humorous about his daicho set. Delfina didn't understand the whole "Japanese" history and the "Code of ethics" associated to those eastern weapons.


"Oh my my isn't it Commander Katsuki..." Delfina's voice was with a little disgust, since she really didn't get to eat her sandwich. She puts her hands on her hips and walks casually to the register.


"Um...madame?" A flamboyant waiter walks over holding a plate with a sandwich on it. Delfina lets out a sigh, and turns her head over to him. "I"m soo sorry Charles, I have to go, can you wrap that up for me?" Charles lets out a nod, "Um gee I guess i could for you honey." Delfina lets out an innocent smile, while grabbing the handle of her briefcase with both her hands. Almost in a schoolgirl's pose, she passes Katsuki, and reaches the register.

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"Oh my my isn't it Commander Katsuki..." Delfina Snapped


Ray did his best to ignore the impertanant tone in which she addressed him, also the fact that she was dressed like some form of stripper...with her jacket hung open showing assets Ray knew would defiantly please the troops.  This is the supreme commander of ZAFT? Surely it must be...


NO..He stopped that train of thought now was not the time.  There was still a line that had to be towed and a rank structure to be obeyed.


Ray noticed the commander had left her hat on the table as she walked past him in a manner one would associate with a school girl who had been told off, this combined with the pout she pulled as she had stood up from the table finished the tad of leeway Ray was prepared to offer.


The noise had just statred to build back up in the Cafe, just the general buzz of conversation combined with the shouts for food orders.


"Commander" He started his voice full of sarcasm, still with his back to hers "At the risk of over stepping my boundaries I might ask your view on professionalism and decorum? Such as correct attire for being in a civilian cafe?" Altough his tone was disrespectful and his intentions clear, it was worded as a question not a statement meaning she could take it how she wanted...


"Also I believe you have forgotten something.." His voice bland and neutral

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The Lunar Wolf walked straight by Christoph without finishing his sentence or showing the slightest interest in him, his uniform slowly waving behind him by the draft from his walk, the daisho and medals still rattling as his back was towards Christoph.


Okay, I guess you don’t have to behave when you’re a famous pilot.


Christoph was calm as always his face didn’t show any signs of anger or despair, but one thing was sure he made a mental note of the “famous” pilot’s behaviour.


A strain of his brown hair had made its way in front of  his lips with a swift motion Christoph removed its from his face and positioned it behind his right ear. He slowly turned around and watched the Lunar Wolf making a path for himself as he headed towards the female commander Christoph had avoided to disturb in her work, that everyone seemed so determined to talk to. He studied the party by the table for some moments as he noticed the female commander started to talk to the Lunar Wolf, if Christoph wasn’t misinterpreting the expression on the female commander’s face she would most of all like to be left alone.


Poor girl, well I suppose its not easy to be a commander at all times.


He zipped his motorcycle jacket and made some minor adjustments to it to make sure it was as tight as possible to he would not be soaked once again readied himself to go outside when a loud voice ran trough the air.


Commander" “At the risk of over stepping my boundaries I might ask your view on professionalism and decorum? Such as correct attire for being in a civilian cafe?"


"Also I believe you have forgotten something.."


Christoph stopped in the middle of his step, a small almost none notable movement of his lips turned his face into a serious and rock steady expression, he turned around with a fast motion and started to make his way towards the table where the Lunar Wolf and female commander was having an minor debate, he could see that the female commander facing him as she obviously was leaving the café with her back turned towards the Lunar Wolf.


Well, I better try to solve this.


He was forced to gently push some people out of the way as it still was a pretty crowded café, his size made it somehow a bit easier to convince people to move out of his way.


“Excuse me coming trough, Sorry, Please step aside…”

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Annoyed at the fact that the infamous Commander Katsuki had completely ignored him, had paid him no more attention than he would a statue out of his way, Malcolm slowly pushed himself up and said goodbye to Brian before taking his cup of coffee and walking away from the table. Those around him were about to witness a spectacular event, a Coordinator who suddenly just tripped over his own feet… yeah, like that was ever going to happen!


Purposefully tripping himself, practically kicking his leading foot as he walked away from the table, Malcolm twisted as he fell and threw his hands out to catch on to anything. Incidentally, that also meant that he threw the coffee cup; right towards the Lunar Wolf, roughly at chest level, with enough force that it would easily clear the distance between them without loosing all of its black contents.


Managing to get his left hand underneath his body fairly easy, supporting his weight with his favored side with his knees bent and his body facing upwards, Mal glanced quickly to his left at Commander Katsuki before pulling himself up using the table and apologizing quickly.


”Oh, I am so sorry Commander! Your presence, it is simply overwhelming, I just wasn’t watching where I was going. Please, forgive me.” Not having a chance to see if the coffee had hit the Commander or not, Mal snatched a handful of serviettes from the table anyway and turned to face him; wondering if his plan had worked.

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In the corner of the bustling cafe, Seig was draped over his char with a worn out newspaper covering his face. Seig was obviously asleep, until all the commotion, began to awaken him from his deep slumber. With a moan and grumble he peaked from beneath his makeshift camouflage, to see that at the center of it all was Commander Katsuki and Commander Schneider. Seig groaned as he tried to return to his daze, but the commotion was too relentless and forced him awake.


'Why me? I come in for some shuteye, and then what do ya know, a Guy walks in, and its as if the world was given a flaming shock.' Seig mumbled as he removed the Newspaper from his face.


When a waiter walked by, Seig rose his hand for his attention, "One cup of tea.....with Exxxtra Sugar" He gave out a wide grin, as he maneuvered himself into a more comfortabler position. The Waiter wrote down his order and made quick haste for the counter. Seig turned his head to get a better view of the crowd, and soon noticed a guy in a bikers Jacket make his way to the exit right next to him. However, after Ray's comment, the guy stopped and turned round into Ray's direction. With a look that gave Seig the impression that he was about to play referee.


Seig leaned over, and grabbed the guy by the arm and pulled him onto a chair next to him, he then rose his hand to one side of his mouth to whisper to this guy. "Mate, i wouldn't go and try to stop Katsuki if i were you.". Seig pointed to Ray's swords, whilst holding a grin at the Guy. "He doesn't wear those for show, the last guy that tried to get in his way lost a limb". Seig then saw the coffe fly at Ray, "Oh dear....... Thats gonna leave a mark, and I don't mean on Katsuki" Seig said with a laugh in his voice.

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OOC: Wilhelm, unless Delfina is psychic, she doesn't know I'm in the military, since she doesn't remember the interview and she's been told simply that Brian has recently immigrated from Orb.


IC: Brian looked over at Delfina and the newcomer, who given their conversation and Delfina's mutterings, sounded a bit like a stalker. She was probably exaggerating somewhat, but he could understand why having this guy pop up unexpectedly would get really old really fast. There was obviously no love lost between the two officers. Brian gave an inaudible series of chuckles as he realized that attempting to ignore the circumstances was an option that was no longer available.


Mal seemed to be moving to interfere in the standoff, which Brian was more than happy to let him do. Normally, he would probably try and step in, but this masked guy, Commander Katsuki? Whoever he was, he seemed to be well known, and Brian could understand why. He found it unlikely that he would forget this guy very soon. He just hoped his chances of future encounters were equally unlikely. He noticed that there was a small commotion involving a guy who had talked to Katsuki and a man at a table. The sitting man had grabbed the other and seemed to be talking about something.


Brian turned his attention away from the pair when he heard a sound. Mal had tripped and spilled his coffee. Brian stood up, but did not move. He was very much on edge, though. This Lunar Wolf had that effect on him, and he couldn't make his body relax. The man's mask reminded him of old stories of serial killers, nd his voice certainly led credence to the theory that he might jump up and stab someone at any moment. It was a troubling feeling and made the hair on the back of Brian's neck stand on end.


Brian wasn't about to jump into a standoff that he knew nothing about, but he stayed very acutely aware of what was going on, watching and listening very closely in case something happened.

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Christoph landed with a loud bump on one of the steel chairs by a table where a man out of the blue dragged Christoph down beside him, Christoph made a small grimace as the steel chair caused some minor pain to his tailbone as it absorbed most of the impact.


What, when..


Christoph finally realized what had happened and studied the man for a short moment as noticed that he had an unusual eye colour, red and dust black hair. Christoph got caught of guard by the comments about Ray’s former actions where he had supposedly cut of a mans limb.


“Well, thanks for the advice…. Mr…?. May I ask what your name is?” Christoph reached out his right hand to great the man in a friendly gesture.


“Im Christoph Von Crailsheim, nice to meet you, well I…” in the middle of his sentence Christoph he got interrupted by the man who dragged him into the chair.


Christoph looked over at the table where there was full commotion, apparently someone had spilled some coffee or at least almost spilled coffee on Ray, Christoph kept his never failing calm and continued to gaze over at the table.


“Seems like this guy will have his hands full I guess.” He unzipped his motorcycle jacket once again and leaned back into the chair and crossed his arms, he would enjoy the show from here.


“If I was him I would make sure to apologize even if Ray seems to be quite a rude man, there is no point in arguing with and ZAFT commander even if your right”

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OOC: I think I was referring to Christoph and Mal.



Delfina rests her briefcase on the edge of the counter top as the manager looks over at her. "More trouble at the office, I see Delfina?" He was a middle aged man with a mustache you'd only see in outdated western movies. His hair once a prominate brown was now fading to a whitish gray. Delfina starts to button her jacket, and lets out a grin."I guess so, it seems that my job is never over." The manager lets out a laugh, "This is quite some show, the total for the meal will be...." Delfina rumages through her briefcase, and pulls out a rectangular wallet. Judging by its appearance it was from a designer brand. She flips the top open and pulls out a plastic card. "Here you go, Mr. Wilkins."


While Mr. Wilkins charged her for the meal, Delfina turns around with her jacket now buttoned up. She turns back to see the cup of coffee fly over at Katsuki. She lets out a disappointed sigh, and rubs her temple with her free hand. In a demaning and cold voice, Delfina quickly responds to the situation. "Commander Katsuki, you really should respect the citizens of Aprilius, after all we're supposed to protect them not instill fear." Mr. Wilkins looks over, and shakes his head. Delfina walks over to the table, and pulls out a handkerchief from her jacket pocket. Her eyes focus on Malcolm, as she comes to a stop.


"I apologize for my subordinates actions, if he may have offended you, I will make sure action is taken."

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Ray caught the cup of coffee as it flew through the air towards him, his hand snatching up seemingly at the last moment.  However the contents where another matter as steaming black coffee splashed and spread across the top of his pristine white uniform...


”Oh, I am so sorry Commander! Your presence, it is simply overwhelming, I just wasn’t watching where I was going. Please, forgive me.” came the apology with more than abit of sarcasm


Ray fixed mal with a gaze that would bend steel bars or cower satan himself.  closing his hand around the cup his knuckles whitenening from the pressure, a crunch was heard as broken chunks of china and the remaing coffee started to fall to the ground as ray opened his hand.

"Commander Katsuki, you really should respect the citizens of Aprilius, after all we're supposed to protect them not instill fear." came Delfina's voice


Ray used the first two fingers on his right hand to indicate his eyes then pointed the same fingers at Mal, done in a eerily slow fashion, utterly intimidating indicating "ive got my eye on you"


Just after doing this Delfina arrived at his side holding a hankerchief and spoke to Mal..


"I apologize for my subordinates actions, if he may have offended you, I will make sure action is taken."


Before mal could speak


"No harm done commander only a coffee after all" His voice compltly insincere


"I will call for a car to pick us up now if you excuse me"  Ray left them produced a mobile phone and called for a car to pick them up.




(OOC im going along with this one will but he threw the coffee at me not really getting why im in trouble)

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As Ray captured the cup into his claws, the waiter hesitantly came back from the counter, and handed Seig his tea. Seig's attention immediately turned to the Cup, as a gleeful smile grew on his face, as if he was mentally drooling. He towered over the cup of tea, as his nostrils began to vacuum up the sweet smell that was being given off by the dissolving lump of sugar.


The man he had just pulled down do his table began to talk to him, but Seig was obviously too fixated on his tea, the smell had began to intoxicate him. As Seig, began to drink his tea, totally forgetting about Ray, who was now making his way to the door behind Seig.  "Ahhhh, now thats much better" Seig laughed, whilst wiping his mouth with a napkin. "Christoph eh?, I'm Seig", Seig wave his hand in a greeting like gesture, "Nice to meetcha". He slowly remembered about Ray and turned round to see that all the commotion had finished and Ray had departed from Seig's sight.


'Oh great, now how am i going to keep myself amused?' Seig pondered to himself as he looked back at Christoph. 'Bingo' Seig thought as a big devilish grin appeared on his face.

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