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Kai Howe-Profile (Edited)

Kai Howe

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Full name:Kai Howe

Nickname:The Hawke



Race:1st Generation Coordinator

Occupation: PIlot



Personality:Usually a calm and collected young man but often in times he can be a bit nasty, a deadly warrior in his mind but at heart he is a kind and gentle person. When prompted he is an incredible fighter, but after a two year leave of absence he may be a bit rusty. Naturally smart and socially inept, he has a difficult time fitting in to most places like malls or other areas where social contact is inevitable.




Height:six feet on the dot

Weight: 156 lbs

Hair Colour and Style:Kai was born with black hair but when he turned eighteen he died it blood red. He has a relatively short cut hair style.

Eye Colour: Steel Grey

Identifying Marks: Strange marking seemingly burnt into the flesh on his right arm that resembles a phoenix trapped in a circle surrounded by three small whispy balls of flame, to this day he is still unaware as to why he has it.

Skin Tone:slightly tanned

Build:chiselled but not bulky(about medium build)

Clothing: usually in uniform but has taken a liking to casual dress such as an open suit jacket with a white t-shirt and black pants, (if you look inside his wardrobe this is almost all you'll see)

Handiness: Right handed




Mother:Kai's mother Sylmeria Howe, was an engineer in ORBs mass driver facility and died when Kai was only 10 years old from a mysterious incident at the facility.

Father: His father was an officer in the defence forces at the time and was known as Antoine "Hammerman" Howe, due to his sometimes destructive personality, he was killed in the previous war defending ORb.

Siblings:Amanda Howe was a calm young girl but disappeared at an early age, she is still missing to this day and Kai continues his seach for her.


Personal History:Kai was born and raised in ORB around a number of different people, his mother, an engineer for the Mass driver facility and all her co-workers, and his father, and all the other soldiers in the Defence Forces. He lived a pretty sheltered life until his mother was killed in an incident concerning the mass driver when he was ten years old. It was at that time that he was shown everything his father had hidden from him for those 10 long years. As his life progressed and time trudged slowly on his training intensified by the day, hoping that one one day he will be able to find his sister and honour his mothers wishes for him to be a soldier like his father. It was not long after that, that his father was killed in combat when Kai was away studying at a dojo in Japan. When he heard the news he returned home only to see that he had no home left, so he reeturned to his master at the dojo and continued his training with a heavy heart but a mind that was bent on vengeance. When he turned eighteen due to his many personal reasons, as well as to avenge his fathers death, he became a pilot and fought in the ZAFT military for about two years before slipping into an early "retirement" (he disappeared) at the age of 20. To this day you can find him at his home on a small island off the florida coast line, where he has just begun to consider returning to a military career.

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Just something I noticed, retirement at twenty seems unlikely ecspecially after joining at eighteen. For most modern military (real world) positions there tends to be a minimum length of service because of the amount of money it costs to train somebody. They want their moneys worth

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At least seven years of enlistment or more I think :S



marking glows red on occasion and is usually painful...to this day Kai does not

understand it's purpose.


I would say no; unless its a mechanical thing then there's no possible way (to my knowledge) that it can glow, cause pain and have a purpose. To me it sounds like a way to put fantasy into a Mecha rpg.

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Hmm, the last battle defending orb was against ZAFT, why would he join the side he's trying to get revenge on? Unless you're doing a Char type of thing


Looks pretty fine, you could elaborate on some of the things in there such as what happened when he found out about the things his father hid from him; what happened in the meeting with his sister etc.

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