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Character Application: Revan Trine

Revan Trine

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Full name: Zachary Maoris a.k.a. Revan Trine


Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot, ZAFT

Birthplace: Martius City, (Date: April 1)

Citizenship: PLANT


Revan is a somewhat carefree person, who is all over the place, not ADD but a daydreamer. Revan is known for picking righteous causes and following them to the ends of the earth with a fury. Revan is much like a unfocused flame in this case.

He seems to make friends easily enough, but always seems to hold back really releasing any information about himself, quickly shooting the conversation some other way. Jadian wears his at any time he wears a military uniform, (mainly to for fill his father’s wish and to not get any special treatment), and rarely is seen without it




Height: 192 pounds

Weight: 5’11

Hair Colour and Style: Red, down on sides just down to ears, front, down eyebrows, parted middle, back short.

Eye Colour: Red (naturally green, wears cosmetic contacts)

Identifying Marks: scar, (palm, left hand),

Skin Tone: pale,

Build: lower body muscular (track runner), slimmer but somewhat muscular arms and chest area

Clothing: ZAFT provided, black mask (beak should be shorter but I couldn’t find a matching pick, when I’m home next time ill try to find the right one)

Handiness: Right


Mask Link Picutre: http://www.angel-mask.com/corvus.jpg

Thank you Angel Mask for making great masks, man i need to buy one of those...

Note: friend working on pic for an art project, will post it when finished...sorry



Mother: Rebecca Maoris, commander, Maoris Team, pilot ZAFT mobile suit ZGMF-600 GuAIZ , killed at 2nd Battle of Jachin Due

Father: James Maoris; Lawyer, running for PLANT Supreme Council, Moderate

Siblings: none

Wife/Girlfriend: Elena Price


Personal History:


    Zach was packing his bags as his father walked into the room…”Where are you going son?”

“I’m going to join ZAFT. We already talked about this father.” Zach walked over to his dresser, picking up some papers and putting them in a briefcase.

“I thought I had forbidden you to go? I thought we agreed that you would finish your last year of school and then go to law school?”

“That was your decision for me father, I never agreed to it. I am going to join ZAFT whether you like it or not. And that father, is final.”

    “I forbid you to get involved in wars! I don’t know why you are obsessed with become some war hero, but I will not allow my son to become a murderer!” Zach turned to his father, “You think I want to do this just to become some hero or murderer! You idiot, I had to watch and do nothing, living in horror as the Earth Alliance fired nuclear missiles at us! I just want the power so no one else has to have that pain or fear anymore!” tears were coming down Zach’s face, “I’ll take that fear and pain myself so no one else has to, and that’s why I am going.”

    Zach pushed his father out of the doorway started to walk away. “Son…I am advocating a further reduction of arms in a campaign for the PLANT Supreme Council. I cannot have my son joining the military, you can work with me and stop the embers from spreading again…” Zach turned to his father who was standing at the top of the stairs, Zach at the door, “Father, I have to do this no matter what it means to you, your life is your life, and mine is my own.”

    “Then you will do it as no son of mine!”

    “Fine by me father,” and with that Zach slammed the door and walked to his car.

    Driving towards the ZAFT base, Zach pulled a box out the passenger seat and put on a black mask, “I guess if Zachary Maoris can’t join ZAFT then Revan Trine will, goodbye father, goodbye Elana.” Revan thought about turning around to say goodbye to Elena, but he couldn’t find the words to say to her right now, “I’ll come back Elena I promise.” And with that Revan drove towards his fate.

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nope, just a random thing i guess....

EDIT: Changed alias to avoid confusion, should i make a new account?


Well, in the Getting Started Section it says it does not want a life story, it wants a interesting event or something that could explain why the character is in the RPG, that was the best way i could show all those things in a somewhat interesting manner, but whatever, what exactly do you want in a "bio".

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In essence, what you could do is to rewrite what you have into something that doesn't have any conversations.


For example, I can summarize your entire text into:


Zach wanted to enlist with ZAFT against his father's wishes. His father was a peace-advocate, and Zach's decision forced him to disown his son. In order to protect the family he was leaving behind, Zach changed his name to Jadian.


Up to you whether to expand on this, or change it completely.

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Ok, i have additional info but I would like to keep it secret from everyone else to use as a process for character development later on. If any of the admins or whoever needs to approve my application wants me to PM this info I will to show I have actually done work on it (its not RP form) but otherwise is there anything else i need to do?


made some edits to character info...

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Note these are things that my character would most likely never actually acknowledge but the most important events of his life...!!!!


Personal History:


Age 4: 2nd Battle of Jachin Due

Rebecca Maoris dies fighting for ZAFT and the PLANTS, memorial service to follow 2 weeks later


Age: 10 Martius City

Zach accompanies Jonathan Desmen, the 2nd in command of the former Maoris Team on a survey mission of a debris belt. Jonathan allows a young Zach to pilot a GINN Trainer for a few minutes. Note: if there is a character that fits this age group to be this character by all means I would love a mentor/teacher type person.


Age: 14 Orb Union, July

Zach, his best friend Timothy, and a girl from his class Elena, are separated from their group on a summer vacation to Orb. The three are targeted (namely Zach, since his father was a advocate for the PLANTS) by an anti-coordinator group (believed to be a surviving “cell” of Blue Cosmos, however origin unknown). Four armed men attack the three; Zach is shot twice, (once in left shoulder, once in lower torso) but defends Elena until police arrive and kill the terrorists. Timothy is shot three times and dies.


Age 14: Martius City, August

Zach’s father decides to become an activist against ZAFT in general, advocating that weapons were no longer needed. Zach is caught being allowed to pilot a GINN Trainer by Desman, and is forbidden from ever piloting a mobile weapon and seeing Jonathan.


Age 18:

Zach enrolls in the ZAFT Military Academy under the name Revan Trine.

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I am most likely going to withdraw my application because, no offense intended, its just at the point its not fun, I would prefer to be able to role play to develop my character rather than just have some set guideline of a character at the start. I really don't know how exactly i wanted to play the character and I wanted to leave that type of stuff open.


I'll make my decision final tomorrow and I will sleep on it, but really this has just reached the point it most likely is more frustrating right now than it will most likely be worth.

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