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Xavi Romero




Player name: Valiant

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of Fire




Full name: Xavi Romero

Nickname: Lightning

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator (First generation)

Occupation: Commander of the Soldiers of Fire

Birthplace: November One

Citizenship: November City



Xavi is a light-hearted and easy going person. He is a very emotional and  sensitive person. However, he does not show his emotions when making decisions as he feel that emotions can cloud his judgement. As such, others often perceive him to be a cold and emotionless person.


Xavi is shy by nature, despite his friendliness. The leadership role among the Soldiers has brought him out of his cocoon, revealing the fiery leader that takes command of various situations


Xavi is a very loyal person. His staunch loyalty to his family and comrades is a well-known and widely-respected trait.


He is known to be a witty person, earning him the nickname "Lightning". The nickname is also one given out of respect of his piloting prowess. Xavi likes to joke around and has a good sense of humour.




Height: 1.7 metres

Weight: 60 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black, styled with wax

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: An ugly scar about five centimetres long that runs from his right wrist along his arm.

Skin Tone: Healthy tan

Build: Lean and muscular

Clothing: Military fatigue except when on missions that require him to dress otherwise.

Handiness: Right-handed


Xavi Romero is a lean and muscular man with jet black hair. His hair is usually styled with a out-of-bed look with wax. His skin glows with a healthy tan acquired from regular visits to the beach. He is not very tall, standing at 1.7 metres. However, what he lacked in height, he made up with speed. Despite being thirty-seven years old, which is considered old by his own standard, he has well-toned body. His daily exercise routine keeps him in good shape.


Xavi has a penetrating gaze. His brown eyes seem to pierce right into your soul whenever he looks at you. He has a habit of holding a person's gaze when speaking or listening to someone. To him, it is a sign of respect and to indicate that he is giving his full attention to the speaker. However, many people are uncomfortable with it and often mistake him to be staring at them. He is often seen in military fatigue. His favourite outfit is a plain black tank top matched with a pair of camouflage-print cargo pants. Xavi likes to wear accessories. The crystal earring on his left ear and the various rings and wristbands that adorns his hands are testimony to that fact.





Mother: Penelope Gonzalez

Father: Raul Romero

Brother: Fernando Romero

Sister: Angela Romero

Wife: Adrianna Cruz


Personal History:


Xavi Romero is son to Raul Romero and Penelope Gonzalez. Raul Romero is a very successful businessman who owns the Romero fashion chain with their headquarters located on November City. Penelope Gonzalez is a famous supermodel contracted to the Romero brand. Both Raul and Penelope have Spanish roots and thus, Xavi, too, can trace his heritage back to Spain. A few years after their marriage, Raul and Penelope decided to conceive a designer baby. Xavi was born a first generation coordinator, with the best genes from his parents. Raul and Penelope subsequently gave birth to two other child, Fernando and Angela.


Fernando followed the path of his father and is now a member of the board of directors of the Romero Enterprise. Meanwhile, his sister took up modelling at the encouragement of their mother and she is now one of the rising stars in the modelling scene.


Xavi, however, chose a path that neither of his parents expected him to. Nonetheless, his parents showed endless support for their firstborn. The thought of that makes Xavi guilty. It was his father's dream that he would one day succeed his father as the patriarch of the Romero business empire. Against Raul's wishes, Xavi decided to enlist with the military upon graduation from university. Back then, he was a young man angered by the Natural's atrocity of nuking Junius Seven. Like many of his fellow youth in the nation, he reacted by taking to arms, hoping to do his part in exacting revenge on the Naturals.


Xavi excelled when given the chance during a trial to become a pilot. Pleased with his performance, his superiors recommended him to be enrolled into the ZAFT Academy. He eventually graduated with top grades and was deployed in the battlefront. He proved his worth to wear the red coat by producing top performances in the numerous battle he took part in. After the Battle of Jachin Due, he was awarded a Nebula Medal for his heroics.


To others around him, Xavi was an ace pilot whose exceptional piloting skills helped him climb the ranks of the military rapidly. Unknown to many, the fire within him had waned. The many frontline missions he participated in allowed him to witness the horrors of war firsthand. He started to question the necessity of all the bloodshed. Nevertheless, he carried out his duties as a ZAFT pilot duly and his performance did not dip, despite his growing reservations. As much as Xavi felt like deserting ZAFT, he decided that he owed too much to his superiors, comrades and friends to leave at a time when his piloting prowess was most needed.


In the course of the Second Bloody Valentine War, Xavi was promoted to the FAITH division as a mark of recognition of his contributions to ZAFT. He continued to put in top notch performances all the way till the end of the war. After the war, Xavi and several of his team mates tendered their resignation.


Raul was extremely delighted that his son survived two wars and was finally out of the military. He offered his son a place in the Romero Enterprise. However, Xavi turned down the proposal. He wanted to take some time off to enjoy, after the many months spent in the battlefront. Having received a substantial sum of money from ZAFT when he resigned, Xavi was looking forward to a world tour with his friends. They often spoke of embarking on such a journey while they rested between battles and they finally had the chance. Xavi vowed to accomplish this dream for the many fallen comrades. Now, he grabbed the chance firmly with both hands.


While he was on holiday on Copernicus City, he met a former comrade, Cassidy Hamilton. Cassidy was on a mission for the Serpent Tail and was delighted to meet Xavi. They were both ace pilots in ZAFT during the wars and admired each other greatly. Cassidy told Xavi of the prospects of working in the Serpent Tail and offered to recommend him to the head of the Serpent Tail. Xavi refused immediately, as he was very much sick of fighting. However, Cassidy was persistent and Xavi relented and agreed to consider the proposition.


After travelling around the world, Xavi settled down in November One in an apartment close to his parent's luxurious home. He tried several jobs but found none satisfying.


One day, Xavi got a call from Cassidy when he was out cruising in his Gallardo. The mercenary was on November One and requested for assistance from his former comrade. Xavi obliged and drove to warehouse in the address given by Cassidy. He found the mercenary badly wounded. As he brought the man to a hospital, Cassidy told of how his team was failed in a mission. He was the only surviving member of the team other than Adrianna Cruz, who was taken hostage by his client's enemies. They were demanding the exchange of Adrianna for the identity of Cassidy's client. The Serpent Tail had a strict rule of not divulging the names of their clients. Cassidy was in desperate need of help and he was close to begging Xavi for assistance. Adrianna was like a sister to him and she was the last of the team. He owed it to his dead team mates to bring her back.


Xavi knew he could not turn down a friend in such a time. Cassidy was too badly wounded to take part in an operation. Despite his immense reluctance to do so, he agreed to stay in the hospital until he was well. Xavi called up his former team mates, requesting for their aid. They agreed without hesitation. They knew Xavi and understood his absolute loyalty to friends.


Xavi's team successfully rescued Adrianna and finished off the mission for Cassidy. The efficiency and speed at which they completed the mission amazed both Adrianna and Cassidy. They urged them to consider joining the Serpent Tail and take up a career as a freelancer. Once again, the offer was kindly turned down. Adrianna and Cassidy left when the latter was well again. However, the former left a lasting impression in Xavi's mind.


Xavi and his team conferred and debated over the prospect. Having spent a long time serving in the military, many of them were unable to settle down with life as a civilian. Despite the dangers of war, the excitement and unpredictability was a plus compared to the relatively boring civilian life. The brief experience working as a mercenary brought back some of the adrenaline rushes and more importantly, the team was working together again. It almost felt like a home-coming.


A few of them were keen to give a job with the Serpent Tail a try, while the rest were uncertain if they should throw their lives into the path of danger once more. Xavi understood their concerns. Some of them have started a family and were unwilling to risk a happy life for an exciting one. With the few team mates who were willing to take a shot at being a mercenary, Xavi looked Cassidy up.


The freelancer was extremely pleased to see them and brought them to meet the Serpent Tail leader, William Ferguson. Their immaculate track records with the ZAFT military was enough to convince Ferguson to hire them. Cassidy's recommendation simply hastened the process. They were soon working on their first mission. Many of the missions they were assigned to were minor skirmishes between feuding organisations. However, these organisations were often willing to pay considerably well for seemingly minor missions. More importantly, Xavi was able to meet Adrianna more often.


Xavi's team were starting to make a name for themselves in Serpent Tail. Other teams started to become jealous and spoke bad of them in front of Ferguson. The Serpent Tail was a disorganised mercenary organisation. Ferguson did not have good man management skills. He preferred to reward people whom he were closer to than those that he did not really know well. He kept a tight circle of friends and his biasness was clear for all to see. Xavi grew increasingly frustrated with Ferguson.


The trouble at work aside, Xavi was making headways with the jewel of his heart. He finally managed to date her and he impressed enough for her to agree to a second date. Soon, they were dating on a regular basis. Cassidy and Adrianna were assigned to Valerie Maine's team after the mission which killed the rest of their team. The close relationship Cassidy and Adrianna had with Xavi and his team brought them closer to Maine's team. Both teams were often sidelined by Ferguson. The better paying and lower risk missions were assigned to Ferguson's pets while Xavi and Maine's teams were given the tougher jobs. Nonetheless, the still out-performed their rivals.


Ferguson's antics finally infuriated Xavi enough to make him leave the Serpent Tail. Xavi's team and most of Maine's team resigned as well. Xavi invited them to become the founding members of a new mercenary organisation, the Soldiers of Fire. The Soldiers were initially overlooked by potential clients, who preferred the established reputation of the Serpent Tail.


The Soldiers toiled hard, jumping at any job and opportunity presented to them. Their efficiency and the effectiveness in completing the missions impressed and soon they were receiving offers for larger scale missions. Their rising reputation led to members from the Serpent Tail to defect to join the Soldiers. These were mostly members who were treated unfairly by Ferguson.


The Soldiers continue to forge their path and seal their position as the most formidable freelance organisation.


As much as Raul regret that his eldest son did not follow his path, he is pleased to know that his son has established a firm career. Despite the risks that came with the job, they are not as bad as when Xavi was fighting at the battlefront.

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