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    Already told you on msn earlier on
  2. Like I told you on msn, it'll be alright to take it as the DINNs of natural pilots have been modified to suit them. It's to keep things simple
  3. Kaizer, I'd be good to have the 2 of you along in the thread And it's good to see that you guys have moved on to the thread.
  4. What I meant was you'd get to choose to describe how your Dinn looks like later on, for those who wish to have a more unique and personal rping experience. And I never said that the focus was on customizing the dinn. It's just for you to get the feel of equipping yourself with some weapons of your choice, for the final test of the academy. And yes, if you've read the first post regarding the academy, the academy is not related to AD rp.
  5. It's fine to start off from gathering at the courtyard However, you can also choose to tie things up by going to bed to rest in the first thread, with orders to report at 0600 hours the next day. As for the mobile suits, everyone will be using the AMF-101 DINN, but without any weapons - for the time being. Anyway, later in the academy, you'll probably get to customize your DINNs slightly as well. For now, all of them will be the standard purple (by orders from lynnks ). Also, for the groupings later on, it is fine to pick people from different factions since it'll only be temporary. Just a chance to interact with the other cadets
  6. Uriel sat comfortably in the seat of his mobile suit, which was perched on a rock platform in one of the many courtyards in the academy. He leaned back and watched the slow ascent of the sun, except that it was through the rear camera of his mobile suit. The sky was still dark, but it won't be long before the first rays of the morning light lit up the courtyard. Uriel then turned away and shut his eyes, to spend a few moments clearing his mind, meditating, hearing only the soothing sounds of the fountains around the courtyard. He opened his eyes as he saw the last of the cadets scrambling into their cockpits. Uriel smiled as he said through the open channel, “Well done cadets, you have just taken your very first step to becoming an accomplished pilot. Let us continue with today’s lesson." The first rays of the sun shone on his MS as he spoke these words. The valkryie-styled helm and angelic wings of the mobile suit basked in a golden sheen. Uriel could now imagine the looks of wonder on the cadets’ face, just like when he was a young cadet in the Pilot Academy. However he suppressed another smile, and continued, "I am Captain Demuirgos, your instructor at the academy. Today, you will be getting yourself acquainted with the most important aspect of combat - maneuvering. The fundamental tactic of all combats is to move to give you an advantage. The weapons of a mobile suit are useless if the MS itself is in the wrong position. Because of this, every pilot must first master what I feel is the most difficult skill - maneuvering a MS in combat. Combat maneuvering is completely different in nature from the slow, contemplated movement of civilian MS, which are characterized by simple flight paths and dull, deliberated decisions. On the other hand, combat maneuvering is characterized by chaos, instant judgments, and constant tension. There are no rules about what manoeuvres may or may not be executed. It is only determined by the physical limits of the MS." Uriel paused as his sensors indicated the movement of a group of MS leaving the academy in a tight but neat formation, setting off for their routine patrol. They are the guards of the academy, piloting MS that were similar to his. The 13 MS flew overhead them, passing the courtyard, and soaring up to wards the sky. Chuckling to himself, Uriel cleared his throat and said, "I suppose you're all bored with all the information and can’t wait to start doing some hands-on. However, this is probably the first time you are operating a military MS, so take some time to familiarise yourself with the controls. Don't worry, all the weapons are all disabled, so you can’t shoot me or your fellow classmates even if you want to.” Only he laughed at his own joke. The cadets were all too nervous. He then continued, “Please indicate when you are ready. We shall then split into groups and head down into the mazes of the Academy."
  7. †Valentine†

    Pilot Academy

    Sorry if I seem to be intruding, but here's your answer, Balancer http://www.adventdestiny.com/pilot-academy/registration-for-the-1st-class-of-the-pilot-academy-t999.0.html;msg11207;boardseen#new
  8. ((Michael, I have looked through the names sent in by the faction leaders several times, and I don't seem to see your name there. As Valiant mentioned at the start of this thread, this is NOT a thread for signing up for the academy. Please correct me if I'm wrong.))
  9. Actually, if you do feel that there are deserving members who should get a place in the academy, feel free to send an appeal to me via PM. I will look it over and might decide to make changes.
  10. Back I'll treat you to 2 burgers to make that up Shaft Another day
  11. We invited you, Kai Just got back from dinner with Valiant and Hannah
  12. Btw, hannah's treating us, so better turn up
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