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Re: Updates 24/10/2006


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Alright, I'm back.


Sorry for the sudden leave of absence. I was very much needed at the Pharmacy week and I sure enjoyed myself there. What's better than increasing awareness of your profession to the public and at the same time educate them on health-related issues?


I have finally fixed the modify post bug. I sure hope I did. Please let me know if it is more persistent that I thought it is.


As for the other bugs raised in the bugs/error post, I have fixed them as well.


I hope that all members would remember to keep their posts on the topic because it is pretty irritating to read pages of irrelevant chatter than can be better placed in the pointless chatter section.


Also, please refrain from hijacking introduction topics. It is insulting to the new member.


Lastly and most importantly,


Please vote for us!

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