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Atake Kesatsu - Final


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Full name: Atake Kesatsu

Nickname: Vietcong

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Cadet at EA Pilot Academy

Birthplace: Thailand

Citizenship: Earth Alliance


At his essence, Atake is friendly, quick-witted and headstrong. He has a mostly-pragmatic lifestyle, living on whims and trying new things every day. It is because of this lifestyle that most people's first impression of Atake is either adventurous and decisive... or random and unpredictable. Atake likes making friends though, however anyone perceives him, and is always willing to smile and be friendly.

Atake is quite well-versed in Guerilla tactics, using Mobile Weapons or not, and often employs them in combat (it's this and the straw chinaman hat that he often wears that has gotten him the nickname 'Vietcong'). In direct combat, Atake fights with a hard-'n-fast style, leaping his Mobile Suit about like a jackrabbit and attempting to blitz opponents into confusion.




Height: 5'11"

Weight: 82kg

Hair Colour and Style: Leaf-green (he dyes it every friday! ) ; Messy and unkempt

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: He is missing the fingernails on his right hand's index, middle and ring finger.

Skin Tone: Tanned White

Build: Athletic


Atake's casual gear normally consists of stuff that's mostly rugged but still comfortable. He mainly aims to look okay but not be caught flat-footed wearing clothing ridiculously ill-suited for combat or a similiar situation. He wears his uniform rather casually. Whenever he can, Atake wears a straw chinaman's hat, quite unique in one way and very stereotypical in another.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Sai Atake (deceased)

Father: Shoma Atake (deceased?)

Siblings: Only Child

Wife/Girlfriend: None, currently...


Personal History:

Atake was born in a small farming community in Thailand. Away from high technology, or political struggle between Earth and the PLANTs, he lived a peaceful and simple life with his parents. He was perfectly happy during his early childhood, and he came to explore the nearby woods and forests nearby, being absorbed into the environment. He could navigate flawlessly through a forest or even some of the Thai jungles, due to the fact that his father had taught him very valuable lessons how to do so. Until his sixth year of life, everything was fine.


However, war soon broke out between the EA and ZAFT, plunging Atake's life into a sudden and frightening wakeup of the outside world. Within months of the war declaration the fight had been taken to near his home, and his father became a Guerilla soldier. He was taught basic survival traits by his father at that point, in case "the unspeakable should happen". Atake did not exactly know what that would be, but his imagination ran wild with horrible possiblities.


When Atake was seven, "the unspeakable" was brought into terrible clarity. During the Second Bloody Valentine War, ZAFT missile barrages were fired off-target, hitting Atake's home-village instead of the EA military complex some fifty miles away. Atake tried to escape, but ended up with his right arm until a pile of debris and lost consciousness. When he came to, he had been rescued by other survivors of the attack... but his arm had been crushed badly by the debris, which took almost an entire year to heal. He was informed, however, that his mother had been killed and there was no sign of his father. The only painful mark of the tragedy that remains with him today are the three fingernails that never grew back on his right hand.


Atake didn't remain morose for very long, however. He did, however, feel anatgonised by the fact that he survived and his parents didn't (he was quite sure that his father had, in fact, also been killed). He felt weak not being able to help them, and spent his adolsescent years learning true guerilla tactics from some other village survivors who had been part of the militia force. Also, under the care of a foster family, he travelled to cities like Bangkok to learn about warfare and Mobile Weapons. He was eager to learn how to become strong, so that he wouldn't be unable to help in a time of crisis ever again.


Atake adopted his cheerful and pragmatic lifestyle for the simple reason that he didn't want to look on the past for a moment if he could help it. He forced himself to be preoccupied with thing after thing, not allowing even a moment to dwell on what had come to pass. But every night, when no-one was around and he lay awake in bed the burning feeling of powerlessness would eat away at him. This still plagues Atake today, as even in Pilot Academy he sometimes thinks of himself as powerless or unable to be a good pilot. He only enrolled in the academy at age eighteen, and since joining he has been trying to lift the terrible feeling of his conscience by doing his abolsute best and being as strong as he could be. At age nineteen, he is close to graduating, and hopes to be recruited into the Earth Alliance Mobile Suit Corps.

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What? I was already told that... and then I conformed to the timeline...


*looks at timeline, then at profile* Wait a second...


I'm assuming, since the 2nd Bloody Valentine War ended in C.E 74, it was still raging in C.E 73. If ZAFT forces seized control of several East Asian nations, Thailand would fall under one of those nations. In C.E 73, Atake would be seven, as my profile says.


Doesn't that mean it's all in order?

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