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Alexander Von Freiheit

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Full name: Alexander Robertsen Von Freiheit

Nickname: Chevalier


Gender: Male


Occupation: OS Programmer

Birthplace: Kingdom of Scandinavia

Citizenship: Kingdom of Scandinavia

Personality: He is usually quiet and reflective.He does not like to fight but tries to sort things out peacefully.He is patient with everyone even to those who annoy him.







Weight:139 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Black,similar to Athrun Zala but shorter

Eye Colour: brown

Identifying Marks: none

Skin Tone: Pale,slightly tanned


Clothing:white uniform with sword,

Handiness: Left-Handed




Mother: Kathryn Robertsen

Father: Eric Von Freiheit


Wife/Girlfriend: None for the moment.


Personal History:

      Alex  was born in the Kingdom of Scandinavia where he lived with his family in their mansion somewhere near the coast of Scandinavia.His father owned the Farsight Corporation, which provides electronic hardware for both the commercial and military. He grew up in the peaceful environment and he grew where Naturals and Coordinators could live together in peace. His father was actively involve in trying to bring peace between the two races. He followed his father around the various facilities that his fathers owned and he was interested in Mobile Suits and their complex operating systems.At the age of 15 he was sent to study in Stockholm to complete high school. During this time, his father regularly talked with him about a dream that both Coordinators and naturals can live together in peace. Eric Von Freiheit urged Alex to carry on that dream. Alex finished high school and entered Stockholm University, where he studied Mobile Suit technology and OS systems.

         During his childhood,He learned how to play the piano and he had musical talents.Today, He still plays the Piano and is also playing the flute when he has nothing to do.He loved reading books from his fathers liberary. Alex loved working at his new office right inside his fathers Mobile Suit facility, where there was nothing but him and his computers. Because of his work on the new OS were very good,His father sent him to ORB to work on a project which were being conducted in the Corporation's Mobile Suit production facilities.The project was part of his fathers dream to make Mobile Suits which will someday be used by people willing to protect the peace between Coordinators and Naturals. Alex moved to ORB and stayed in one of the family's mansions. He quickly settled into his work and began to be very active in ensuring that the already fragile peace does not break and another war begins. He began to work to on the project and he hoped that these new Mobile Suits would someday protect the already fragile peace. Meanwhile, his parents communicate with him regularly and he sometimes takes time off to visit them in the Kingdom of Scandinavia. However, that does not happen very often because he is usually very busy on the project.


PS. I would Like to apply to join ORB but as a Civilian.



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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Alexander Von Freiheit has permanent resident status in the United Emirates of Orb.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Rad Rider-Kamakura




Welcome to ORB, Alexander Von Freiheit.


Were you aware that your display name doesn't need to be the same as your character's name? You could just use Alex if you want.

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