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Alyssa Arano


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Alyssa Arano


Full name: Alyssa Arano
Faction: Neo Zeon
Rank: Regent
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 1.70 metres
Weight: 54 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink
Skin: Pale
Handiness: Right-handed

Alyssa Arano hardened both physically and psychologically after going through the rigorous military training on Axis. Life was hard growing up on Axis due to the lack of resources on the asteroid base and the influx of refugees after the One Year War. Despite that, Alyssa retained her gentle nature, making her appear soft in contrast Haman.

Beneath her demure surface, she bore desire for power. Growing up under the tutelage of Maharaja Karn, and later on under Haman Karn, taught her to vie for power to secure her future. Maharaja groomed her as a companion and a loyal assistant to his daughter.
Strengths and weaknesses

While many regarded Alyssa Arano as a less capable and talented assistant to Haman Karn, it spoke more of the high standards Haman commanded rather than a lack of abilities on Alyssa’s part. She was comfortable with mobile suit combat and could be a strong contender to be an ace pilot on board a battleship, if not for her duties as a commanding officer.

Alyssa shied away from politics, preferring to working in the background and to ensure smooth military operations that would provide the best platform for Haman to achieve her political goals. While Haman negotiated with Zeon, AEUG and the Titans leaders, Alyssa led the fleet in the field. Haman was the face on the screen and posters. Alyssa was seen in person.

Being more comfortable with speaking to others in small groups or individually made her appear to show favouritism. Knowing she was unable to change the views of others, Alyssa chose to ignore what was said about her and focus on what she should be doing. This inevitably led to certain factions within Zeon to develop a dislike for her, although such sentiments were never overtly displayed.

Alyssa Arano was an attractive girl. Although she was not drop dead gorgeous, her pleasant features drew stares when she entered a room. Haman Karn was charismatic and had a commanding presence, whereas Alyssa commanded attention and respect with her gentle but firm manner. She was no orator, unlike Haman, but Alyssa was a confident commander who was no stranger to leadership.

Since young, she was often mistaken for Haman. Besides being of the same age, they both had pink, shoulder-length hair. Hers was a shade lighter than Haman’s. They had blue eyes and pale skin. Alyssa stood slightly taller than Haman, though not noticeably much. Those who knew them well could easily point out that Alyssa was the leaner and more muscular of the two. The similarities they bore were superficial to those who knew them. Alyssa had rounder eyes, prominent cheek bones, a more pointed nose, and fuller lips.

Alyssa Arano was Vice Admiral of the Axis Zeon. She was groomed by Maharaja Karn alongside his daughter Haman Karn, who became her mentor when the elder Karn died in UC 0083. Haman Karn inherited the title of Regent and the role of loyal Zabi retainer from her father. Haman was surrounded by numerous veterans and high-ranking officials.

Rather than staying at Haman’s side as her aide, Alyssa pursued her own military career. By the time the Zeon forces moved the space fortress Axis away from the asteroid belt towards the Earth Sphere, Alyssa was Vice Admiral of the fleet, the second-in-command of Axis. It was an honour she won through merit to earn her rightful place at Haman’s side.

During the end of the Gryps Conflict, Haman Karn sortied in her Qubeley against AEUG and Titans ace pilots. Battle records showed that the Qubeley fell in battle. Despite numerous search missions in the battle vicinity, the Axis Zeon forces did not find the body of their leader. Alyssa led the search parties personally but they only found the wreckage of the Qubeley and the enemy suits it had engaged in the battle.

Alyssa could not believe that Haman perished in battle. Haman was renowned for her Newtype abilities and piloting prowess. The Qubeley was tailored for Haman’s abilities and fighting style, and it was one of the most advanced mobile suits of its day. They had just returned to the Earth Sphere after years of preparation for their mission. It was too early for them to lose their leader.

However, she knew they could only spend that much time and resources on trying to retrieve Haman. Dead or alive. With the Earth Federation weakened by the war between the Titans and AEUG, the time was ripe for Zeon to regain its place in the Earth Sphere.

The Axis Zeon Command was unanimous in its decision on the succession. Alyssa received her appointment as Admiral and Regent of the Neo Zeon. 

AMX-004 Qubeley
Alyssa inherited the back up Qubeley built for Haman Karn. Her appointment as the mobile suit’s pilot led to the maintenance team reconfiguring the suit for her preferences and abilities. She knew her piloting abilities were far below that of Haman, hence she set aside more training hours in the simulator and live drills.
Role plays

Coliseum battles

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