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  1. Acidic

    Mobile suit art

    That could be done with time and effort. Make a parts library of sorts. Making sure the parts are oriented the right way will be the hard part.
  2. It takes two gundams, a guard frame and a GM to make this thing and it's still mostly two grunt suits. Already repaired the donors and I wanna make a dedicated kitbash custom in the future.
  3. Acidic

    Universal Century RP planning

    Change it to Kansas. I hate that place. That sounds like it could work! I'd like an interesting environment (Arctic, Desert, Tropical Islands, my mom's house) to add onto that because most of the Gundam series I've watched touch and go on Earth (I know about the spin offs I just haven't watched them).
  4. Acidic

    Mobile suit art

    On the Wiki I notice a lot of suits are in the same alignment position wise, with patience it'd be possible to 'kitbash' the pictures and recolor the relatively flat pictures.
  5. Acidic

    What’s your favorite Gundam?

    I love this topic because my favorite changes second to second but the moment someone asks me I always say the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam. It is such a goofy design that works in a ton of ways. Master Asia will always be my favorite Gundam character and his personality is reflected in his signature mobile suit. I really like it in gold with the hyper mode but the normal colors are great too. I want a hyper mode Real Grade, I'd stop collecting gunpla after I got one.
  6. Acidic

    What are you reading?

    Cause of my class I typically read short stories written by my classmates as we all regularly have to share them among ourselves.Aside from my classwork I only really fit in a graphic novel here or there with Stan Lee's Imagine being the last one I've finished. I have a stack of books next to my bed I've been meaning to read but I've yet to get my stride back.
  7. Acidic

    What's your favourite Gundam timeline?

    I just can't get into wing. I keep trying but after a few episodes I just loose interest. I like a couple of the characters but most of the main cast need a hug bad. I'm told it gets better but I'm just not able to hang in long enough especially with how limited my watch time is
  8. Acidic

    Universal Century RP planning

    I vote for an Arctic side story. Mostly because I'm trapped in the snow. Was there fighting in Russia and/or Alaska during the OYW?
  9. Acidic

    What's your favourite Gundam timeline?

    I like the UC as a timeline the most because of how fleshed out it is and how you can follow one thing to another through the different series. None of them are my favorite series but I'd happily watch anything from UC over Wing.
  10. Acidic

    Moon Gundam released

    I only saw the Gunpla and thought it was far out, a lil too far out for me to wanna build with my collection currently. It is a really neat suit design though!
  11. Acidic

    Gunpla Section?

    I'll make a thread for my current collection then! I'm sure I could fit all of them into one picture. Hopefully it gets a few people here to pick up a kit of their own 😄
  12. Acidic

    Re: Where are you from?

    There are, most of them are in Seattle proper and that alone makes it important to dedicate an entire day for such events. I've been trying to save up vacation days for PAX though, I wanted to play MtG there but I'm sure there is plenty of Gundam stuff for sale.
  13. Acidic

    Gunpla Section?

    Being a fan of the Gundam series I've looked into the model kits or Gunpla and found building them to be one of my new favorite hobbies. I have several built and in different poses with a HGIBO Gundam Frame Gusion being my latest, I'm not sure how many others on here enjoy them and would like an area to discuss and share pictures of our tiny plastic robots. I'd love to make a ton of threads about Gunpla but I don't think this forum exactly has the place for me to do so quite yet.
  14. Acidic

    Re: Where are you from?

    PNW here. Despite this area being famed for being more 'nerdy' I don't know all that many other Gundam fans around here.
  15. Acidic

    Universal Century RP planning

    Any time pre unicorn would be fine with me. After Unicorn newtypes are suddenly magical and its kinda weird. Any of the Zeon wars would be fun to have a side story in.