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  1. The black screen blinked to life and begun an insistent beep. Alyssa Arano looked up from the book she had buried her head in for the past few hours. She left orders not to be disturbed. Reading to orchestral music provided a brief respite that the piercing ringtone shattered. Alyssa briefly contemplated if she should allow the incoming call to interrupt her rest. Recent events were exhausting. The loss of her leader and childhood companion affected not just her work but also shook her personally. The Zeon leadership was quick to shove her into the vacuum created by the death of Haman Karn. Alyssa had been groomed for this all her life, yet she never felt ready, not even now. Yet she had to be strong for Neo Zeon to succeed in reclaiming their birthright. They prepared for this for years. The hardships suffered by her people would soon be over once they moved back to Side 3. The incessant beep broke through her thoughts. Alyssa sighed and closed the book in front of her. She brushed her hair out of her face and checked her appearance vaguely through the reflection of the console screen. Satisfied, she pressed the answer button. The face of her assistant appeared on the screen. He did not appear pleased to be tasked with relaying the message to her, she knew at first glance. Alyssa knew Lieutenant Alexander Mori well enough to sense his discomfort even through the screen. She wondered what bothered him so much, he usually kept a better composure. Alex saluted at the sight of the Zeon Regent. “M’Lady, we have reports that a salvage team scoured the wreckage zone before our recovery team arrived. I’m ashamed—“ “It happens.” Alex did not have to mention Haman’s name. He understood her pain, and she thanked him silently for that. “I trust you’ve dispatched a team to track down the salvagers.” “Yes, M’Lady. Reports indicate that they are heading for the Moon.” Alyssa expected no less from her assistant. “I will look into this myself, Alex.” “But, M’Lady—“ Alyssa cut off his protest with a raised hand. He knew she would take over the search personally. That explained his reluctance to make the call. It meant he understood her reasons too, as much as he disliked it. “You know I have to do this, Alex. The fleet will continue on course as planned. The delegation must reach Side 3. Patch the Vice Admiral through.” “Yes, M’Lady.” There was a brief pause before Vice Admiral Darius Solomon appeared on the screen in a second video link beside Alexander. The Lieutenant saluted his superior while the Vice Admiral saluted the Regent. “Good evening, Lady Alyssa.” “Vice Admiral,” Alyssa nodded in acknowledgement. “Alex, please.” Her assistant proceeded to fill Solomon in on the intelligence report. The middle-aged veteran listened quietly. When Alexander finished, Solomon finally spoke, “Do you wish to take matters into your own hands, Lady Alyssa?” “I leave the Doyenne in your command, Darius. I will leave at once on the Repentance. If all goes well, we will rendezvous with the fleet at Side 3.” “I’m against this, Alyssa. I should have been firm with Lady Haman and stopped her from going out into combat against enemy ace pilots. With all due respect, it’s too soon to let the new Regent to be off chasing after a rabbit trail.” Solomon was a father-like figure for both Haman and Alyssa. He was a close and old friend of Maharaja Karn, Haman’s father and Alyssa’s guardian. Alyssa pursed her lip in annoyance. She expected resistance and understood their reasons, but she was going regardless of their opinions and feelings. They stopped her from joining the recovery team and the search parties after the battle. There was no stopping her this time. “The Repentance can handle whatever surprises we encounter. I’ll also be bringing the Black Tri Stars along as escorts. Don’t worry, Darius. You can help me by bringing the delegates to Side 3 and protect Princess Mineva.” Solomon sighed and said, “You and Haman are too alike. There is not stopping you once your mind is made up. There’s so much of Maharaja in the two of you. I promised him I would take care of you both. I have failed him once and I don’t want to fail him again.” “I’m not going up against enemy ace pilots in a battle. We are intercepting a group of civilian salvagers. We will outgun them.” Alyssa noticed Solomon’s expression softening slightly. She recognised that look since young when he finally gave in to their pestering him for candy. “Besides, Haman would have done the same for me if our roles were reversed.”
  2. Full Name: Amber Helio Destara Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: N/A Age: 20 Sex: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs Eyes: Purple/Green Hair: Blonde Skin: Fair Handiness: Right-handed Personality Amber is very energetic and likes to have fun with her teammates, but she knows when she's supposed to be serious. Life on Axis has been difficult, but she doesn't let that stop her from being happy, so she'll frequently try to cheer people up even when they don't want to. Her goal in life is to be a good friend to everyone. Strengths and weaknesses Amber values speedy hit-and-run tactics in mobile suit combat, so she'll attempt to take out the enemy without even giving them the chance to fight back. However, she's only a rookie pilot and hasn't been apart of actual combat, so that rarely works out. She may lack experience as a pilot, but she's got tons of experience as an engineer. She frequently likes to tinker with her custom mobile suit, trying to upgrade it so that it can compete with new models. Amber knows that she'll eventually hit a point where that'll no longer be possible. Appearance Amber Destara is attractive, but not jaw-dropping. She has shoulder length blonde hair, but her defining feature is her distinct colored eyes, with her heterochromia often being mentioned by her peers. She always tries to smile and to keep her appearance nice. Her Neo Zeon clothing is also orange, like her mobile suit. History Born on February 22nd, 0068, Amber Destara lived with her parents at the mining base called Axis. For years, her parents working vigorously in order to even live. They were lower class citizens, so they didn't get to live a very luxurious life, but this never bothered Amber, because she didn't know what it was like to not be poor. It got worse when the One Year War broke out, causing them to work even harder. Amber rarely saw her parents during the war. When the Principality of Zeon lost the war, many soldiers and other Zeon members fled to the asteroid. The population grew under the rule of Maharaja Karn, who became the leader of the Axis base. Amber's parents were horrified to see their home become a fortress, but that didn't last long. A new living quarters block was created, allowing their family to family live in better conditions. Their jobs also changed to helping construct new mobile suits, something Amber became fascinated by. Every day, she'd watch as these new machines were created, hoping out maybe she could help create one someday. However, in 0083 Maharaja Karn passed away, making his daughter the new regent of Axis. Things changed drastically during this time. Not only was Haman raising morale with the citizens, but Operation Stardust also occurred, causing many to want Axis to fight, including Amber. She had later obtained an old damaged Dra-C and began work on it, hoping it could fly again. For years, this became her new pride and joy. Eventually, Axis did begin to return to the Earth Sphere, ending up right in the middle of a conflict between the AEUG and the Titans. Amber never participated in the Gryps Conflict, but once the Titans were defeated, Axis Zeon, now named Neo Zeon, began their official attack on the AEUG. This is Amber's moment to shine, so he revealed her mobile suit to the soldiers of Neo Zeon. They weren't impressed, but they needed soldiers to fight, so she was inducted. The only experience she had as a pilot was through simulations in the mobile suit, so she hoped that it would be enough to help make Neo Zeon victorious. Mobile Suits MS-21CO Dra-C Oct Amber's custom orange mobile suit, built from a Dra-C used by one of the Delaz Fleet survivors. It was quickly abandoned in favor of new mobile suits, but she found it and has worked on it ever since. Amber replaced the regular gun with a new gatling gun, hoping that it'll help out much more in battle. It is currently unknown why there are X's on the shield. Other soldiers attempted to assign her to a newer machine, but Amber wouldn't budge. Kills N/A Role plays Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny (Ongoing) Coliseum battles N/A
  3. AMX-006 Gaza-D The Gaza-D is the new Neo Zeon mobile suit assigned the ace pilots. It is intended to replace the Gaza-C in the future. Model number: AMX-006 Code name: Gaza-D Unit type: Mass production general purpose transformable mobile suit Manufacturer: Neo Zeon Operator: Neo Zeon First deployment: March UC 0088 Crew: Pilot only Cockpit: Panoramic monitor with linear seat in head Dimensions: Mobile suit mode: overall height 23.66 meters, head height 17.0 meters Mobile armor mode: mobile armor mode: overall length 16.1 meters Weight: empty 28.7 metric tons; max gross 68.4 metric tons; mass ratio 1.86 Armor materials: Gundarium alloy Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2140 kW Propulsion: Rocket thrusters: 98200 kg total (4 x 18400kg, 2 x 12300 kg); vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 12 Equipment: Sensors, range 10800 meters Fixed armaments: 2 x 14-tube missile launcher (uses AMS-01H heavy missile), mounted in shoulder binders in mobile suit mode and on main body in mobile armor mode; 2 x 4-tube missile launcher (uses AMS-01H heavy missile), mounted in shoulder binders in mobile suit mode and on main body in mobile armor mode; 2 x beam saber, power rated at 0.9 MW, stored in recharge racks in shoulder binders, hand-carried in use in mobile suit mode; 2 x beam gun, power rated at 3.2 MW each, mounted on main body/backpack Optional hand armaments: knuckle buster, power rated at 8.5 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, mounts on main body in mobile armor mode Source: MechaBay
  4. Full name: Teo Rasmus Nygaard Faction: Nygaard Concern, Neo Zeon Rank: Son of Rasmus Nygaard, founder and owner of Nygaard Concern Mfg Co.; Neo Zeon Ensign Age: 21 Sex: Male Height: 5'9" Weight: 180 lbs. Eyes: Grey Hair: Light auburn bordering on orange, but a close shave around the sides and back of his head suggest his hair was originally a much darker brown. Skin: Fair, almost pale Handiness: Left-handed Personality Teo is a guarded individual, having grown up resenting the silver spoon put in his mouth from an early age. He dislikes being patronized for being of affluent blood, and would much rather prefer people talk to him as a regular man. He is, however due to his sheltered upbringing, quite naive, and believes things to be more black and white as opposed to shades of grey. Strengths and weaknesses Teo is a gifted engineer, having taken after his father, Rasmus Nygaard. He has an intimate understanding of machinery and electronics. However, he is physically quite frail, possessing a significant limp. His resentful personality also tends to get him into heated situations quite easily, landing him in trouble more often than not. Appearance Teo Nygaard is a fairly tall individual of Scandinavian blood, possessing pleasant features: soft grey eyes that mask a purposeful determination and trimmed auburn hair. He is often seen holding a small cane to aid his walk in gravity environments, though he tries his best to keep his back straight and walk tall. When not wearing a Neo Zeon uniform, Teo is dressed in comfortable, if not expensive civilian clothing. History Born on August 12, UC 0067, Teo Nygaard is the only son of Rasmus Nygaard, and one in a long line of heirs to the leadership of the Nygaard Concern, a heavy industries manufacturing company established at the dawn of the Universal Century to build components for Space Colonies. Eventually, the Nygaard Concern would be absorbed into Zeonic to produce mobile suits, though by 0080, Rasmus Nygaard would buy the Concern back from Anaheim Electronics. From then on, the Nygaard Concern would be synonymous with mobile suit customization, with several Earth Sphere aces attributing the high performance of their custom machines to the work of the Concern. Teo would be brought into a world of luxury; his every need and want fulfilled as he was attended to by a legion of servants, even as the world around him floundered. However, after being near endlessly mocked and ostracized by his peers for being 'the rich kid', Teo begun to resent his upbringing. Due to the status of his family, he would be largely untouched by the horrors of the One Year War, though as the frontlines shifted, the Nygaard family would find themselves moved from colony to colony, eventually taking residence in Axis at the end of the War. It would be here, in the rough-and-tumble refuge of the survivors of Zeon that Teo's resentment of his heritage grew and grew. When he was old enough to enlist, he would join the draft, looking to serve as a common soldier, but ironically, his position in high society, and his limp, would land him a spot in Neo Zeon's officer academy, where he would graduate as an Ensign. Not one to throw away an opportunity for business, his father, Rasmus, would position his son as an advisor to Neo Zeon's corps of engineers; effectively a salesman for the Nygaard Concern's products and services. This angered Teo, who would often shirk his duties in an attempt to get himself either demoted or discharged, but the near-constant meddling from his father as a beneficiary of the Army would keep him firmly in place as an Ensign. When the war against the Earth Federation had finally begun in UC 0088, Teo would quickly find a way to stick it to his father and the Nygaard Concern, this time as a mobile suit pilot, but once again, meddling from his father would have him playing right into the Concern's hands: instead of a standard issue mobile suit, Teo would be at the helm of one customized by the Concern as a show of force from the company. Still adamant in his desire to break free from his heritage, Teo would endeavor to never score a single kill in his mobile suit. Possessions A necklace made from a small pewter ring he was given by a close friend when they were children. Mobile Suits MS-14Jgbis Gelgoog [Stutzer]/Nygaard An MS-14Jg Gelgoog modified by the Nygaard Concern. Equipped with improved armor and an impressive array of thrusters, the Gelgoog [Stutzer]/Nygaard can go toe-to-toe with its modern contemporaries, like the Gaza-C despite its age. This unit was assigned to Teo to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Nygaard Concern's mobile suit modification services. Equipment 1x XMP-91 Beam Machine Gun (X-04 Copy) Designed after the X-04 Beam Machine Gun Prototype developed for the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra, and earlier RX-78GP04 Gundam Gerbera, this Nygaard Concern copy functions much in the same manner as its Anaheim Electronics counterpart, though its power consumption is scaled down to allow the Gelgoog's older generator to operate it, thus its effectiveness at longer ranges is questionable. 1x Beam Naginata Splitter This iconic melee weapon has been modified by the Nygaard Concern to be capable of splitting into two separate beam sabers by way of a decoupling unit in the shaft and the replacement of the single battery with two at each end. 1x Grapple Wire Originally conceived as a component for mobile workers, the Nygaard Concern has seen fit to equip the Gelgoog [Stutzer]/Nygaard with a grapple wire, possessing many uses in both combat and noncombat applications. Kills None yet. Role plays Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny Coliseum battles None yet.
  5. Artemis MacGriever Biography Full name: Artemis MacGriever Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: Chief Petty Officer Age: 19 Sex: Transgender Female Height: 5’7’’ (1.7m) Weight: 124lb (56kg) Eyes: Green Hair: Dirty blond dyed neon green Skin: Pale Handiness: Right handed Personality Artemis is the most kind person most will ever meet. She loves everyone she meets unconditionally and acts as attentive as a mother to those she calls her friends. This even extends to foes she meets on the battlefield, more often than not she will try to disable rather than slay her foes. Her main passions lie in mobile suits. Everything about them fascinate her and excite her. Maintaining them, repairing them, piloting them and sometimes customizing them. She even joined the Neo Zeon forces primarily due to the Zaku being her favorite family of mobile suits. In her opinion Federation suits are too boring. Easily excitable, Artemis can usually be found with a lot of energy, bouncing around the hanger bay or common areas of whatever base she’s located inside. She’ll try to butt in on any conversation she can find and add another friend to her list of people to fret and care for. Sitting still might as well be a foreign language to her. Strengths and Weaknesses Mobile Suit Familiarity: Able to repair and maintain her mobile suit on her own, Artemis is familiar with the basics of all aspects of mobile suit mechanics and is able to make field repairs to most Neo Zeon suits. Hyperactive: Artemis needs to constantly be moving and that includes while piloting a mobile suit. She can’t help herself from fiddling and that causes her attention to be split at all times. Hopeless romantic: If she falls in love she’ll fall hard. Cute girls are her biggest weakness and will often become a love struck puppy when faced with one. Appearance A lithe girl with a round doughy face that makes her appear much younger than she really is. She’s a fan of dying her hair and styling it at random and in random ways so it frequently changes but always returns to her green. She hasn’t had any of the surgeries normally associated with her identity. She usually wears scarves or hats she collects alongside her uniform and will try to personalize it whenever her superiors aren’t looking. When off duty she’s seen in baggy clothes that couldn’t be farther from her uniform. History Enthralled at an early age by tales of her father’s far fetched stories, him fashioning a Zaku tank with a shot down Zaku during the One Year War so he can fight in the war to how he was really the one to save the colonies. She naturally fell in love with mobile suits and always dreamed of piloting her own Zaku, her favorite line of mobile suit. To that end she began dedicating herself to one day piloting a mobile suit. When Neo Zeon began to rise Artemis debated joining. She wasn’t particularly warlike or dedicated to the Zeon cause. Her only real cause for joining at first was wanting to pilot a Zaku. Her girlfriend at the time agreed, wanting Artemis to stay on their colony and away from the fighting. Ironically it was that fighting that spurred Artemis to leave. The more blood that was shed the more Artemis couldn’t sit still. She had to try and stop the fighting but she couldn’t do it on her own. The choice soon became clear to her, Neo Zeon promised to protect the colonies where her girlfriend lived. Reluctantly she signed up as a mechanic rather than a pilot, unable to stomach actually killing anyone. That didn't last long. During a botched operation she was forced to pilot a Gaza-C in defense of her ship. Although the suit returned without a leg, hers was the only one to. She gained slight infamy for her rather strong personality while continuing to serve Neo Zeon. After she got assigned to the Repentance she returned home to discover her girlfriend had left her in her absence. Heart broken she painted her mobile suit its current black color scheme and put on a smile that only faltered when she wasn't being watched. She briefly decided to abandon Neo Zeon but after seeing the Regent's hair in person she decided to continue to serve, if only to annoy the crew of the Repentance in between missions. Possessions Artemis's AMX-003 Gaza-C: A standard unit painted with her personal colors; black and bright green. Kills None Role plays Ashes to Ashes Coliseum battles 2 Zaku 2 Furious Attack in the Colony!
  6. Repentance The Repentance served as the personal flagship of Alyssa Arano. She was assigned to the ship when she received her appointment as Vice Admiral. The Repentance was one of the three Gwaban-class battleships in the Axis Fleet. The Gwaban-class was smaller than the Gwadan-class battleship, but it was still more than a match for most of the Federation and AEUG ships. Class: Gwanban Unit type: battleship Manufacturer: Axis Operator: Neo Zeon First deployment: UC 0083 Dimensions: Overall length 415.0 meters Weight: Unknown Propulsion: Jet and rocket engines Equipment: Standard sensors, range unknown Fixed armaments: 6 x main gun, mounted on hull; 3 x mega particle cannon, mounted on bow and port and starboard sides Mobile suits: 18 Launch catapults: 2
  7. AMX-003 Gaza-C The Gaza-C is the mainstay of the Neo Zeon forces. Model number: AMX-003 Code name: Gaza-C Unit type: Mass production transformable general purpose mobile suit Manufacturer: Axis Operator: Axis First deployment: UC 0086 Crew: Pilot only Cockpit: Panoramic monitor with linear seat in head Dimensions: Mobile suit mode: overall height 22.5 meters, head height 18.3 meters Mobile armor mode: overall length 21.2 meters, overall width 10.4 meters, overall height 10.9 meters Weight: empty 40.8 metric tons; max gross 72.5 metric tons; mass ratio 1.49 Armor materials: Gundarium alloy Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1720 kW Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 79200 kg total (2 x 39600 kg); vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 4 Equipment and design features: sensors, range 10600 meters Fixed armaments: 2 x beam saber, power rated at 0.4 MW, stored in recharge racks in shoulder binders, hand-carried in use; 2 x beam gun, power rated at 2.3 MW each, mounted on main body/backpack Optional hand armaments: knuckle buster, power rated at 6.7 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, mounts on main body in mobile armor mode Mobile armour mode Deployed mobile armour mode Source: MechaBay
  8. Alyssa Arano Biography Full name: Alyssa Arano Faction: Neo Zeon Rank: Regent Age: 21 Sex: Female Height: 1.70 metres Weight: 54 kg Eyes: Blue Hair: Pink Skin: Pale Handiness: Right-handed Personality Alyssa Arano hardened both physically and psychologically after going through the rigorous military training on Axis. Life was hard growing up on Axis due to the lack of resources on the asteroid base and the influx of refugees after the One Year War. Despite that, Alyssa retained her gentle nature, making her appear soft in contrast Haman. Beneath her demure surface, she bore desire for power. Growing up under the tutelage of Maharaja Karn, and later on under Haman Karn, taught her to vie for power to secure her future. Maharaja groomed her as a companion and a loyal assistant to his daughter. Strengths and weaknesses While many regarded Alyssa Arano as a less capable and talented assistant to Haman Karn, it spoke more of the high standards Haman commanded rather than a lack of abilities on Alyssa’s part. She was comfortable with mobile suit combat and could be a strong contender to be an ace pilot on board a battleship, if not for her duties as a commanding officer. Alyssa shied away from politics, preferring to working in the background and to ensure smooth military operations that would provide the best platform for Haman to achieve her political goals. While Haman negotiated with Zeon, AEUG and the Titans leaders, Alyssa led the fleet in the field. Haman was the face on the screen and posters. Alyssa was seen in person. Being more comfortable with speaking to others in small groups or individually made her appear to show favouritism. Knowing she was unable to change the views of others, Alyssa chose to ignore what was said about her and focus on what she should be doing. This inevitably led to certain factions within Zeon to develop a dislike for her, although such sentiments were never overtly displayed. Appearance Alyssa Arano was an attractive girl. Although she was not drop dead gorgeous, her pleasant features drew stares when she entered a room. Haman Karn was charismatic and had a commanding presence, whereas Alyssa commanded attention and respect with her gentle but firm manner. She was no orator, unlike Haman, but Alyssa was a confident commander who was no stranger to leadership. Since young, she was often mistaken for Haman. Besides being of the same age, they both had pink, shoulder-length hair. Hers was a shade lighter than Haman’s. They had blue eyes and pale skin. Alyssa stood slightly taller than Haman, though not noticeably much. Those who knew them well could easily point out that Alyssa was the leaner and more muscular of the two. The similarities they bore were superficial to those who knew them. Alyssa had rounder eyes, prominent cheek bones, a more pointed nose, and fuller lips. History Alyssa Arano was Vice Admiral of the Axis Zeon. She was groomed by Maharaja Karn alongside his daughter Haman Karn, who became her mentor when the elder Karn died in UC 0083. Haman Karn inherited the title of Regent and the role of loyal Zabi retainer from her father. Haman was surrounded by numerous veterans and high-ranking officials. Rather than staying at Haman’s side as her aide, Alyssa pursued her own military career. By the time the Zeon forces moved the space fortress Axis away from the asteroid belt towards the Earth Sphere, Alyssa was Vice Admiral of the fleet, the second-in-command of Axis. It was an honour she won through merit to earn her rightful place at Haman’s side. During the end of the Gryps Conflict, Haman Karn sortied in her Qubeley against AEUG and Titans ace pilots. Battle records showed that the Qubeley fell in battle. Despite numerous search missions in the battle vicinity, the Axis Zeon forces did not find the body of their leader. Alyssa led the search parties personally but they only found the wreckage of the Qubeley and the enemy suits it had engaged in the battle. Alyssa could not believe that Haman perished in battle. Haman was renowned for her Newtype abilities and piloting prowess. The Qubeley was tailored for Haman’s abilities and fighting style, and it was one of the most advanced mobile suits of its day. They had just returned to the Earth Sphere after years of preparation for their mission. It was too early for them to lose their leader. However, she knew they could only spend that much time and resources on trying to retrieve Haman. Dead or alive. With the Earth Federation weakened by the war between the Titans and AEUG, the time was ripe for Zeon to regain its place in the Earth Sphere. The Axis Zeon Command was unanimous in its decision on the succession. Alyssa received her appointment as Admiral and Regent of the Neo Zeon. Possessions AMX-004 Qubeley Alyssa inherited the back up Qubeley built for Haman Karn. Her appointment as the mobile suit’s pilot led to the maintenance team reconfiguring the suit for her preferences and abilities. She knew her piloting abilities were far below that of Haman, hence she set aside more training hours in the simulator and live drills. Kills None Role plays Coliseum battles None
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