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Gunpla Section?


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Being a fan of the Gundam series I've looked into the model kits or Gunpla and found building them to be one of my new favorite hobbies. I have several built and in different poses with a HGIBO Gundam Frame Gusion being my latest, I'm not sure how many others on here enjoy them and would like an area to discuss and share pictures of our tiny plastic robots. I'd love to make a ton of threads about Gunpla but I don't think this forum exactly has the place for me to do so quite yet.

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Yes, I would definitely love to have a gunpla section if we have enough topics on it. For now, please use the Gundam forum and tag with gunpla so it'll be easier to move them to the new boards in the future.

I have a PG Zaku and Unicorn I've yet to unbox, not to mention a few other MG ones. They are all stored somewhere at home. I used to have a display case for the built ones but even those have been packed up because I've lived abroad for several years. I would love to bring them over there's the issue of being taxed if they are in the boxes, not sure if I would still get taxed if they weren't.

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