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It had been the general standard for scientific writing to be done in the passive voice for some time, and since the majority of my classes are physics and mathematics related, I've kinda had it drilled into my head to use the passive voice.  However, it has begun to be more widely accepted to use the active voice as well, and so I've been trained to use both, and I end up using them interchangeably.  For the most part, I use whichever one seems to make the sentence sound more appealing, so its not bizarre to see me swap between the two during a post (though I try to at least do each paragraph in a specific voice, or it could become too convoluted).  When it comes to any scholarly writing however, I usually stick to purely passive voice, as most reports have you describing what you have done, or will do, and the passive voice seems to work well for giving instructions.

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I'm more worried about keeping to the word quota rather than lengthening my essays nowadays.


It's not just a case of how appealing it looks. Active voice gives the reader the feeling of being there, whereas passive voice does a better job of telling you how/what happened.

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