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PMDs (Pilots of Mass Destruction)


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I was wondering if anyone might be up for some serious fighting... well okay, seriously I'm hoping to have a 2 on 2 battle with each participant piloting a Gundam; any Gundam would be okay except for either model of Freedom or Justice.


The setting would be a battle in the South Pacific on a small chain of islands, underwater combat would also be available if anyone wanted to take a swim.

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Sure, that'd be fine.  Also, I should have noted that both players on the same team don't have to use Gundams from the same faction; meaning that it isn't going to be ZAFT Gundams versus Orb or Alliance Gundams.


Oh, one more after though.  Akatsuki Gundam, Destroy Gundam, Zamza-Zah, Gells-Ghe, Legend and Providence Gundam should also be considered off limits.  These Gundams are very powerful and equally silly, especially the large Alliance Gundams; apparently they never heard that "The bigger they are the harder they fall" thing.

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