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Jason Servantis


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Full name: Jason Alexander Servantis

Nickname: To the Allies: The Snake

To the Enemies: Serpent

To the Undetermined: Jas(pronounced "Jase" or mispronounced as "Jaz")

To the Sister: Big Brother or "J A"

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Part Time Mechanic, Military Technician, Military Trainee

Birthplace: Januarius 6

Citizenship: Currently PLANTs

Personality: He is described by his friends as to laid back. This can be backed up by the fact that as four of his fellow PLANTs were destroyed, he said "Oh well" and continued on his daily life. This statement did not come from heartlessness, but from preoccupation. At the time he felt he had no time for the war, or time to worry about the war. So he just carried on. He can be very hard to upset, and most of the time is calm. Although he is never to busy to crack a joke, or a smart-ass comment, he does tend to put his mechanical work before real people. He feels he can relate to cars and other forms of vehicles. Constantly moving forward, not paying to much heed to the surrounding, as the path has been paved for him already. He is not one to take detours, and he hates shortcuts. He does things the right way, once. He goes by the moddo "If its not goddamned broken, then don't try to fix it!" When he is not doing electrical or mechanical work he enjoys a good sit back with friends.

He properly announces himself as the Snake, partly due to his last name, partly due to the fact he gets his friends out of deep problems with vehicles. He lives confortably so he does not worry about much other then himself and his cars. He is not as self centered as he seems at first glance, but he definitely looks out for number one as opposed to his comrades.




Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Dirty Blond, worn lazily down, cut to just above his shoulders. Can be seen with it pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of his work.

Eye Colour: Changes between Green and Blue

Identifying Marks: He has a small birthmark on his lower left hip, and he has a tattoo of a snake on his right arm in the form of a tribal arm band. He also bears several small scars from mechanical work, but none that are too noticeable.

Skin Tone: White, but tanned fairly well.

Build: Lower body is kept fairly strong, toned decently. His upper body is exceptional for his age however due to all the heavy lifting he does in his job. His biceps, delts, and triceps are things to be admired. Bearing smaller pectoral muscles in comparison to his abs, he is still able to benchpress a solid 285 lbs.

Clothing: Can often be found in his dark blue overalls, mainly worn from wear and tear of the mechanics life. When he isn't wearing his overalls he likes to show off his abs, so he wears no shirt, but a vest, which clearly allows his chest, abs and his tattoo to be seen. He prefers jeans to all other pants. They can't be tight, but he won't wear anything that will fall off his ass without a belt.

Handiness: Because of his constant work he is required to work in Ambidextrous situations, however he is more comfortable with his right.




Mother: Elizabeth Pelenti(Kept maiden name after marriage)

Father: Exavior Servantis

Siblings: Alexander Servantis(died during birth)

Mary-Anne Pelenti(Younger 17)

Wife/Girlfriend: None(probably due to his obsession with cars, mechanics, and anything electrical)


Personal History:


Most children say their childhood just flew by. Jason must be the only exception. He often complains about his horrible childhood and how unbelievably long it took.


Jason was born to a fairly well off family. His dads side of the family was in law enforcement, and his mother was a doctor. Due to these two demanding jobs Jason was often left home alone. One year after his birth, he was given a new baby sister. When he was old enough to know her as a person, he looked out for her as his number one. He used to cry when his mom would take his sister out cloth shopping, or his dad would take him to the office or some other place. When Jason was 6 his memories started to stick, so this part he could tell himself. Often, his parents, being in their young 30's would go out when they weren't working. Meaning Mary-Anne and Jason grew closer as a family then they ever did with their parents. The two of them were close enough to be twins, and unlike most siblings they wouldn't fight over anything(except once, Mary-Anne scratched Jason because he took her soother). Jason was quite a cunning linguist from birth, as he could speak from early two years old. This was no reflection on his intelligence however. He learned quickly from his dad the many "bad words". He went through the phase as most boys do of swearing till their mother just gives up and it stops being fun. Some say his sense of sarcasm came from a young age, as his mother used it very often. It is one trait fully shared among Jason and his sister. Although it may annoy almost anyone, they seem to find it funny when using it amongst each other. As Jason progressed through school, he found it harder and harder to concentrate on work. Even though Mar-Anne excelled in school, Jason refused to accept her help in anything school related. He is a very headstrong individual, as he has always been. As he hit junior high he started to get into fights over stupid things. It varied from a kid lipping off to him at the wrong time, to bumping into him in the hallway. From many people's standpoints he was viewed as a bully, but secretly he wished he had more friends then he did. Unfortunately his sister had inherited all the social skills his mother possessed. In late grade 7, he was switched out of Band class(lets just say there was an incident with his trombone and another kids head) for Auto-Tech class. This was an introductory course to working on engines and cars. He was intrigued and he went to summer school to catch up on that years work. At home it would be all he talked about, except to his sister, who refused to stay on one topic for more then five minutes.

His dad decided to buy him a car at 14(grade 10) so that he could work on it. He had already taught his son to drive very well, so Jason knew how to work the car. It was a fairly cheap car, but it worked, and it was one of the happiest days of Jason's life. He grew up as a normal man, except all of his spare time was spent with his VERY few friends, his sister, who was slowly growing apart from him, as all siblings do, or with his car, in the garage. All through high school he took all the different kinds of things involved in cars, mechanics, electronics, welding, you name it. As wars broke out and killed other PLANTs he pretended not to care. He didn't know anyone on those PLANTs so it truly didn't effect him all to much, but secretly he was worried for his own safety. He has just gotten out of grade 12 and he has enlisted in a training camp for possible militants. He wants to be ready just in case something else happens. Quite rapidly he was hired as a technician for odd jobs in ZAFT. No official work, but just fixing up a jeep here and there, for some pocket change.






Alright here is where he stands. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the whole timeline and plot, so if I messed up anywhere please let me know so that I can fix it.

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The timeframe of Advent is CE 85. This means that, if he is 17 right now, then he would have been only 6 at the time several Januarius colonies were destroyed. I realize that your intentions are different.

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Christoph von Crailsheim: Thank you for your comment I'm glad you liked it!

Athurn: Thanks but I need to know what I can improve on. What could use work? The length? The detail? What?

kct: I agree, spelling is big

winders: I apologize for it not being well structured, when I write a bio, I get typing with a starting sentence, and then I just go on that. I never have a plan for a bio, it just flows, so I don't really think about the paragraphs when I am writing the bio itself. I'll work on that however, thanks for pointing it out.

Valiant: Thank you for the comment I'm glad people are liking what I've written, this is one of my first cracks at an original bio.

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