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Test Post


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This is a test post in relation to the editing function and the setting change. More details will be released a day after this post is made.


Thank you.


Edit by Qrioser: I can modify?


Edit by Valiant: Me to


Edit by Winders: Still going.


Edit by Valentine: We can


Edit by Hannahkiki: I CAN MODIFY TOO!


Edit by Q: Hannah you found us!


Edit by Hannahkiki: Told you I have been catching up with all the reading!

Edited by Guest
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I believe Rad's got the right idea there, cause I can't make a scratch on any of your guy's posts, and I'm at moderator level.  I guess that only admins can edit posts after the 24hour period, and are also the only ones able to edit other people's posts.

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