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Cassia Airla


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Player name: Cassia

Character number: 1

Faction: PLANT




Full name: Cassia Airla

Nickname: Ala

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT Enlistee

Birthplace: October

Citizenship: PLANT


Cassia has an easy-going and independent personality. She doesn’t like to have her plans set as she would rather “go with the flow” making her somewhat irresponsible in some people eyes. When situations present themselves, she relies on her instincts and intuition the most.


Even if she is a somewhat scatterbrain Cassia has a cold cruel side that she shows only when things go out of hands. Apparently she seems easy to read but people found that they can only see what she wants them to see and lets them know about her life as much as she wants.


Two of her major defects are arrogance and the fact that she tends not to listen to people, of course there is also the fact that she acts before thinking and she likes to think out loud but she classifies those as bad habits.





Height: 170cm

Weight: 56kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black hair that reaches her shoulders that is always loose

Eye Colour: Green

Identifying Marks: A small dolphin earring

Skin Tone: Slight tanned

Build: Slight and a bit tomboyish. A bit too slim for her taste, Cassia's body resembles that of an acrobat 

Clothing: A red blouse with a white skirt or an aqua dress. Hopes to wear a ZAFT uniform soon

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Victoria Airla

Father: Claudius Airla (deceased)

Siblings: None

Husband/Boyfriend: None


Personal History:

Born in C.E 67 Cassia was nothing but a small child when the first Bloody Valentine happened. Her father was on Junius Seven working on a project when the tragedy happened. Her mother tried her best to raise her on her own and managed until the second Bloody Valentine when she got separated from her due to a commotion. Note that Cassia was 3 respectively 5 of age when these incidents happen.


She was found by an old lady when she was searching for her mother. According to Ba-chan, as Cassia calls her, she wasn’t even crying or screaming her mother’s name. She took Cassia home with her and raised her ever since. Ba-chan thought her a lot of things and told her incredible stories; she told Cassia that she should never forget her parents name even if she didn’t remember their faces. She learned about Naturals from a book her guardian had and she become extremely interested in them.


Setting out to learn more about them Cassia learned about the Valentines and the hatred Coordinators had towards Naturals. Not quite understanding this hate Cassia asked her guardian tons of questions that were answered with other questions, but when Cassia asked if she should hate Naturals as well, Ba-chan told her that it was her choice and that she should think about it. That she must decide by herself and not let others do it in her place, but that she should keep in mind that Naturals killed her father in the first Valentine and that the second one took away her mother.


She spent a lot of time thinking about these things in her head as well as reading her emotions. Sure there was a part of her that hated Naturals, a part that she suspected it will never disappear, but there was also a part that showed her that hate and revenge brings even more hate and sadness. Even to this day Cassia doesn’t know how to answer the question.


At the age of 15 Cassia was reunited with her mom in the most comical way ever. She was nearly killed by the car her mother drove. At first Victoria didn’t know who the air-head that jumped in the middle of the street was until the earring Cassia wore grabbed her attention, upon asking her about it Cassia said it was the only thing she had from her parents the last thing her mother gave her.


The initial shock that she received when the elegant dressed woman suddenly grabbed her in her arms was not even as big as the one that came with the words “I’m your mother”. Cassia isn’t extremely sure what happen after that because all she remembers is that they were suddenly back at Ba-chan’s place.

After tones of explanations, tears, memories and evidence the reunion caused, Cassia finally felt at home. She never asked her mother if she searched for her all that mattered now was the fact that she was back.


The decision to join ZAFT came in an instant a month before her 18 birthday. Her mother and Ba-chan respected the idea and supported her, even if they prepared for the worst scenario if Cassia couldn’t make it. She was too much of an air-head and they are sure that she would make a mistake.

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You can remove the [/b] tag at the 'Hair Colour and Style' section.


Also, you could be more descriptive regarding her 'slight' build since it is difficult to visualize.


You could also separate your paragraphs more clearly, but other than those points, I think you got a good profile here.

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Please change the wife/girlfriend section of your character bio to husband/boyfriend, unless your character is a lesbian in which case that would make perfect sense.


Aside from that I don't really see any issues with your profile.  It is a little open ended but then you have a young character who seems to have resolved the only real issue in her life.  As long as you correct what's been suggested by other and by me then I'd be happy to approve your profile.

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