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Tenka Doushi


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Full name : Tenka Doushi (天火道士)


Codename : The Priest of Heavenly Flame (a literal interpretation of his name)


Age : 30 (appears 20)


Sex : Male


Race : Coordinator


Nationality : PLANT/Martian


Weapons : Common sidearm


Height : 183 cm


Weight : 74 kg


Appearance : Wavy, shoulder-length black hair frames an elegant, almost royal face that's set with a pair of calm and thoughtful amber eyes. Often meticulously dressed, his tall and lean stature further lends to his princely appearance.


Family: Unknown


Personality : Intelligent, talented, and aloof; these qualities often gives people a feeling of inferiority when they associate with him, often mistaken as arrogance on Tenka's part. In truth, this is only because Tenka hasn't had much chance for social interaction. However, he is no coward, being decisive when the need arises, and holding a strong sense of honor in himself.


History : The man now known as the Priest of Heavenly Flame was, 30 years ago, another failed step in humanity's goal for perfection. Born from the genes of Coordinator socialites and 'enhanced' with decelerated aging, Tenka was raised in near-isolation in a remote manor, surrounded only by his guardians and researchers. Tendou, as he was called on the rare occasion when they did use his name, never knew of what happiness, sorrow, or much of any emotions were during his childhood, living only to be trained and educated endlessly in matters whom had no significance to him, not even the reward of success, nor the punishment of failure.


Perhaps, somewhere inside of him, he had always wanted to be free of the invisible cage he had been raised in. During a night, five years ago, Tenka used the training he had received and escaped the manor, catching his guardians off-guard. He learned that they dared not search openly for him, for his existence and their research was a secret. Tenka quickly stowed away on freighter, leaving the colony they once called, Junius Seven.


Over the next year, Tenka travelled throughout the Earth Sphere, taking in all the things he had missed in his twenty-five years of isolation while avoiding the shadowy grasp of his former guardians. Eventually, as he felt the grasp of his enemies drawing closer, Tenka took a gamble and escaped to the Martian colonies, where he spent most of the next three years working as a fringer in the frontiers. During this time, he adopted his new name of Tenka Doushi by breaking apart his old name of Tendou.


Less than a year ago, having felt a desire to return to Earth, Tenka returned from Mars only to find that the Natural-Coordinator war has just begun, and that Junius Seven had just been destroyed. Not wishing to participate in the conflict with his identity, Tenka joined with the Junk Guild and worked his way up its loose heiarchy to become the leader for a collection team.

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For a second there, I realized you copied off of an already approved profile, but then I noticed it suddenly changed.


Either way, this profile needs to be in the correct format.  See the 'Character Profile Template' sticky (or something like that) for the correct format.  It appears you copy/pasted from other RP forum, so make all the relevant fixes.  Also, the Junk Guild is not an applicable faction at this point.


Not only that, I would suggest changing the name of the thread, lest member Wing Zero (the member who RPs the already approved Rob Langer) notices it.


@t569ss: Thanks, my connection was being stupid while I was typing the above.

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As already noted, you need to use the standard template. On a less monotonous note, I'll now move on.


Nationality... I'm pretty darn certain there are no Martian colonies in the CE universe. Humanity remains confined to Earth Sphere (Earth, Luna, orbital colonies), so that will need to be corrected.


As for your genetic enhancements, I don't *think* there'll be a problem, but you should probably run it past Valiant anyways, since its fairly nonstandard Coordinator mods.

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Excuse me for again interrupting but there is at least one Martian Colony, according to wikipedia's entry for Chairman Durandal.


"In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Δ Astray, Durandal meets briefly with the protagonist Agnes Brahe, a Coordinator from Mars. He is very interested in the fact that at least one Martian colony operates under a society similar to what Durandal himself will later attempt to achieve in the Earth Sphere with his Destiny Plan. Durandal does not, however, explain to Agnes the reason for his interest."


Its apparently covered better by the later Astray mangas, but thats about the limitations of my knowledge on the subject.

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