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[NPC] Meddiggo


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Player name: |-| /-\ ><

Character number: 2 (NPC)

Faction: Independent Warlord




Full name: Franklin Spencer

Nickname: Meddiggo

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Warlord

Birthplace: Rio De Janiero

Citizenship: Revoked

Personality: Enigmatic, Meddiggo has covered up much of his past, and his identity in order to better execute his own role as a leader of a mercenary group more closely related to terrorism than legitimate mercenary work.From what people have seen of Meddiggo, they are convinced he is somewhat of a megalomaniac from his aspirations. However, in all communications he has done, he has been very calm-sounding and in-control of all things around him.




Height: 6'-4"

Weight: 182 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Bald

Eye Colour: Reddish-brown

Identifying Marks: Flaming wolf insignia on his shoulder that matches his Mobile Suit's insignia.

Skin Tone: Latin Tan

Build: Well-built, former military body.

Clothing: Anything heavy-feeling and durable.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Lisia Spencer

Father: Salvador Spencer

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:

Meddiggo, or as he was formerly known, Franklin Spencer, was born of an illegitimate relationship that happened during a one-night-stand in Rio De Janeiro. His poor mother struggled to raise him, and he eventually joined the military in order to get a free college education. His time in the military took him into combat, where he partook in all kinds of military maneuvers. Franklin had an especially strong bond to piloting mobile suits, and was finally stationed with the 16th Mobile Striker Force. In his time there, he earned several badges for bravery, skill, and dedication, and had an exemplary mission record.


When the war ended, he felt rather disheartened, not being able go get back into the piloting he so desired to do, at least not in any serious combat sense. He felt invincible inside his mobile suit, and when he was taken out, felt completely vulnerable to the world. Less than a year after the war ended, he convinced a squadron of pilots to defect with him, and form a mercenary group.


As Meddiggo, he and the Mercenary group "La Allianza de Libertad Solidas", also known as "Alliso", began to take their own missions, not getting any missions from clients, seeing as how the war was over. They weren't big enough to run protection for corporations, so instead, they turned to the next best thing in their book; theft. The group of defects had resorted to attacking convoys and stealing funding in order to keep going, since gong back to South America meant a sever punishment none were willing to face. Meddiggo has declared that his main goal is to spark the fires of war again, so that they may feel the rush of battle and fulfill their purpose.



Alliso, also known as "La Allianza de Libertad Solidas", is a mercenary group made up primarily of deserters from the South American military force. Most of the group are disgruntled mobile suit pilots who find the height of their existence to be on the battlefield. Headed by a man called "Meddiggo", they've become more of a rouge piracy group rather than a mercenary troop. Their leader has little skill in attracting jobs, and the deserters cannot simply go back to their homeland, so they've turned to more criminal means of self-preservation. They attack supply routes and smaller military bases, aiming to acquire money, equipment, and even more soldiers for their crew.


Alliso members are few in number, only about fifty of them remaining to this day, but each one is fiercely loyal. They all seek the common goal of starting, and prolonging, another war, so that they may all rise again as the soldiers they once were. To that effect, a bounty has been placed on their organization, with their leader worth nearly half a million to those who can capture him alive. A dead leader is worth only 80% of the living bounty. He is rather enigmatic, since nobody outside Alliso has seen his face, and they are therefore unable to identify him. In all transmissions he's been in, his image has been covered in black, save for a red tattoo of a flaming wolf, as well as red circles where eyeglasses would be. The transmissions seem to be prerecorded, and physically taped from a computer screen with a camcorder, making them impossible to trace.


Each member of Alliso is a very capable pilot, and have plenty of experience on the battlefield. They all seem to share a trait in recklessness, which seems to stem from their desire for combat. Each of their suits are standard issue, though the weaponry upon them has been changed out with stronger weapons they've successfully raided from military bases. Favoring guerrilla tactics, they'll do pretty much anything in order to take down their targets, even if it means taking unnecessary risks. Overall, Alliso is a dangerous unit and should be handled with the utmost caution.


All Alliso members have an insignia on their mobile suits that matches the tattoo their leader has.

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