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Feeling much better than he had earlier that day Kitsune wandered into the firing range's locker rooms carrying an old worn duffle.  As he sat on the wooden bench he slowly unwrapped the bandage that was wound around his head.  Slowly he examined the gritty cotton cloth, checking for any signs of blood which would indicate that his wound had opened up again.


With no such signs Kitsune reached into the duffle and after a moment of rumaging through one of the side pockets he produced a fresh bandage which he quickly applied.  Though he was still on limited service because of his injury Kitsune had hoped to at least come down to the range and release some stress.


As he clipped on the bandage and let his hair fall down to cover the annoying and attention drawing metal clip Kitsune sighed in releif.  With one fluid motion he rose and tossed the duffle into a nearby open locker which he quickly shut.


Pulling open the heavy metal door which led into the range he greeted the range Sergeant whose attention was immediately drawn to the bandage on Kistune's head.


"I'm sorry Leading Private but no injured personel may enter onto the range, military policy you know."  This was a man who outranked Kitsune and though it wasn't wise Kitsune began to play a dangerous game with him.


"Come on Sargeant," Kitsune retorted "just check the logs in the computer for my name.  If they come up and list me as unfit for service I'll leave."  For a moment the Sargeant seemed to think better but then he sighed and flipped on the computer monitor.  After another second he had Kitsune's name and after a few more seconds of typing the man looked up from the screen.


"I can't see anything in here that says you can't use the range, just take it easy, okay?"  Kitsune nodded, knowing that he didn't want to open up his head wound again.  "What weapons would you like to practice with today Private Kitsune."  Quickly Kitsune went through a list of his prefered firearms.


"I'd like to practice with the standard issue service pistol as well as the special forces rifle."  Patiently Kitsune waited as the Sargeant walked to the back of the room and opened two large lockers.  After running his fingers over a group of numbers he selected one of the new service pistols and then also drew out an older SF rifle that was well used but still in excellent condition.


"Ammunition is the same place it always is, in the dispensers at each firing station, and if you don't mind I'd like to you sight in this pistol for me."  Kitsune curtly nodded and the Sargeant smiled before buzzing open the glass, bullet-proof door which led into the range.


As he pulled open and walked through the heavy glass door Kitsune made eye contact with another soldier who stood further down range.  Nodding his head briefly Kitsune took his position at station number four before setting down his weapons and donning the appropriate eye and earwear as per the range rules.


Quickly he checked the range of the target, "Fifteen meters, a little too close," Kitsune thought to himself.  Pushing down on the adjuster button Kitsune increased the range to thirty meters.  Then he grabbed a clip from the dispenser and loaded the service pistol with the fourteen round clip.


Spreading his legs to shoulder width and staggering his feet Kitsune closed his left eye and looked down the sights.  After another brief second he breathed in, then out, and once he was in control of his breathing Kitsune took aim at the chest target on the paper and fired.

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Onogoro Island seemed quiet today. Quiet to him at least. The facilities didn't seemed to be occupied as much as they usually were, but this didn't mater to him, he preferred it. Jettie had always been that way. The less people the better. He hadn't had anything better to do on this particular day, except walk around taking in a few sights.


Walking around Onogoro in his full uniform, clean and tidy as it usually was, his shoulder length white hair nice and neat, he couldn't help but wonder what he was going to do for the rest of the day. Taking in the sights of the island wasn't going to keep him occupied all day. It was at this moment that he passed by the Shooting Range entrance, stopped, and pondered for a few moments. He couldn't remember the last time he had been to the Shooting Range. It would be wise to keep my aim nice and sharp, he thought to himself. It seemed like a better use of his time than wondering around anyway, and eventually walked in.


He didn't have his service pistol on him today, he didn't like to carry it around all the time for fear of intimidating civilians, even though caution was always in the back of his head always telling him 'you never know what might happen'. Despite this, however, on this particular day his pistol needed a full clean or face it jamming on him, he'd decided there was no rush and that he would clean it that evening. He smiled a little as he stepped through the heavy metal door to the ammunitions office and was greeted by the range sergeant, taking notice to his entrance.

"Well well, Private Tiamara!" The sergeant spoke, stumbling a little over Jettie's last name. "It's been some time since i last saw you here. Probably a bit rusty hey?" He questioned. "Quite possibly, Sir." Jettie replied, glancing over the sergeant shoulder at two others also on the range. "But I won't know until I try." "It's experience rather than theory with you, isn't it?" The sergeant questioned once more as he logged Jettie in. "Isn't it always, Sir?" Jettie answered with a smirk.


Jettie asked for a standard issue pistol and then proceeded through the doors onto the range, passed one of the officers and took up a position at a booth between the two. After placing on both the goggles and earmuffs required on the shooting range, Jettie proceeded to load the pistol. It was second nature to him after all the practice he had done, mostly to make sure he never jammed the gun in the process whilst in a situation. Checking everything over he quickly fed the clip into the gun, hearing a satisfying click as it locked in place.

Taking a quick glance around him at the other two, he clipped a paper target up and set it back at thirty meters as the others had. "Lets see how rusty you've become, Jet." He spoke quietly to himself as he raised his right arm, cocked the gun, took aim and fired several shots before lowering the weapon and hitting the booth switch for the target to return.


He checked the paper over. Several shots to the sides of the head and a few spread across the chest. Yes indeed he was rusty as he had thought. He quickly reloaded the pistol and placed another target up and set it back to thirty meters. Jettie immediately took aim with his right hand once again and fired several shot in quick succession. Placing the gun down he retrieved the target once more, this time with more satisfying results. A few shots in and around the center circle on the head and a few spread across the chest again, but this time more pact together.

Practice does make perfect! He thought to himself smugly as he placed a third target up and began setting it's distance.

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[OOC: fireminerva, it's spelled 'Sergeant.' (And it's a commonly mispelled word, so don't worry about it.)]


As Demetrius reloaded his pistol, he noticed another soldier enter the shooting range.  The soldier nodded briefly as he set his things down at a station.  Demetrius took a moment to remember that this was Leading Private Takashi Kitsune, who was assigned earlier today for supplemental guard duty for the ZAFT representative.  


As he finished loading two full magazines for his pistol, another Private entered and also began to set up and practice.  The young man was Private Tiamara, who already had an interest tidbit in his service record for assisting/dispatching several terrorists that attacked a training cadre a few years back.  He nodded slightly at both Privates as he turned back towards his own station.


A few quick button presses set the target further back to 50 meters.  He cocked the pistol and reflexively went into the two-handed isoceles stance as he carefully lined up the sight with the target in the distance.  He once again fired a full magazine with patience and deliberation, though he wasn't quite as precise or as accurate compared to when the target was at 30 meters.  He quickly reloaded the pistol and fired again, this time in rapid succession.  Two shots swayed off into the 'white' portion of the paper target; Demetrius grimaced at the stray shots as he ejected the magazine from the pistol.


After recalling and replacing the paper target again at 50 meters, he pulled out his assault rifle and several pre-loaded magazines.  He loaded a magazine into the bullpup-design rifle and flicked the switch on the rifle with his thumb so it was set to single/semi-auto fire.  Then he held the rifle so the stock was firmly against his right shoulder and his left hand held the grip under the barrel for support.  After firing several rounds, he blinked as he realized he didn't fully compensate for the recoil.  The last time he used the rifle was for a combat exercise several months ago.  Most exercises were more CQB-oriented and thus tend to focus more on pistol and SMG usage.


Demetrius switched to triple fire and then let off several bursts; this time he was prepared for the differing characteristics of the rifle.  After he emptied the magazine, he stood back and took a break as he observed the two privates.

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Jettie spent a while practicing his aim on the paper targets, always at thirty meters. He looked over briefly, as he reloaded, to see that one of the officers with him was Demetrius, one of their Mobile Suit Pilots. He hadn't seen him around much, just a few times in corridors, passing each other with a nod of the head. He noticed Demetrius' target was set a bit further back than his and decided to give it a try. Replacing the target, he set it back at fifty meters and began firing rounds. Several shots went stray, hitting the white on the target or the wall behind it. The rest hit well within the body mass of the black target, landing shots to the neck and central chest area.


Jettie wasn't that all impressed with himself, he felt he could do better with a pistol, but the one weapon he really needed practice with was the Sub Machine Gun. He had never been able to fully handle the weapon, right from the first time he had ever used one. Grabbing that SMG and accidentally bringing down a terrorist as he caught the trigger.

Jettie grimaced at the memory, but realized he would have to get some decent practice in case he ever had to use one. He quietly and swiftly walked back to the ammunitions office whilst rubbing the scar on his neck, the constent reminder of the incident several years ago. Moments later he returned with an SMG in hand.


Looking down the range he once again put on the eyeware and earware protection and fed a clip into the gun. He set the target back to twenty meters, an SMG was more of a close range weapon anyway. Sighting the gun, he took up his stance and gently squeezed the trigger. The SMG went off spraying a shower of bullets at the target. Jettie immediately stopped, looking rather embarrassed from the poor usage of the gun. He became even more embarrassed as he retrieved the target to find it turned into a sieve. Bullet holes lay all over the sheet, mostly toward the edges of the paper. It was a disaster in his opinion.

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Until he finished emptying the clip in his service pistol Kitsune hadn't even heard or noticed that another soldier had taken up a position on the range.  What did catch his attention however was the rat-tat-tat of a submachine gun being fired at an especially high rate. 


Setting down his pistol Kitsune watched the other man's target as it was sprayed with bullets, the entire thing was covered from top to bottom and looked like something out of a horror film.  Stepping back from his position he caught the man's embarassed look.  It seemed like he hadn't really had any instruction on using an SMG and though he wasn't up for playing teacher today Kitsune resolved himself to go over and assist his comrade.


As silently as he could Kitsune slipped off his ear protection so that it hung around his neck and then walked over until he stood behind the man.  The target looked even worse close up but there might be some promise of hope.


"You're shooting to fast." Kitsune bluntly announced.  "If you're looking to improve your accuracy fire short quick bursts and give yourself time to retrain your sights on your target, otherwise you might as well just spray and pray."

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Jettie looked to the young gentleman addressing him, giving a rather sheepish look of embarrassment and then nodding to him. "Hey, yeah. Erm, thanks for the advice." Jettie quickly replied. "I guess I just get a bit nervous with these, they go off so much easier than a pistol, and when they do, they usually have a lot of recoil on them.


Placing up another target and setting back to the usual twenty meters, he once again took aim with the SMG, and as instructed began to fire quick, short, controlled bursts. The gun held firm in his hand this time with less recoil, allowing him to try and keep on target. After expending his clip he began to retrieve the target. Sweat poured down his head in nervous anticipation as he waited to see the result.


He finally received the target and examined the paper. Sure enough the paper was riddled with bullet holes, but now more concentrated toward the center of the body mass with less strays than before. He smiled in triumph and turned to the young man to thank him for his assistance. "Hey, thanks man." He thanked. "That worked out well."

Jettie glanced at the young mans head for a second, noticing the bandage. "Accident?" He asked out of curiosity.

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"I was injured earlier today, struck in the head by a steel poke."  Takashi said with a nod.  "Not enough to stop me from shooting though."  Kitsune thought back to earlier that day when he'd been struck by the heavy metal bar as he attended the ZAFT officers at the hospital, but any other details aside from the fact that he was injured the other soldier didn't need to know anything else.


With an extended hand Kitsune introduced himself,


"Takashi Kitsune, Leading Private."

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Jettie looked puzzled for a moment, hearing his explanation for his injury, but soon decided to forget about it. It was non of his concern. He took Takashi's hand and shook it, introducing himself in turn. "Private Jettie Tiamara." He politely replied. "I take it you practice a lot with firearms. I've alway had trouble with the SMG, but that bit of advice really worked well. Still I prefer my pistol."


He glanced around as he conversed with the newly acquainted Takashi, noticing the third officer watching them from the far end of the range.

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( OOC: Finally, posted some RP! Ah, and minor editing was done. )


With an air of silence around his physical presence, Kiel entered the Onogoro Indoor Shooting Range with an expression of indifference. He looked around, appreciating the soft emptiness that had drifted into the facility. Kiel was clad in military uniform and he made sure that no irritable wrinkles could be seen upon his official attire. Swaying in the draft of wind, his hair obstructed his view. Quietly, he continued through the facility, observing his surroundings mutely. Kiel noticed every single flaw and imperfection of its structure while noticing slight debris build up in the corners. This wasn't the main point though as Kiel opened the metal door with his left hand to reveal the ammunitions office. Immediately the Range Sergeant came into view, forcing Kiel to nod in order to acknowledge his presence. The sergeant seemed to be upbeat, smiling upon the arrival of Kiel and his taciturn disposition.


"Welcome back, Admiral Flar!" The sergeant gave a quick bow to Kiel before advancing to-wards him to await his request.


Kiel titled his head and grinned back weakly, "Thank you, sergeant. If you don't mind, I'll take the usual standardized pistol and safety equipment."


"Ah, of course." Nodding, the sergeant went to retrieve the items sought by Kiel. He carefully lifted the pistol, eyewear and earmuffs with two hands before returning to the admiral. With precision, the sergeant gently placed the pistol in Kiel's extended left hand and the appurtenances in the right. "Now, the ammunitions are in the dispensers at each booth as they always were. Enjoy yourself, Admiral Flar."


Kiel smiled in a feeble fashion in response to the sergeant's words. With equipment in hand, he stepped out of the room as soon as the sergeant activated the bulletproof door to open. The air conditioning seemed cooler inside as Kiel made note of the temperature difference. Without any utterance, Kiel walked to the furthest part of the room, away from his fellow military members. He listened to the delicate clicks of his shoes tapping upon the ground as he made his way to-wards his lone booth. Sighing, Kiel fastened his earmuffs upon his head and hooked his eyewear upon his visage, making sure that none were too tight on him. This booth hadn't been used today so the paper target was perfectly in tact and already clipped. Grateful for this convenience, Kiel searched for the dispenser, scanning the expanse. He located it quickly and opened it to reveal the rows of ammunition inside. Kiel carefully twirled his pistol as he grabbed some ammunition from a side dispenser, observing its quality and then loaded his pistol. Careful not to lay his finger on the trigger, Kiel pushed his target to maximum distance away. He smirked, delighting in its distance as he pointed his gun at the target, aiming directly at its head. The conversation on the other side of the room didn't deter him from his concentration as he commenced the firing of his pistol. Concentration and focus came naturally to Kiel as he was usually quiet. Kiel continued to fire, hearing the faint cries of bullets running through the barrel and into its target. Vibrations ran through his hands, but Kiel was used to this sensation so these were practically numb to his touch.


Suddenly, Kiel halted his shooting, knowing that his ammunition had run out. He pulled the target to-wards him as its details were gradually being specified. Finally, the target was close enough to see. The circle in the middle of the target's head was gone, only to be replaced by a smoking hole- evidence of Kiel's deadly accuracy and years of military service. Kiel smirked once again. To be an admiral meant to set standards. To set standards meant you needed to be good at what you were doing.



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Jettie continued his conversation with Takashi, taken in by his knowledge and good use of firearms, as Takashi's advice had proved to him earlier. He took a quick moment to stop conversing briefly to salute the passing Admiral, showing respect for rank and order.

Rank and order was something he was a hardcore believer in, but even he had to admit that in extenuating circumstances rank and order had to be overlooked or ignored, even if the consequences were dire. However, these were thoughts and theories he kept quietly to himself as with everything, his loyalty to ORB and the military itself was strong no matter what.


Realizing his mind had wandered off on it's own, he quickly snapped back to reality. He tried to pick up the conversation again, only to be distracted by the Admiral down the range. He took notice of the Admiral's grin, his stance, the overall confidence his body language displayed as he fired his pistol. It told him one obvious fact, he was experienced, very experienced. This was made evidentially clearer to him as the admiral retrieved his target sheet.

Although he was far down the range, Jettie could quite clearly see the target sheet still, and gawked in utter amazement. There was nothing but a large smoking whole in the head mass on the sheet where every single shot had landed. Jettie had always been proud of his skill with a pistol, but the admiral was in a league of hi own.

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Takashi silently slipped away from Jet and back to his own station, he had nothing against the man but he had come here to shoot, not to socialize.  Picking up his service pistol Kitsune ejected the old magazine and replaced it with a new one.  He similarly swapped out the old target for a fresh one.


Resetting the target at 30m he again took his stance and began to shoot methodically, never rushing and never taking too long.  Takashi settled himself after each shot and kept a close check on his breathing before firing another round at his target.  After nearly a minute he had emptied the 15 round clip and he called the target in.


Aside from a couple of bullets that he had thrown high and to the right he had shot a nice little group of thirteen rounds which had centered themselves on the area of the target representing the heart.  Even though it wouldn't kill with the efficiency of a head shot Kitsune knew that the service pistol was strong enough to stop almost any human and that the chest was just such a nicer and larger target than the head.

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Demetrius watched as Leading Private Kitsune talk briefly with Private Tiamara.  Then the Private tried shooting his target again with the SMG; this time his shots were placed a lot better on the target.  The Sergeant knew that while instruction and advice from those of higher rank and/or experience tend to be the standard, many tend to learn equally, if not better, among their peers.


Then another person entered.  The uniform and insignia quickly identified the 'relatively' young Admiral Flar.  Demetrius saw the Admiral walk past with the standard pistol and safety equipment, so it meant the Admiral wasn't on official business.  As the Admiral passed him, Demetrius gave a quick, casual salute before turning his attention back to his target.  He pulled the target back again at 30 meters as he pulled the last weapon out of his duffel, an SMG.  While he appreciated the work that the Range Sergeant did for all the personnel, Demetrius preferred to keep and maintain his own standard issue weapons.


After loading the SMG, he pulled back the retractable stock and held the weapon in a fashion similar to a rifle. Then he fired quick, single shots, placing them where he intended.  A quick flick with his thumb then allowed him to fire triple-bursts, creating clusters of holes on the paper target.  After spending the first magazine, he quickly reloaded the SMG with a second and switched to full-auto.  Then he fired several full, one-second bursts, creating large gaps in the middle of the target's head and heart as he expended another magazine. 


As he pulled out the magazine and fed rounds meticulously in, he knew the results were satisfactory but there was always room for improvement.  He also knew that he needed to improve on his weaknesses, which were the use of pistols at long-range and the assault rifle in general.  He turned toward the far end of the range where the Admiral surveyed his first target, in which the entire circle in the middle of the 'head' was completely shot out.  Demetrius grinned, as he knew that experience played a large factor with any soldier's skills.

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Kiel smiled, pleased with the result that was plainly shown by the hole on the paper. He unclipped it, letting it rustle from his hands. Worried that it may be a little too hot, Kiel waved the paper some more, waiting until the smoke vanished from its source. After this, Kiel folded the sheet up slowly until it was a small square. He then discarded it by slipping it into a garbage station nearby. Kiel rubbed his hands together before going for another paper target, but something in his eyes halted him. In mid-walk, he stopped and turned around and saw a couple fellow military comrades from the other side, watching him. Kiel paused for a moment and quickly clipped his paper target up. He set his pistol upon the booth, indicating its state of being used. Of course, the pistol was empty with no ammunition at all. With a hint of curiosity, Kiel proceeded to walk to the other side, wondering about the abilities of some of the military soldiers. This wasn't a test or any thing to base judgments on; it was just a simple act of wonder. Still wearing his safety equipment, Kiel approached the three and silently stood behind them.


Eying the targets, Kiel spotted Takashi's. He observed some evidence of bullets in the area of the heart. Kiel nodded approvingly to himself. Not bad. Kiel thought, rubbing his chin in satisfaction. Turning to the side, he strained to see Demetrius' target in the range. Sadly, he couldn't see the details that far away. Acknowledging this, he would wait until the target was brought back in order to see if the shots have very well made their mark.


An almost eerie air of solitude surrounded Kiel upon his presence. Although, it was just silence at most. Being quiet seemed to have this certain quality of being an invisible barrier; sometimes it repelled people away. Unfortunately, Kiel didn't want people to be uncomfortable around him. It was just his nature. Kiel's lifestyle is like a cornucopia of concentration and focus, doused in the juices of serenity. This however, this did not deter him from all the paperwork he had to do. Stacks of papers and new recruits... his life was actually more like a lemon. Acidic yet pleasant with every squeeze.

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As Demetrius brought the target in, he then realized that the Admiral had walked over to observe them.  But because the Admiral didn't say or ask for anything, Demetrius continued to act naturally as the target finally reached him.  There were nothing but gaping clusters of holes around the center head and heart regions, which was pretty much what he expected, at least with the SMG. 


After carefully unclipping the target and disposing of it properly, he looked down at his pistol and rifle.  He decided to double-check and unloaded the rifle before putting it back in his duffel.  Then he went and fully loaded three pistol magazines before setting up a new target.  He then set the target out at max range as he slowly held the pistol firmly.  He decided to continue to practice with his pistol, since most mobile suit pilots tend to arm themselves with relatively light and compact weaponry such as the pistol and SMG.


Round after round left the barrel as he shot with deliberation and patience. 

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Takashi set his pistol to the side and replaced the target.  Looking over his options he moved the target back to 100 meters knowing that it would be a challenge.


Casually he picked up the SF rifle that he'd been issued earlier and moved the bipeds into place so that they rested on the shooting counter in front of him.  Looking down the open sights he calmed his breathing and again felt himself slip into the zone.


Leaning back from the rifle Takashi grabbed a clip from the dispenser and slid it into its holster.  Pulling back the bolt he felt the round chamber itself and Kitsune flipped off the safety.  Next he pushed the selector to semi-automatic fire and then leaned back in against the butt of the rifle.  Calming his breathing once more he took aim at the target's chest and proceeded to empty the clip.

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[OOC: lynnks allowed me to enter the facility with my current attire, the blouse + long pants combo.]


People who sees that sight will be wondering what in the world is a girl doing, driving around a man who seems to be much, much more older than her. Sayaka was not having the free time to be really be bothered by the talk of those, she had enough of people going around telling stories of what is apparently her 'misadventures' around here and there, instead, pulling out the large bag containing the semiautomatic sniper rifle from the trunk of the car, and slams the trunk cover with a loud 'thud'.


Putting on the identification tag on the picket of her blouse, identifying her as a Sergeant, Sayaka slowly take several steps to the entrance of the facility. She did not say a word to the 'guest' in the car, and the imperfections of the road's surface did little to lower the pain caused by the high-heeled shoes, and the weight of the weapon on her back.


Of course, she was partly taken aback when pushing the metal door reveals that the Shooting Range is rather devoid of life, other than some very slight vibrations caused by the resonance of sounds from fired weapons. The Range Sergeant at the office looked at the girl with a rather scorn look, noticing that she is wearing civilian clothing AND was carrying a large bag with her.


"So, it was the 'infamous' Sergeant Nakano returning for sniper practice," the Range Sergeant looked at Sayaka with a clear smirk on his face, seeing the ID tag she was wearing on the blouse, after she made her way to the counter. "I wonder if you have ever listened to the advice of the others, to use a proper bolt-action rifle."


"Try cranking the bolt when you need the rate of follow-up shots in an emergency situation," Sayaka answered back at the Range Sergeant with a very defensive tone. "Bolts have lost most of their place in urban warfare now to semi-autos."


"Hey relax, miss, I was just joking, don't take it seriously, OK?" the Range Sergeant was taken aback by her defensiveness. If there is anything Sayaka doesn't like, is the constant annoyance from the Range Sergeants in charge, since they often question her choice of a precision weapon, that is, one of those standard not-so-compact full-size assault rifles that was given a scope, and almost nothing else. "Anyway, the big ammunition is at their usual place, and enjoy the sight, the Admiral's here," the Range Sergeant then added, putting the usual earmuffs and eyewear required for use in the Shooting Range on the counter, and the target sheets together.


Sayaka was trying to make sure that she wasn't hearing the wrong thing when she heard 'the Admiral's here'. She pretend that she didn't hear the last line, but proceeds to make her way to the range after the Range Sergeant opened the doors. The sight of the Admiral observing the performance of others made her tremble, knowing that fooling around would be a bad idea today.


Taking up an unused booth, she promptly opens the bag to reveal a standard full-size assault rifle of a larger caliber, something important for a precision weapon, wearing a scope on it. She lifts the rifle up, inspecting it to make sure there are nothing strange or funny on it, and opens up the bipod on the rifle, before placing it on the counter, scope-up. She takes out the standardized pistol she has been holstering in a rather uncomfortable location, at least for a girl, and presses the magazine catch release, dropping the magazine from the pistol's magazine well, to check on the ammunition.


Everything seems OK today. She thinks for a split second, performing a tactical reload on the pistol by sliding it back inside the magazine well, knowing that there is already a round in the chamber, so the slide is already in it's place. Not placing the index finger on the trigger, she presses the target to about 50 meters away (after placing one of the paper targets on it). The range is something she felt is the most effective range a pistol without any sort of optical aids. Putting on the earmuffs and the eyewear, she slid some of the hair covering her eyes behind the ear, and prepares to fire the gun in an the two-handed isosceles stance. Fixing her eyes, and the sight of the pistol, towards the 'chest' of the victim, she begins unloading the magazine towards the target in double taps on the trigger.


The last ammunition was finally let go from the chamber of the pistol, and the slide flew back, locked in its position. Realizing that she have finished the ammunition in the magazine, she decided to have a look at her results. Pressing the button, the target sheet was brought back in, and she looked at the sheet of paper, filled with several holes. About one or two shots have gone wide, but that is to be expected with a compact weapon like a pistol, since achieving sniper rifle-level of accuracy is practically impossible in a standard-issue weapon, not to mention a pistol. At least there are shots hitting the places where it was supposed to hit, like the chest and the head area.


She sighed at the sight of her results.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After firing off the first magazine, Demetrius lowered his pistol and pressed the button to pull in the target.  Three shots went somewhat wide while the rest hit where they were meant to go.  However, he knew that his shots weren't as precise as he liked.  He quickly replaced the target and set it at maximum range again as he shifted the remaining two magazines near him. 


He reached out with his left hand and then pressed the button to start the built-in stopwatch inthe booth.  He quickly loaded the first magazine in, cocked the pistol, and then held the pistol up before firing rapidly at the target.  As soon as he emptied the magazine, he quickly ejected it and replaced it with the second before firing in quick succession again.  As soon as the last bullet left the pistol, Demetrius slapped the stopwatch button again.


After bringing the target in, he checked the time: 9.6 seconds

Then he counting the hits on the target.  Because of the rapid succession of shots, he didn't hit the marks as precisely in comparison to when he took his time.  Two shots didn't even hit the target.  Though he wasn't satisfied, he knew that he did better than the last time he did this in which his time was better by over a second and he missed the target by three less.


As he inspected his pistol, he noticed that Sergeant Nakano had already set up shop at a booth further down from his.  As she fired her standard-issue pistol, it wasn't hard to notice the large assault rifle sitting on its bipod.  It was also apparent that she came in wearing 'civilian' attire.  But he didn't care too much about regulations in this type of casual atmosphere.  As he took a break from shooting, he looked around, observing the other people firing away.

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OOC - I'm proposing something in my post and all I really have to say is that let's be realistic with the results if anyone takes my character up on his offer.


IC - With a slight sigh Takashi set down his weapon and began to unload and switch each of his weapons into safe mode.  Realistically it just wasn't that interesting to practice without some form of competition, which gave him a pretty good idea.


Stepping back out of his booth he waited until the senior officers emptied their clips and then gave them a friendly smile.


"Anyone up for making this a little interesting?  How about the loser buys the winner or winners dinner?"

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If there is something that she would not be interested in, it is someone trying to challenge someone else out of the blue for a free meal. It is basically akin to suicide, in the economical sense, trying to ask for a challenge from the people around the Shooting Range, especially with someone the skill of the Admiral around here, not to mention some of the more experienced personnel in the Range. She does not realize some of the others were looking at her.


She wasn't happy that a shot or 2 missed their intended targets, but one can never be having sniper rifle accuracy with a service pistol, much less one that is not modified in any way. If someone is able to at least maintain a certain level of precision with a stock pistol, then that person must be just damn good in firing a weapon, but that is not the case most of the time.


Firing the pistol is just the warm-up session, there is obviously a reason why she would bring a large-caliber battle/assault rifle, wearing a rather large, and long, scope to the Range.


Placing her left hand below the pistol, she presses the magazine eject button on the pistol's grip with her thumb, the magazine immediately drops out of the magazine well, with the magazine floorplate landing right on her left hand. She puts down the unloaded pistol and the empty magazine on one side, along with the spare magazines.


Taking the target sheet off the clippers, she flicks out a pen, looks at the time, and writes something on the paper, before she puts it aside. Unlike some of the other personnel who usually throw the paper target sheets away after their practice, she will usually keep the sheets as a record to track her own progress. That way, she can at least know what is to be done to improve her shooting skills.


She then takes another target sheet that she carried along into the Shooting Range, and clips it. Sending the target off to the maximum range, she takes a good look at the scoped rifle, and performs a short check on the rifle without lifting it up, before she takes a boxed magazine from the booth, and checks the dispenser for the availability of the type of ammunition used by the scoped rifle. This was because the rifle used a larger rifle caliber, albeit still standard, something which is required to deliver the biggest punch available in a single shot.


Satisfied that some of these are available, Sayaka happily takes a magazine, before loading ammunition into the magazine, one by one. After filling them in, she takes the heavy rifle up, and open the lock on the scope's claw mount. She decided to practice with the iron sights, since one must be THAT good at using those before resorting to the scope, otherwise, it will be useless. This will also serve as a backup in the case that the scope is damaged, at least she can still have a device to help her aim the heavy rifle. She then places the scope on the counter, before taking the filled magazine up.


Rocking the magazine into the magazine well of the rifle, she folds the bipod and lowers it, before cranking the charging handle on the rifle. Setting the rifle to semi-auto, she lifts the rifle up, holds it in a typical rifle-holding stance, and peeks at the target through the irons. Pulling the trigger, the first shot was fired at the target, and it was very obvious that the rifle is LOUD, with a capital L. In fact, it is louder than the smaller assault rifles and SMGs, and no one would want to hear it being fired in auto. The stock of the rifle kicked back on her shoulder from the hard recoil, but she have learned how to keep that in control. As she continued to pull the trigger in one-second intervals, more bullet tips were sent from the barrel to the target, screaming towards the the target. Spent ammunition cases were violently ejected from the rifle.


Finishing the last bullet in the magazine, she cranks the charging handle, before rocking the magazine off the magazine well, opens the bipod before placing the rifle on all 3, and takes the target in. She looks at it, and she was doing it at least better than the pistol. Shots were mostly grouped at the head area, but that is to be expected when firing with a proper aim.

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Kitsune mused silently to himself, "I guess no one is interested."  Backing down from his own offer he stepped back up to the range and loaded a new clip into his pistol.  After setting the target at 30m he brought the weapon up and fired, only all he heard was a click.


Again he pulled the trigger and nothing happened.  In his curiosity he slipped his eye protection up to the top of his head and pulled back on the receiver.  It was odd that no cartridge ejected and Kitsune wondered just what had gone wrong.


Once more he pointed the weapon downrange and pulled the trigger.  This time the gun went off but instead of firing the bullet the round exploded and never left the chamber.

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Sorry guys. I been very ill of late so I haven't been around. back now and ready to post though. Lets get things going again.



After several minutes of gawking at his superior and his shooting skills, Jettie returned to practice with the SMG since his conversation with Takashi had come to an abrupt end. Several rounds later and Jettie had noticed Sergeant Nakano enter the range and set up for practice. The range was starting to come to life slowly, bit by bit. It disgruntled and unnerved Jettie slightly, hating to have a group of people around him, although it wasn't so bad for the time being.

The SMG practice went smoothly as he started to get the hand of using the weapon, but it still wasn't on par with his pistol skills. Despite this, Takashi's advice had clearly helped a lot, he would have asked for more tips but after the abrupt end to their conversation decided Takashi didn't want to be disturbed, and therefore best to leave alone.


Jettie glanced over toward Sergeant Nakano, taking note of her use of the Sniper Rifle, a weapon Jettie had been fond of, in more of a personal amusement sort of way, for it's long range capabilities of picking off enemies. Yet he had never been that good of a shot. What also struck him was his own self awareness around others, particularly, girls. It had always been a weak spot for him, he always managed to show himself up around them, making himself out to be an idiot. Going through his mind now wasn't only the fact that Nakano was a girl, but the fact she was also a higher rank. A doubly embarrassing situation if he was to make a fool of himself. Even worse was the fact that he was practicing with the SMG.

Slowly but surly all these thoughts began to sink in and his self confidence dropped to practically nothing. Not wanting to make a show of himself or make a fool of himself in front of his superior, Jettie quietly lowered his weapons and withdrew from the station for a while, standing toward the rear of the range and leaning back against the wall.


While stood taking a breather he glanced about and observed everyones performance. It was certainly a mixture of weapon usages today ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles. After a minute or two his heard Takashi shout out a challenge to everyone. Jettie had stopped shooting and left his station to avoid embarrassment, he wasn't about to fall for the officer's con just so he could get a free meal, even if Jettie did think he could give him a run for his money with a pistol. Still, the original state of mind stuck firm, avoid embarrassment and stay cool.

He took this moment to contemplate his own usage of weapons, his skills, as well as preferred choices. it became apparent that Jettie's need for perfection was spreading him too thin across the different types. it would be best to chose a type rather than spend his time trying to perfect all the weapon variations. But which one?


Jettie eyed Sayaka Nakano and her Sniper Rifle jealously. he loved Sniper Rifles for there long range capabilities, but where no good for moving around at speed. He liked medium to close range combat with maximum damage, but again that would probably suit the assault rifle which was a bit too bulky for his preference. In the end jettie was an old fashioned swift moving, close range type. But that meant one little problem. While it meant more practice with the pistol, it meant more practice with the SMG.

If he was going to get anywhere he would have to stick to a type, a way of fighting. In the end it would prove to be the dictator of how he would fight but also how he would practice. It was decided upon. From there on out he would practice specifically with Pistols and SMG's, as well as any other close range weapons. If he stuck to those few he could try and perfect them to his advantage.


He began to cheer up with some of his confidence restored. he spent a few quiet minutes studying Sayaka and her Sniper Rifle before suddenly having his attention drawn toward Takashi and his gun. The pistol was smoking, but from the but end which was odd. Possibly a jam? He wasn't sure. I should have taken that challenge, Jettie thought to himself before deciding it was better not to act so smug.

He walked over to Takashi to check if he was OK, but he remained quiet, looking very shaky and leaving Jettie a bit lost as to what to say or do.

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OOC - Sighs, maybe I should have been more detailed but I thought that it would be understood that when a round explodes in the chamber it's pretty dangerous, though it's a complete freak accident.  I'll clarify everything with this post.


IC - The explosion had rendered Kitsune senseless and he fell backwards and hit the floor hard.  Upon later close inspection of the pistol it would be discovered that the exploding round had turned a small portion of the back of the receiver into a miniature grenade, which had peppered Kitsune's face and neck.  Even now small spots of blood began to form and soak through the unconscious Leading Private's jacket.


Kitsune was out cold and fading fast.

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[ooc] sorry about all that before. Been a bit ill, kept misreading. Also, I'm a huge CSI fan and know quite a bit about guns. Especially since they covered pistols jamming before. Thats why i got confused I think, cause they don't always go off so severely when they jam and explode. Sorry. Anyway. I'm feeling better, my nets working again so let continue.


PS. Might be a good idea to clear out the OCC posts left above. I've deleted mine.




Takashi started to fall backwards, his face showing complete shock as he tilted. Jettie tried to reach him but was too far away, leaving the stunned private to hit the floor with a thud. jettie knelt down to him, checking him over, noticing the spots of blood that had peppered his face and uniform. The scene wasn't anything gruesome, but shocking non the less. The gun had gone off in his face like a miniature shrapnel grenade.

Jettie took note of his condition and looked around at everyone else for their reaction. He turned his head to the entrance and was about to shout the Range Seargent only to see he had entered to see what the small bang had been.


"Seargent!" He yelled at the superior. "He needs a doctor, ASAP!" He barked urgently, knowing that this was serious. The seargent looked a bit stunned for a moment then realized what he had been asked to do, rushing back to his desk for the phone.

Jettie turned back to Takashi. "Hey man, hang in there. The doctors on his way." Once again jettie turned his attention to everyone else stood around. "Don't just stand there!" He barked again. "Get him a stretcher!"

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Demetrius heard Leading Private Kitsune say something, but he was a little too far to be heard clearly from where he stood. 


He then watched Sergeant Nakano as she fired her large (and rather loud) rifle.  Despite her seemingly lithe body, she held her rifle in a calm and controlled manner as round after round left the barrel.  He squinted as he focused on her target and noticed that each round moved in to concentrate on the target's head.  After she finished firing, Demetrius heard an unmistakable 'BANG!' sound.  He turned in time to see Leading Private Kitsune on the ground while Private Tiamara rushed toward him.  The sound was that of a round going off prematurely in a pistol, most likely due to it being jammed. 


Remembering where he was, he took off his ear muffs but kept his eyegear on as he dashed over to Kitsune.  The Leading Private's face and neck were peppered with metallic fragments and he was knocked out cold from the explosion.  The Range Sergeant was already on his way to make the call, but Demetrius waved him off.  He quickly pulled out his communicator and switched to the appropriate channel.


"Control, Lieutenant Amherst here.  There's an accident at the Shooting Range and we have a man down.  Send a Medic here, ASAP," he said calmly.  As he kneeled down toward them, Tiamara shouted:


"Don't just stand there!" "Get him a stretcher!"


Demetrius placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze, "Calm down, Private. I already called for assistance.  The medics will arrive soon and with a stretcher.  Help me to get him flat onto the floor."


It was natural for people to react the way Tiamara did, but even though it was a burden, Demetrius had to remain calm to keep the situation in hand.  As he opened Kitsune's jacket, his jaw muscles tightened slightly at the sight.  The face and neck were peppered with fragments from the exploded round.  Blood gushed from the neck...possibly a cut to the artery...which would mean... 


He quickly turned toward the Range Sergeant: "Sergeant, please halt any and all activity in the shooting range!  Make sure there's a clear approach for the medics when they arrive!"


[OOC: I'll wait for your responses to this situation first before moving fireminerva's character out.]

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