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Asahi Okina


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Player name: Asahi

Character number: 1

Faction: ZAFT



Full name: Asahi Okina

Nickname: Various, but namely “Twatmaster”

Age: 22 (DOB: 15/04/63 btw, this just a note for me )

Gender: Male

Race: First Generation Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT personnel. RedShirt Squadron Leader.

Birthplace: Aprilius One, Aprilius City.

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: At times, Asahi shows his childish and irrational side, which to consequence, may lead him in the right direction. Many acquaintances may find his character too quiet, as he likes to keep to himself, but when necessary, his talkative, hyperactive side comes into play, as a complete contrast to his outer appearance. Obedience, politeness and talkatively (and vulgarity, when needed), with a happy go lucky mentality, his application into ZAFT has been frowned upon, although his peers do not find this a problem. Sometimes, however, his ignorance does seem overwhelming, hence his childish attitude, some may find this loathing of his character. However, it is unknown to most, that Asahi has a fragile, complacent and submissive interior, and it is only the external personality that most see. His unfortunate circumstances with the opposite sex on numerous occasions, however has (unconditionally) earned him his nickname, much to the delight of his friends. 



Height: 181cm

Weight: 72kg

Hair Colour and Style: Dark ebony, towards jet black. His hairstyle has recently changed, from a copy of a previous ZAFT officer’s, (A straight front fringe, and longer hair on the sides.) Currently it is a simple front parting, with more parted to his right. The back of his hair can be described as a wild mullet .

Eye Colour: Bright Sparkling Emerald

Identifying Marks: Dark thin rimmed glasses, missing the bottom rims.

Skin Tone: Moderate Tan. It seems he has had extended exposure to natural sunlight.

Build: Average build, but funnily enough has a bit of a gut.

Clothing: Usually baggy clothing and strangely, tight jeans. Favours simple white clothing complimented with black. Wears the regular uniform of ZAFT corresponding to his rank when necessary. Never particularly knows when to wear what, so he sticks with his blacks and whites. Hence, terrible with fashion.

Handiness: Right-handed



Biological Mother: Adrienne Orellson (deceased)

Biological Father: Darryl Sykes

Foster Mother: Morgan Enisovich

Foster Father: Max Daisuke Okina (deceased)

Siblings: Emiru Okina, Davide Okina

Wife/Girlfriend: none.


[align=center]Personal History: [/align]

Complications in his life began, even before Asahi was born. His biological parents were both Naturals, but his mother and father were not actually married, and, without the knowledge of his father, his mother opted to genetically engineer her child. However, his mother was killed in a terrorist attack; prejudice towards Coordinators had already begun to emerge on Earth.

Born in CE63, it was left to his estranged father to raise him. Ironically, his father did not approve of Coordinators either. He held Asahi for several years before he decided to dump the child in an orphanage. The Earth bound orphanage found it best for Asahi to be transferred to a Coordinator orphanage in Aprilus One. Here was the political centre of PLANT, and coincidentally, a ZAFT officer and her PLANT council representative husband adopted Asahi.

The child was adopted into a family with strong ZAFT traditions. His adopted mother’s side held the military tradition, whilst his father was part of the Moderates in the PLANT Council. As the first Bloody Valentine war began in CE71, his mother, as an officer in the ZAFT Reserves was called up for active service. However, is father held an opposing view towards the war; his adoptive family was a conundrum. In both Wars, his parents participated; but having two wars occur during his childhood, Asahi was exposed to a lot of varying degrees of atrocities through the media. The child had not seen war before, he could not understand why these things were happening. Prejudice, hate, death, fear, emotions too raw for a child, were projected into Asahi’s mind, he could not comprehend these things. Things took a turn for the worst. His adoptive father was killed during the Second Valentine War; the Durandal government made sure that all internal competition was put down. Asahi was hence desensitised towards loss of human life; his innocence in childhood was shattered by the wars. However, he kept this to himself, no one knew him well enough, even his remaining parent.


Asahi grew up after both wars with no visually apparent emotional defects. Worse though, his younger sister noticed this, but gave no hint she knew, neither did she confide it with anyone. At this point in his life though, Asahi began to investigate the mystery of mobile suits. He knew wars were considered bad, but he could not help but feel attracted by the mechanical aspects, the mobile suits. His mother, being a former designer, helped him in his inquiries about various elements of the suits, although it was wrong for a child to even consider creating war machines. Asahi spent the most of his adolescence trying to forget the wars and focus on how “cool” his mobile suits could physically be. Intentionally trying to forget his tainted childhood memories, through his teenage years, he focused more on living life to the fullest and his trivial mobile suit designs.


His adoptive family were much like friends, rather than true family. Asahi kept a lot of things from them, as he felt he could not trust them with private matters. This was exemplified during his teenage years; his brother, Davide, did not like him much to begin with. However, with his father’s death, Davide grew to become dominative and tyrannical in the family; their mother was too busy as a ZAFT officer to take care of her children. For most of his teen years, Asahi was verbally abused, ordered around and mistreated by his brother. Unfortunately, Asahi grew to be quite a submissive person, and kept the abuse to himself. His sister, however, was quite the opposite, and was perhaps the person which knew him the best. Because of his harsh treatment, Emiru saw to it that she befriended her brother, and sympathized with him. They both grew to know each other very well, although the same could not be said about the rest of the family (and no, there's nothing sexual going on here. Unless you want to think of it that way


Aspiring to become a mobile suit designer, and as “compensation” for missing most of the time from home, his adoptive mother gave Asahi an old Trainer Ginn for his own piloting improvement, not to mention his engineering skill. By the age of 15, he was a competent pilot and engineer, but still lacked combat experience; his classmates could not actually believe that he had his own mobile suit.


It was during his second last year of secondary school, where he was boasting at break about how fast his Ginn could run, due to engine modifications he had made. It had caught the attention of a first generation coordinator girl, whose father held a position on the Moderate side of the PLANT council. She stated that he was the type of person that created the wars, in the process killing innocents; his interests disgusted her. Truly, she was correct on one level, but he was only explaining the mechanics behind what made the machine move. Asahi, who, did not understand why she was busy attacking him, retaliated verbally (on a somewhat personal level), which he was subsequently beaten to within an inch of his life by the girl herself, which ended with a week in hospital for Asahi, resulting in a large and significant change of his external personality. Having his self-esteem and pride crushed because of the incident, the boy became the quiet and somewhat recluse personality of present. Since the incident however, he has made amends with the girl, an apologized for his actions.


Asahi did not however, excel in his most of his classes, and by the age of 18, he had barely scraped through his Tertiary Education Admittance Exam. Joining ZAFT at 19 as an engineer, he spent half a year in basic training, followed by another half year of an extended engineering course, after which he joined ZAFT regulars for a year. Requesting a release from ongoing duty, Asahi spent the next year taking time off from ZAFT, to focus more on engineering, as well as taking up a job at a local convenience store.


Soon after returning from his time off, he was lucky enough to be sent as the entourage of ZAFT during the Orb Foundation Week event. However, as a general grunt, Asahi was not of any status to be noticed during the week, and returned to ZAFT without incident.


Although holding experience with mobile suit design and repair, Asahi has not fared well in open combat, even if his original simulation results yield above average results. His basic combat skill has been rated quite low however, but concerning mobile suit close combat, he scored highest in his class. Within regular training though, his skills at command are lacklustre, as noted by his examiner “personality provides hindrance”. Firearms procedures prove completely opposite; his proficiency lies with light and compact weapons, with moderate accuracy. His physical endurance and strength are also his strong points, providing more towards his grunt attitude. His ideologies however, do not reflect this, as recently, he has been showing signs of distaste at the ZAFT ranks. To him, the soldiers are cynical, conceited and generally condescending.

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Check this again "Asahi, who, playing the patriot he was, could not help but defend his ."


This is interesting but kinda vague.


"He was subsequently thrashed for his comments by the girl, which resulted in a week in hospital for Asahi."


as you wish *bows* bump.

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GASP! Whats this? In compliance to the new "character confirmation" rule, I've taken the liberty of modifying my original bio (Yeah, the background gets a bit crap in some places...) So, for the long run, I'm not inactive, my bio has changed a bit, but nothing major to change the outcome of my char

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