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Ren Yamamoto(Waiting Approval)


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Full name:Ren Yamamoto





Occupation:MS Pilot



Personality:Nice,easygoing guy,a bit shy,can be really angry when mocked






Hair Colour and Style:Dark Brown,A bit spiky

Eye Colour:Purple/Lavender

Identifying Marks:None

Skin Tone:White


Clothing:Black Jacket with a White t-shirt inside,and a light brown pants





Mother: Kaede Kaoru

Father: Kouichi Yamamoto(Deceased)




Personal History:

Ren was a boy that is loved by his parents,his father died because a MS fight.The accident happened when he was 15,he accompanied his father for a business trip,in the shuttle port the passanger shuttle can't launch,so the shuttle personels made all passengers go with an transportation plane,Ren and his father didn't mind,surprisingly the transport ship had a MS for guard it's a training type ginn

after they set out and headed to the moon,the ship navigation system malfunctioned and the pilot was asleep,so he set it to the autopilot mode suddenly they heard a large noise,theres a MS fight outside,back then ren was inside the ginn,the ship mechanic allowed him to look around inside the cockpit,until the one of the MS involved in the fight crashed into the shipand exploded,but Ren survived the explosion

driven by anger he picks up a beam gun using the ginn,he went berserk and destroyed 3 daggers,after that a ZAFT force arrived and the daggers retreated,it appears that they're pirates.The ZAFT forces took Ren's ginn in,and took him back to Januarius,he informed his mother andafter a few day his father body was buried.Ren went to the Pilot academy,to become stronger,and to avenge his father death.

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Other than that, please work on your grammar, it seems to look like it was made up of 3 extremely long sentences, something which would not be very good if people were to look through it.


Expand on the other stuff, not history alone, the profile will look too 2-dimensional this way.

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