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Full name:Kurran razarr




Race: romanian

Occupation:drifter/demon hunter



Personality:strong and silent...until drunk



Weight:160 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style:black/original mohawk

Eye Colour:varies from mood

Identifying Marks:left earring;tattoo on right arm,and back

Skin Tone:bronze


Clothing:black jeans,leather jacket,white t-shirt

Handiness: right handed


Mother:killed by demons

Father:died fighting demons


Wife/Girlfriend:stay at home wife

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Hopefully this is a work in progress, as its nowhere near ready to accept as is 


-You need to have some sort of citizenship, everyone is a citizen of somewhere, even if they don't live there anymore.


-Demon Hunter?  This is a gundam RP, not Inu Yasha .  Supernatural creatures have no place in the RP, so unless demon hunter is an analogy for something else, it can't be allowed.  And drifter is not a real occupation.  If he doesn't have a job, just say that he's unemployed, plain and simple.


-The personality section needs a lot of work, as you barely understand anything about the character from it.  Are there people that he will open up to, does he have other moments where he's not so strong and silent?  And how does he act when drunk?  Not everyone reacts to liquor the same way remember, so we need to know how it affects him.


-Eye colors cannot vary by mood.  Once again, this is not a fantasy RP, this is Gundam (Why does that make me sound like I'm quoting 300? ).  Standard eye colors are all that is permitted, so no varying eye colors, no odd purples or magentas.  Red eyes are allowed, but the character would have to have a good reason as to why (such as albinism, which also brings a whole lot of other changes and problems for the character to deal with).


-what does his tattoo look like?  Just how large is it?  We can't get a good idea of your character if you are unwilling to expand upon him.


-Once again, no demons allowed unless the name demon is an analogy for some kind of gang or group.  As well, just because his parents are dead doesn't mean they didn't have names.  Unless no one knows the parents names at all, then there is no reason that you shouldn't put down their names.  The same goes for his wife, she has a name too ya know (and she'd probably leave Kurran if she found out that he didn't know it  ).


-You need to have a character history.  A lot of the prior points I've given can be used to help build a history, so don't think that you have nothing to work with.  Also, look towards some of the accepted profiles to get an idea of how large a history we expect to see.  We don't want to lower our standards, so why not try and come up to ours?  Its surprisingly easier then you might think 

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