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Good anime

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Making a suggestion would be much easier if you gave us some indication as to what animes you've watched that you like. Do you like Sci Fi? Romance? Swordsmen? (Rurouni Kenshin, for example)


Since you're on this site, I think I can safely assume that you like Gundam, and therefore mecha anime, to some degree. If you've not seen 08th MS team, that definitely gets a recommendation from of me. Super Dimension Fortress Macross is another good one, and Starship Operators is great for general sci-fi. Finally, I think pretty much everyone should at least try Full Metal Alchemist, as it's a fantastic series.

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I'd have to agree with Dragon on being a little more specific. However.........


Hellsing Ultimate-awesome and has vampires


E's Otherwise futuristic sci-fi psychic stuff


Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic TSR-another giant robot anime that looks great and has a pretty good story and better voice acting than most.


My-Hime(or mai-hime)-A magic combat heavy anime.


Witch hunter robin


Record of Lodoss war-i kow its old but its good


Venus Wars-another old but good anime movie


Gun Sword- sci-fi thing thats kinda different than most


Elfen Lied- girls that slice people apart with invisible hands and have horns, with much bizarreness


Bubblegum Crisis- old but goo


Banner of the Stars and Crest of the Stars- sci-fi space combat with some other stuff mixed in

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Gungrave is a really good anime, in my opinion.  It was really fleshed out characters and great development, though some episodes are a bit 'slow.' 


Last Exile is another great anime with a good plot and a variety of characters.


(And I tend to avoid those Shonen Jump-ish animes.  )

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Iriya no Sora if you are into short OVA series. It's emotional and gripping, though there isn't much action, I'm most certain most people would enjoy it.


And of course, Shakugan no Shana. Good mix of action, comedy and fantasy, no forgetting the dressing of romance on top.

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I suggest Kentaro Miura's Berserk. I'ts old, but it's also hyper-violent. And who dosen't like hyper-violence!? It's recommended that the viewer be over the age of eighteen, however, because it also has quite a bit of nudity. But hey, who dosen't like nudity!?

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