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Re: Current Manga Libraries


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Since we already have a thread about Anime, I'm wondering what Manga's everyone here has, and which one's they are proudest to own.  As some of you may know, I'm an avid reader, and will read anything and everything as long as its in good taste.  As of now, my current Manga Library consists of:


Gundam SEED volumes 1-5 (complete series, masatsugu iwase adaptation)

Gundam SEED Destiny Volume 1 (masatsugu iwase adaptation, nowhere near complete)

Martian Succesor Nadeisico, Volumes 1-4 (complete series)

Bleach, volumes 1-3 (nowhere near complete)

Read or Die, volumes 1-3 (no idea how long it is yet)

.Hack//Legend of the twilight, volumes 1-3 (complete series, box set)

.Hack//Ai Buster, volumes 1-2 (complete series)

.Hack//Another Birth, volumes 1-2 (no idea how long it is yet)

Lunar Legend Tsukihime, volumes 1 & 3 (Type-Moon related, had to have it)

Excel Saga, volume 1 (nowhere near complete)

Line (stand alone story)

Megatokyo, volumes 1, 2 & 4 (need volume 3, technically counts, doesn't it?)


Total manga count: 30 books, taking up 2 full shelves of my room.

Most Prized posessions: Lunar Legend Tsukihime, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight

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Though I wasn't really an avid manga reader, I seemed to have built up a 'collection'.


Love Hina (All volumes)

Galaxy Angel (Vol.1-5, Vol.1 Beta, Party vol.1&2)

Gundam Seed Astray (Vol.1-3)

Gundam Seed Astray R (Vol.1-3)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny

Rozen Maiden (Vol.1&2)

Slayers (Various, at least 5 mangas)

Negima (Vol.1-11)

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (All volumes)

X/1999 (Vol.1)

Hellsing (Vol.1-7)

Megatokyo (Vol.1-4)

Ragnarok (okay, technically a korean manga, same thing...vol.1-10)


I think that's about it. o_o

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Wow, I thought that having the box set of legend of the twilight was a big thing, and yet so far everyone who's replied to this seems to have the entire series as well  , for some reason that makes me feel a little sad  . thumbs up to Liu for having volume three of megatokyo, to Brickster for having Ai Buster, and to Kyuubi for being the only other one to have the Gundam SEED mangas so far 

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