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Future character plans


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Now I know that it may be some time before we're allowed multiple characters (NPCs aside), but I've been wondering just who has been thinking of making a 2nd, or possibly even a 3rd-4th character?  After discussions with Valiant and KCT about Coordinator issues led to a discussion on Extendeds, I decided I wanted to try out some of our theories on a new character.  And after replaying Yggdra Union for awhile (darn addictive GBA game), one of the characters' name ended up finding a place in the profile  .




Full name: Kylier Zergas

Nickname:Kai, Kaizer




Occupation:Military Engineering Intern

Birthplace:Eurasian Federation (undisclosed location)

Citizenship:United Erimates of Orb.

Personality: Kylier is the silent and brooding type, never one to overly engage in conversation save for when she is feeling particularly lonely.  Her androgynous figure allows her to pass as a relatively feminine boy, and it is often how she wishes to be viewed, oftentimes hiding her true gender from others save from those she believes to be trustworthy, or those of an administrative position, such as doctors and school directors.  In public she always refers to herself as Kai or Kaizer, and can usually be found reading a book or drawing in her sketchbook.  Her sketchbook is a prized possession of hers that she protects fiercely, and is about the only thing besides her gender that she tries to keep to herself.  When someone manages to truly anger her, she becomes aggressive, violent, and downright dangerous to herself and those around her.  Despite all this, she is generally kind, though somewhat distant from the world around her, and will help someone 9 times out of 10 if they ask her nicely.  While she is the studious type, she enjoys running and playing certain sports; particularly soccer and badminton.





Weight:43 Kgs

Hair Colour and Style: Long, shoulder length black hair, often tied back in a tomboyish ponytail to disguise its length.

Eye Colour: brown

Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone:Fair, though surprisingly more tanned than expected of the studious type of person.

Build: thin and androgynous

Clothing:Kai often wears less revealing clothes such as jeans and long-sleeved shirts, never wearing anything that might be seen as feminine.  Oftentimes it is impossible to discern her as being a girl, which is exactly how she likes it to be.

Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Classified (deceased)

Father: Professor Steven Orman (deceased)

Siblings: None

Husband/Boyfriend: None


Personal History:


While the details are unknown even to Kylier, she was in fact the result of a trial test to determine whether the traits of Extendeds would transfer to a fetus via natural conception.  Her father was Steven Orman, the professor who originally proposed the idea, believing that if Extended traits could be transferred to children, then it would be easier and cheaper to create them, and possibly avoid the mental problems that Extendeds had become known for.  Kyler’s mother was a 1st Stage Extended with no known past or relatives.  Not wanting to wait for the men upstairs to approve of his theory, Orman set about the task himself, and when found out by his superiors, was murdered.  Not wanting his experiment to go to waste however, the extended was allowed to give birth to Kylier, and was disposed of shortly afterwards to tie up loose ends.  After various tests found that the resultant child was of poor health, she was secretly transported to an orphanage in Orb, as few wanted to stain their hands with an innocent child’s blood, nor did any want to be tied to Orman and his experiements.


Thus Kylier was found and raised, and was allowed to choose a name for herself once she was old enough to talk.  As she grew up, her caretakers found that she began to drift further and further away from the other children, merely keeping to herself and reading whatever books she could find.  From time to time, she would be convinced to join some of the other children in playing games, but would oftentimes collapse halfway through the game.  Several trips to the hospital later revealed that Kylier suffered from minor cardiac defects, and would most likely never be able to be as active as the other children her age.  While she had never overly enjoyed playing sports, save for soccer and badminton, she hated the idea of being told that she couldn’t play any sports whatsoever.  She began to avoid society altogether afterwards, and also began to dress more masculinely.  She figured that since boys were physically stronger than girls for the most part, that she might get stronger if she started acting like a boy.  This ideal carried on into her teenage years, where it instead changed to jealousy towards other girls, who all seemed to mature and develop faster than she did, while she began to look more and more boyish as time went by.  Determined to prove that she could be worth something someday, despite her poor health, Kylier, who had long since began hiding her gender from others under the alias of ‘Kai’, began studying with a vigor during her last 3 years at school, and graduated from high school with honors.


Being an orphan with no parents and no foster parents left her wanting for cash, and knew that a university education was far out of her reach.  Hoping to someday become an engineer and apply her knowledge to the betterment of mankind, she applied to become a military engineer.  She would be paid for her service in the military, receive the education she desired for little to no cost, and would possibly have the chance to work on her poor stamina, that continued to haunt her to this day.

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It is good that you got your characters in plans, mine seems to have been messed up real bad (given the lack of time I have these days), although there is a big chance that the guy in the Coliseum is going to be made a permanent RP character, since I already drew up plans for his fraternal twin here (most likely an NPC though). I did have another one for work in the Morgenroete, but it seems to be heavily messed up


Here it goes for one of them:




Full name: Touko Mitsukuri

Nickname: Touko

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: 1st-generation Coordinator

Occupation: Unknown (trainee at the Pilot Academy)

Birthplace: Copernicus City

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: Keeping quiet most of the time, because of the way the others perceived her to be a loner of sorts. Basically losing focus of life as a whole, she sometimes longed for companionship, be it anyone familiar with her, or anyone that is deemed unfamiliar. It would be hard to let her feelings be known to the others, as she kept a lot of her feelings to herself.




Height: 155cm

Weight: 43kg

Hair Colour and Style: Sporting dark brown (more of black-brown) hair, it was not parted in any way, instead, let down to the shoulders most of the time. The front portion's length was kept clear from her eyes. The hairstyle may seem a little simplistic to others.

Eye Colour: A shade of dark blue that goes well with her dimmed personality.

Identifying Marks: She wears a pair of large-rimmed glasses.

Skin Tone: Fair, although they can appear to be pale at numerous times.

Build: Lean.

Clothing: Keeping it simple is the theme. Other than the military uniform she was expected to wear, she usually dresses in a rather conservative manner. She can be expected to appear in skirts with lengths from the knee, at least.

Handiness: Right-handed.




Mother: Asuna Asou

Father: Kaien Mitsukuri

Siblings: Ryota Mitsukuri, her fraternal brother (non-identical twin) who is a Natural

Wife/Girlfriend: None, and don't count her looking for one


Personal History:


Touko Mitsukuri is born in a family of Naturals in 8th of April CE 68, under the Mitsukuri household. Strangely, Touko is not being born as one of the Naturals, as expected for a family of Naturals, instead, she was a 1st-generation Coordinator. As the story goes, there are several issues regarding herself from the earliest stage that required her to be genetically altered to 'correct' the problems that cropped up during the earlier stages of development.


Although that was the story as being said, there is never a proper explanation as to why her fraternal twin brother, Ryota, remained a Natural, although the truth is later split up when she is at an age deemed old enough to decide that the whole thing wasn't a mistake, and it was never intentional. The couple wanted to tell their daughter the truth when she is about 18, unfortunately, several circumstances (which includes ridicule from friends and relatives, as some of them have deemed her a 'stranger' of her own family, although she is really their flesh and blood) have forced them to tell Touko about what exactly happened when she is about 13, especially when she started questioning their ties as a family, and relatives are telling her that she is 'different' from them.


In a quiet family-only gathering (everyone, including her brother), they decided to spill the beans on the circumstances of her birth. One of the issues the doctors become baffled over have regarding Touko herself is that she will suffer from a weak heart from birth, something her brother does not have, as they do not share the same genetic profile (something to be expected among fraternal twins). The heart problem is listed as congenital heart defect (CHD). The steps that can be taken to solve that issue is including rewriting the genetic profile she have for the heart, effectively making her a Coordinator, even if the changes are not drastic in any way. Other alternatives (including surgery after birth) would result in possibly more complications, and knowing that this is the only way to at least give their children a chance at life, they took that choice.


Of course, things are not as easy at it seems to be, since such an revelation with such an impact is not easy business for a girl at her age. Ryota was more or less shrug the thought of his sister being 'different' from them in a way, off his mind, knowing that she have a very fragile personality. Unfortunately, such is not the case with Touko herself, as she started distancing herself away from her friends, and spoke much less to the rest of her family members after she was told of the fact. Touko becomes somewhat disorientated at the fact, more or less, a 'zombie' of sorts, longing for someone to understand her.


Until some people try to take advantage of her 'weak personality'. The problem is the people comes from one of the not-so-good class in the school, at least in the terms of the personality of the students. Trying to get her to do their 'bidding' for exchange of 'understanding her', it was by luck that someone from her own class (another female, who is a friend of hers) sees what is about to happen, before the said classmate shows them not to mess around with 'weak-looking' girls. This event triggered something else...rather, an interest for something that is not morally right when it comes to 'healthy relationships'.


Touko hid her feelings for the said classmate, feeling that she finally found someone who she can regard as a companion. Unfortunately, the said classmate more or less know something is going on, and decided for them to meet up after school, to explain everything.


The meeting ended on outright rejection be the other girl, and their relationship as friends has been strained. Things got worse as the only person she can depend on, Ryota (who did not know of what happened), joined the FREE Forces, leaving her 'alone', not to mention the addition of the said friend joining the FREE Forces too.


Impulsively, she decided to follow the footsteps of the people she have admired very much.

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Meh, might as well.  The original profile was created after Valiant gave me the sub-leader position for the Republic of East Asia.  Obviously that did not occur but I still had the 'skeletal' profile around, so I decided to work on it a bit more, in conjunction with the AD timeline.




Full name: ChengHu Liu


Age: 34

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot, bodyguard (unofficial), tank driver, fighter pilot

Birthplace: Weichuan, Henan Province, China

Citizenship: Republic of East Asia

Personality: Cold, calculating, and level-headed, Hu-Cheng is fiercely loyal to his nation as well as its people and would not hesitate to take whatever means necessary to protect them.  It is difficult to gain his trust; but if anyone does, then they have a strong and loyal man at their side ready to do what is right.  Despite his cold exterior, he acts warm and caring to those close to him.   




Height: 5'11"

Weight: 77kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black, short, and slicked around except for a little bit of hair running down outside his eyes as well as down along the back of his neck.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: Wears thin, rectangular glasses

Skin Tone: Slightly pale

Build: Well-built, muscular, especially around the shoulders

Clothing: Civilian: Generally seen wearing a black suit, black tie, and dress shoes due to his involvement with the Republic government.

Military: Standard white Earth Alliance officer uniform, except for the red trim along the sleeves and pants to represent his nation.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: LiFa Chang

Father: FengMing Liu

Siblings: MeiHua Liu (younger sister; deceased)

Girlfriend: XueLi Wu


Personal History: ChengHu was born into a family of farmers.  Because he was the first son of FengMing (his sister, MeiHua, was born a year later), his father, a lot of attention was placed on ChengHu as a child, such as schooling.  By day, he walked several miles each day to school in one of the larger towns and helped with the chores on the farm by night.  This lifestyle taught him to work hard and to never lose focus on what needed to be done.  Because the Republic did not intervene with the common people's affairs, most citizens felt at ease with the government.  It was because of that ChengHu constantly heard genuine praise for the government; unlike during the former regime of Communist China based on the history books he read before. 


Later, he went to Beijing to continue his studies.  While he was amazed at the properity of the middle class in the crowded city, he never forgot nor forsaken his roots. While the young adults walked around in a carefree manner with their music players, cell phones, and lattes, he recalled his fellow villagers who toiled day in and out with backbreaking work to make a living.  He understood that the government worked to serve ALL the people, not just one particular group or another. 


After he got out of college, he went back to his home province to work in an electronics factory.  But after about a year, ChengHu felt unsatisfied with the work.  He finally decided to make a direct contribution to the government by joining the military.  Though opposed at first, his parents finally relented.  His father said, "As long as you think this decision is the right one."  After he went through training, he ended up as a linear tank driver for the Republic's defense forces.  But when the war started, his military career ended up rather uneventful as the Republic's involvement in the war was rather minimal after the loss of the Kaohsuing spaceport.  He inwardly seethed at the Republic's passive stance, seeing their actions as cowardly. 


Near the end of the war, while the main Atlantic Federation forces went headlong at ZAFT, the Republic finally obtained the detailed blueprints for the Strike Dagger (and later the 105 Dagger) mass production suits.  When HuCheng heard about this, he joined up with the initial training and ended up as one of the first mobile suit pilots in the Republic.  He was immediately impressed with the vast potential these war machines had.  After the first war, he trained in these suits extensively.  During this time, he also trained in a variety of aircraft and vehicles.  He began to devise a doctrine for certain soldiers to have multiple strengths in a variety of vehicles and weapons. 


His dissatisfaction grew with the onset of the second Valentine War due to the lack of pro-active response by the Republic government.  Unfortunatly, with the Junius 7 colony drop, the Republic had to put focus on rescue and reparation.  It was during this time when he found out his younger sister, who was working as an accountant in Shanghai, was killed during the tsunamis that formed due to the impacts of falling colony debris.  He grew cold and emotionless as he focused on aiding the beleaguered citizens with air supply drops and other relief efforts.


After the second war, he supported the liberals and moderates in the Republic government that took a proactive stance, making sure that their nation could no longer be subdued by other nations.  After a few years of lobbying with both government officials and military superiors, HuCheng established the Republic of East Asia's first Independent Mobile Battalion, the Red Dragon Guard, with several more to follow.  He emphasized the need for cross-training on a variety of vehicles, though the Battalion itself was predominantly a mobile suit one.  He also made sure that individuals that were admitted to these Battalions had nothing but unquestioned loyalty to the Republic. 


When he was on leave after a brief tour of duty he encountered several men harrassing a young woman.  Without hesitation, he walked up and kicked one of them to the side.  He asked them to leave or else he would report them to authorities.  When they refused and charged at him, he calmly drew two handguns and casually aimed at them.  They quickly changed their mind and ran off.  After making sure the woman was fine and escorted her home, he politely said his farewell and left.  Persistent and curious, the woman met up with him later on.  XueLi Wu got to know him better and eventually managed to break his cold exterior, a feat those under his command consider legendary.  ChengHu grew fond of her and found that she was the perfect confidant, someone who could listen and counsel him, given how he rarely opened himself to anyone.


In the early CE80 while he was organizing his new Battalion, he met both the future Premier and Secretary General who were several of his supporters.  While already loyal to the Republic, his loyalty was reinforced by those two individuals.  He respected them and their views so much that he served as an unofficial bodyguard whenever he visited them for official business.  ChengHu continues to serve the Republic and its people with every fiber of his being.

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Poor Touko, she tries doesn't she?  Don't give up Touko-chan


Both of your characters are far more developed then my Kylier character is, it makes me want to keep adding to her history and personality.  I just don't know what I want to add into her history just yet, as she already has the whole cliche "Abandoned as a child and raised in an orphanage" thing, but it was either that, or have her take the same route that my old Kai character did; and I just didn't think that it would fit well with a peaceful C.E. timeline.

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I want to make a female ZAFT character for the heck of it, since I know where does the character hannah used as a base for the appearance comes from (PrincessSoft's Sakura something something, it have delicious Naru Nanao artwork).


Probably work around with Touko's appearance a bit, still far from complete.

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Yay for female zafties, I miss my old Maria character, the shorty zaku pilot


And yes, I can't wait for the multiple character system to be up, though I still have to decide if I want a traditional Kaizer and make him a merc, or go with my extended child version of Kylier

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