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William Asher


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Full name: William Asher

Nickname: Ash

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Hopeful MW Pilot

Birthplace: Washington DC, Atlantic Federation

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality: Ash is the unfortunate loner. While he does prefer it this way, it isn't really his choice that people don't like him. He doesn't have very good social skills, only saying a few words in an entire conversation. This has caused him to be shy towards other people, since he always feels awkward that he can't carry a conversation. It has also affected his confidence. When alone, he feels like everything is in his grasp, while around others he feels small and insignificant. More than anything, though, Ash wants to become an MS Pilot like his older brother to prove to his parents that he is just as good a son, if not better than his brother.





Height: 5'9

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Ash has black hair, with the top being kept in a short style, and the sides of his head being shaved.

Eye Colour: Ash has pale blue eyes that always seem to be longing for something more.

Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone: Light skin color

Build: Lean and wiry

Clothing: Ash isn't one to wear fancy clothes. He wears whatever is available to him, and when purchasing his own clothes, prefers simple styles. The colors don't generally range that far either, being mostly black pants with black or white shirts. If needed, Ash will dress formally, or in whatever the occasion calls for, but tries his best to stay as simple as possible.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Kim Miller (45, Natural)

Father: John Asher (49, Natural)

Siblings: Nathan Asher (21, Natural, AF MW Pilot)

Wife/Girlfriend: None Currently


Personal History:


Ash was born the second son to his parents, Kim and John. His parents were both loving and cared for the two children more than anything in the world. The brothers were inseperable growing up. Everything they did, they did it together. The word share never had to be uttered by Ash's parents, since the kinds were so good with each other.


As the two got older and entered their pre-teen years, Nathan started to grow apart from Ash. He no longer wanted to hang out with his younger brother. He thought of Ash as someone who was always hanging onto his heels, trying to come along for the ride. At first, Ash's parents didn't like how Nathan was growing up, but after seeing how well he was doing in school and other activities, they decided it was best for him this way. They gave into Nathan's pleas to "keep his brother off his back".


In their teenage years, Nathan had become an incredible student and was the captain of any sports team he played on. Ash, meanwhile, had become introverted and remained to himself. He barely cared about his studies or about sports. He spent his time brooding to himself. His parent were convinced something was wrong with Ash, but they could never figure out what. Still, Ash did occasionally have friends over, so they figured he was alright. 


At 18, Nathan anounced he would be joining the Atlantic Federation and would become the best MW Pilot they had. His parents were thrilled, though a bit scared for his safety. They knew there was a chance their beloved son could die, but they never told him of their fears. They just let him go and wished him well. Ash was glad to be rid of his brother. After all, he could finally have his parents back now. Ash kept to his solitude until he graduated from school, nothing had really changed at home even though his brother was gone.


On his 19th birthday, Ash's parents could take it no longer. Their shame and inability to find out what was wrong with Ash had come to a boiling point. They yelled at him, asking him why he couldn't be more like his brother, Nathan. Ash had no response, he simply went upstairs to his bedroom. At first he was angry with his parents, with Nathan. How could his parents yell at him for something like that on his birthday? After a while, he finally realized they were right. He should have been more like Nathan. Now was his time to make up for being such a bad son. Now was his time to make up for all those years of doing things only for himself. No longer would he be selfish.


The next morning, when his parents went to wake him, they found he had left. Ash had signed up with the Atlantic Federation and was on his way to becoming the best MW pilot he could be. No matter what, he was going to become better than his brother.

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Hmm... this is a very simple character profile. No reference to major events and nothing too radical, just simple and perhaps leaning towards the "safe" route.


I'd love to see how this character develops.


Approved. Please apply for a faction here.

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Awesome! Thanks for the approval guys. I know he is pretty simple, but that's because I've found that in RPs, it's much more fun to start with a pretty simple character with only a flew flaws and strengths, and watch him transform into somebody completely different in a year or so of writing with him.


Anyways, I'd like to also apply to the Earth Alliance. I'm sure you knew that, but I'm applying anyways jsut in case.

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Applying for the EA, never would have guessed 


Congrats on the quick approval, I've only seen Valiant approve people this quickly at the beginning of the site, I would've posted something sooner, but even I saw no flaws in your profile, and I didn't want to be seen with my mouth hung open in awe .


Crewman Recruit William "Ash" Asher accepted, welcome to the Earth Alliance.  You should be able to see the EA specific boards soon enough, so feel free to sign up and get involved in some of the events we are planning.


PS: If no one's told you yet, the EA gets free dental, and its the reason that we don't have as flashy an approval post as the other factions

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