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Jonathan McDowell Locke


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Full name: Jonathan McDowell Locke

Nickname: Johnny or Johnny boy (which simply ticks him off) preferable he likes to simply be called Locke

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Military Student

Birthplace: European Federation (France) C.E. 71

Citizenship: Earth Alliance (Atlantic Federation)

Personality: Professional, he views the world in chores and objectives. He always seems rushed with things as if time is always short. Despite his age he seems far more mature than what he should be. He wields an unnatural commanding presence, which makes him all the more mysterious




Height: 160cm

Weight: 49kg

Hair Colour and Style: Blonde, shortly trimmed and well kept

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: Barcode tattoo on the back of his neck

Skin Tone: fair skin

Build: Athletic and well toned for his age

Clothing: Varies from white lab coat attire, to a military cadet uniform, to simple business attire

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Sylvia Locke (Natural)

Father: George Lock (Natural,Deceased)

Siblings: Unknown (he was never told if he did and he has little curiosity about it)

Wife/Girlfriend: n/a


Personal History:

Locke’s early childhood remains mysterious with details surrounding his birth not quite clear to himself. At a tender age the war ended and Jonathan was put into a world of surprise when his father was executed for war crimes. Despite his father’s death he was still brought up in a wealthy household and was raised very strictly. When he was able enough to, his mother was adamant about him attending military school. Being a coordinator, he easily graduated from the military institute he was sent to. Although ridiculed for being a coordinator he didn’t let it get to him in fact he began to develop a distaste for other coordinators especially for those associated with Zaft.


Throughout Locke’s childhood he was constantly reminded of his father’s heroic actions in the earth alliance and his father’s involvement with LOGOS, and Phantom Pain. He was taught about his father’s ideology in the previous war; that all coordinators were a plague on the earth and that ultimately included him. Embedded in his upbringing was the Blue Cosmos motto; “for the preservation of our blue and pure world!”

Slowly the solution appeared to Locke; the only way he could be accepting by such a beautiful and previously pure planet as well as his father’s memory was to purify it of the coordinators.

He easily associates his father’s death with ZAFT and believes in carrying out his father’s legacy even if it has to be with his impure hands.

It is very obvious to any one else that he wasn’t raised but really trained since birth. The reason for the strict up bringing could perhaps be the first real step towards extended individuals and biological CPU concepts, to create superior individuals capable of competing against coordinators and willing to fight for the Earth Alliance (seeing how at the beginning of the war such technology was limited).


Despite being encoded with such prejudice and conditioning he occasionally will exhibit a curious childish side which can be easily manipulated by any one who knows how.

His accelerated childhood causes him to feel more mature than he is, hence him despising names ,which lack professional respect (i.e. Johnny boy). Despite him being bred as a weapon Locke is essentially a child, even if he is to be a soldier. Although all known blue cosmos were executed Locke is living proof that their twisted legacy will live on.



((I added this section so that it would work better for my Character to be in the REA, no major changes were made other than moving my character to live there. 8-3-07))


Because George Locke was a noticeable member of blue cosmos he no longer felt safe about having Sylvia and Jonathan live in the Atlantic Federation. Once things started to look dim during the second war he had Jonathan and Sylvia relocated to the Republic of East Asia so that they would be harder to find. As it was George’s prediction of a persecution was accurate as he was executed at the end of the war. Living at their own secluded estate outside of Seoul, Sylvia and Jonathan managed to live under the radar from any unwanted attention. When Jonathan was old enough he was shipped back to the Atlantic Federation to go to the same Military School his father went to. After graduating he moved back to the Republic of East Asia where he continues to spend his existence in a state of constant anticipation. Given that the REA was more tolerant towards coordinators it was perhaps the best place where he could establish himself in the military and still carry on his family legacy. Seeing as how Locke moved to the REA when he was very little it’s the only country he’s really known, so it was a natural decision that he would try to join the REA military.




Ironic how the time jump actually helped this character more _<" title="" /> i figured since he adapted in better i'd use him first (hopefully we'll be able to use multiple characters soon enough so i could bring back Ian who i still need to redo). I think i left enough things open for this character to be really interesting later on. I almost felt like giving him a white mask that he always wears around too, but then i realized his mask is psychological

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Hmmm I actually was refering to a philisophical idea, i cleaned it up a bit hopefully it makes more sense. I want Locke's existence to be a paradox hence the backward logic invovled with him; like being enamoured by the memory of a bigot who killed people just like him. That and I also wanted to faintly echo the ideas similarly employed in the Hitler Youth back in Nazi Germany.

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