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Brian Tsukamoto


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Player Name: DragonDaimyo

Character Number: One

Faction: PLANT




Full name: Brian Tsukamoto

Nickname: None

Age: 19 (born March 18, CE 66)

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: None (plans to apply to ZAFT)

Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ, North America, Atlantic Fed.

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Hotheaded and brash. Brian carries a general disdain for authority, though he usually hides it well. However, those who work to earn Brian’s personal loyalty, rather than loyalty based on rank, will earn a man who is dependable and trustworthy. When Brian makes a promise, he follows through. Always.


In addition to his attitude towards authority, Brian also carries a general distrust toward Naturals. This distrust is subconscious, however, and if asked he will deny any such feelings because he does not feel he has them. Again, this is can be overcome on a personal basis. However, it will certainly overshadow any initial dealings with any Naturals he comes across.





Height: 5 ft. 10 in.

Weight: 129 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Red, unkempt

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Light tan

Build: Thin, some indications of muscle.

Clothing: Hiking boots, jeans, T-shirt, long-sleeved unbuttoned shirt over T-Shirt

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Marie Keoni Tsukamoto

Father: Ken Tsukamoto

Siblings: Ryan (age 26)

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Born under the stifling heat of the Arizona sun of CE 66, Brian was the second child of Marie and Ken Tsukamoto, after his older brother Ryan. Though he grew up in a loving family, some of his earliest memories come to him only in his nightmares. Ever since Ryan was born, some of the radical anti-Coordinator groups began putting pressure on the family due to their making Ryan a first-generation Coordinator. When the family had a second Coordinator child, things began going downhill. Young as he was, Brian wasn't really aware of it. However, he began to catch it full force as his parents enrolled him in a local pre-school. The other children at the school teased and bullied him to no end while the teacher turned a blind eye. The other parents in the community finally decided to end the impasse and formed a small mob in front of the Tsukamoto home. They stayed only for an hour and damaged nothing, but before leaving, they left a message: The family must leave within 72 hours, or the next mob would be larger and more violent.


Facing the threat of harm coming to their family, Ken and Marie packed some essentials and shepherded their children on the next flight to Orb. Marie went with the children while Ken stayed to set their affairs in order and sell the house in Arizona. With the children gone and Ken on his way out, the pressure from the radicals let up enough for Ken to sell the house within two months and join his family in the apartment they were renting in Orb. Although most of the family took the sudden move in stride, Brian was devastated. He had lost the only home he'd ever known for one reason: the Naturals didn't want him there. This knowledge slowly sunk in for him as his family got back on their feet around him. His father got a new job, his mother picked out and coordinated a move to a new house and Ryan and Brian went to new schools, but through it all, Brian hated the Naturals who had chased him from his home. His experiences in Orb inevitably brought him into contact with Orb's Natural populace, and during these encounters, he learned that his old prejudices were not necessarily correct. While consciously, he accepted that Naturals weren't all bad, his subconscious was another matter. His instincts when it came to Naturals were not to trust them, but allow them opportunities to prove that they were trustworthy. He viewed Naturals as a whole as untrustworthy, but recognized that they might be on an individual basis.


His brother Ryan seemed to forgive the Naturals altogether, but Brian was never able to let go of the sense of vengeance he wanted for both himself and his family. As he grew up, both of the Bloody Valentine Wars erupted around them, but they escaped the collateral damage brought by the Alliance in CE 71 and the ZAFT forces in CE 74. However, even after the signing of the PEACE treaty, many people remained fearful of a new war. After all, all parties had signed the Junius treaty in CE 71, and that hadn't stopped the outbreak of a second war. As Brian learned modern history in middle and high school, he noticed a pattern in the beginning of the wars. The Bloody Valentine attack in the First War and the nuclear attack on the PLANTs in the Second War. Both nuclear attacks, both the first battles of the wars, both aimed at killing large numbers of civilians, and both started by the Earth Alliance. If history was to be his guide, it would be the Alliance who would make the first move in a new confrontation. Realizing this, Brian began to take an interest in international politics, especially as far as the Alliance was concerned. He also started martial training, focusing in sidearms with some knife work thrown in. As his awareness moved to the national and international sphere, he remained determined never to suffer a replay of some of the experiences of his infancy.


As Brian neared high school graduation, he began considering what to do with his life afterwards. His grudge against the Naturals in the Alliance made anything in that area simply unacceptable. Orb was a nice area, but he felt as though he was confined there. The nation only consisted of a few islands and the Persepolis colony. As he checked off the places he found unattractive or unacceptable, he finally found himself with one good destination. Thus after graduation, on the day after his 18th birthday, Brian hugged his family good-bye and boarded a shuttle bound for PLANT. As he left, his heart felt heavy at leaving his family. But as the shuttle took off and ascended into space, he felt better than he could ever remember feeling. The shuttle finally docked at the Aprilius One colony and Brian rode the elevator down from the Central Hub to the colony proper. The immensity of the man-made habitat fascinated him, and he drank in all the details he could. Brian had known what he would want from this place since before he boarded the shuttle, but now that he was here, he actually felt a desire to join ZAFT. He wanted it and he wanted it badly. He wanted to protect this incredible-looking PLANT and do what he could to stop what believed to be an inevitable attack from the Alliance. A fire catching in his soul, Brian walked off to find the nearest ZAFT recruitment office.

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Welcome to Zaft Brian , you are the fourth member.


PLANT Supreme Council, National Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


As of October 26th of CE85, Brian Tsukamoto is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council of the officers appointed over you.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters

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