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First of all, I would like to announce that Winders has stepped down from his post as Administrator on the site. It is sad to see such a helpful and diligent member of our staff leaving us. However, he would still be RPing here so don't worry that we'll lose a good RPer 


Next, we have an update on how the staff system works here. It seems that people have been confused over the various ranks and job scopes.


Here's the staff roles:


1. Advent Destiny Team

2. Narrator

3. Faction Leader

4. Specialized Moderator



1. The AD Team are the core developers of the site as well as the people who own the site. We work to introduce features both in the role play and technically to enhance your RPing experience.


2. The Narrators are global moderators who are in charge of monitoring the RP boards. These people will be directing the overall storyline. They would also be the ones who decide on the elements to introduce into the storyline and the world of Advent Destiny.


3. The Faction Leaders are leaders of each faction. We will be doing away with the rank of Faction Deputy. Instead, there will be a Faction Leader for each faction who represents the other leaders in that particular faction. The Faction Leaders work as a team, as compared to the previous model we had where the Deputies were assistants of the Leaders.


4. There will be moderators for certain boards, for example the Arts Corner. These moderators will be in charge of their respective boards to maintain the standard and ensure that rules are followed on those boards.



Please note that any staff members can hold more than one position. We hope that we can continue to improve on the site and provide a unique experience for everyone.

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It was rather sad to see that happening, but I hope we can have some new staffs who are competent enough to take over his post.


That, and the spelling for the last 'staff' in the last paragraph got changed to 'stuff' .

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As long as I get to keep my Neko-Kyra, then I don't mind .


On a side note, we might need a new arts board moderator, as I don't think that Rob or Keri will be back any time soon (*prays to god that he will be proven wrong*).  And I could really do with someone to help split the chores of EA faction leader, as there have been times when I just can't keep up with everything (cause I'm lazy, there, I admitted it  )

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