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Malum Caliga


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Full name: Malum Caliga

Nickname: Mali (Although he hates it. It makes him feel small and cute)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile Suit Mechanic

Birthplace: October City, PLANTs

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation



Personality: A pleasant person on a full stomach. Is able to talk to people, but has trouble developing relationships. The only person who he is open with is his brother. He is naturally persuasive, and is able to read people quite well. He also has the ability to think on-the-spot. He is observant of his surroundings and is a very good artist. He draws in his spare time. His opinions tend to get him into trouble.








Height: 5’7

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Grey-brown, relatively neat with his right eye covered with hair.

Eye Colour: Grey-brown

Identifying Marks: A style of art that is uniquely his, tends to wear alot of necklaces

Skin Tone: Light beige

Build: Moderately athletic

Clothing: Usually standard EA mechanic’s outfit. When he is dressed casually he wears a black striped long sleeved shirt with a long black trench coat.

Handiness: Left








Mother: Meryl Caliga – College Professor (Natural)

Father: Laurent Caliga – Computer Scientist (Coordinator)

Siblings: Locke Caliga – EA Soldier (Coordinator)

Wife/Girlfriend: None




Personal History: Malum was born to Laurent and Meryl Caliga in C.E. 66. He was born on October City, PLANT, but when he was three, his family moved to Japan due to his father's job. From an early age he took an interest in painting and sketching, and later developed an interest in mechanics. His older brother, Locke, joined the E.A. in C.E. 75 during peace time after the war. He had been inspired by the events of the war and felt compelled to protect his family and friends. He didn't want Malum to have to grow up with violence in his life.


On February 8, C.E.77, Malum and his family moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as a result of his brother's transfer to the Atlantic Federation. Malum was inspired by his Locke’s stories about the military, and began to draw what he imagined mobile suits to look like. His parents disliked the fact that he took interest to the military. They thought that his life should take a more artistic route, and shouldn’t get involved with things like war.


When he turned fifteen, he began working on a rough design of his own mobile suit. Naturally, there were flaws. So he attended the local military college, studying ship and mobile suit mechanics. At the age of nineteen, he graduated and continued to modify his design in secret. With the design complete to his standards at twenty years old, he showed it only to his older brother. He was stunned with the detail. He wanted to put it into production, but he knew that without any experience in the field or much money, it was an impossible dream.


People speculated as to why he didn’t have any interest in piloting mobile suits, as his brother did. He said that he didn’t want to be known as “Locke’s Little Brother”. He wanted to create his own name and didn’t want everyone expecting him to be just like his brother.


Malum continued to study in the field of mobile suit mechanics and design. His dream had become to one day be a recognized mobile suit designer in the E.A.


Malum still keeps the design in his trench coat pocket, calling it his lucky charm. It is his inspiration for what he does. He continues to work hard to reach his goal, and will stop at nothing to get there.

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Hmm, now rises question about his brither - I mean, it was like Battle Coordinator project? But I think it was then ompossible for him to be normal after that. I suppose, if they moved somewhere in Eurasian Federation and not in Atlantic Federation, it was more realistical (Eurasians didn't care about Blue Cosmos as it was in AF).

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Well, I read over kct's Character Race Information post, but she didn't mention anything on hybrids as she said she would at the beginning of the post.


For the time being, I'll say that they consider themselves first generation. If kct adds to her post, then I will change it.

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The race questions aside (as I hope we come to a single consensus on it soon, as it means more opportunities for unique characters), I hope to see more from this character, the EA needs more mechanics (who else is going to fix all the mobile suits that me and Wind end up breaking )!


Crewman Recruit class Malum Caliga accepted, welcome to the EA!

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