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Full name: Kuzani Koutetsu

Nickname: 'Kuko'

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: MS Pilot

Birthplace: ORB

Citizenship: ORB

Personality: How you say, a rather interesting man, a pacifist in nature as some call him. He would never willingly pick a fight, or hurt someone, unless they were endangering something precious to him. Believes that if the wars could all just stop, the world would be a much better place, and believes all mobile suits should be destroyed. They weren't needed, they were weapons. Weapons of mass destruction. However, he would not destroy ORB's own mobile suits, and he would not even attack ORB or it's forces if it killed him.



Height: 6'10

Weight: 235

Hair Colour and Style: Long, white.

Eye Colour: Green

Identifying Marks: Small scar on his left arm.

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Thin, partially atheltic, but not muscular.

Clothing: Usually a wears a vary of black shirts and pants, with a white trenchoat.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Mina Koutetsu

Father: Mushou Koutetsu

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Kuzani was born in ORB an only child, with a small frail body, due to a sickness he was born with. This sickness limited nearly all his physical activity, and for the most part shaped his entire life. Kuzani's parents always acted like nothing was wrong with him, and that he was just like everybody else, but although Kuzani was small and frail, he was indeed intelligent, and knew he was sick. Sick, with a disease the doctors couldn't get rid of. Still, he acted oblivious to this knowledge, as to not to worry his parents. Still, Kuzani was always shy around other people, not liking crowds much, as he often was picked on by other kids at school because of his weak body and drawn back nature. Still, even with his constant being teased upon, he did not hate these kids. No, they were all children, including he himself, everyone says things about each other, whether they know it or not. everyone just needed to....... mature a little, he doubted they would still pick on him later in life. They would probably be smarter then.


When Kuzani had just turned Twelve, there family decided to take a vacation out of ORB, and leave for a little while. They left to a small, isolated resort, not to widely known, just for a little chance to relax an have some peace. Or not. In the middle of there vacation, was when the Earth Alliance had attacked and stolen 3 new mobile suits from Zaft. The war had started up again. Right after hearing this, the family returned to ORB. only later to realize, that ORB was being dragged into the war as well. When ORB was brought into the war, they fled there too. They never stayed in one place for too long, always fleeing to another. This small time of fleeing across the globe ended as the war finally ended, and they returned back to ORB. Still, though his parents had tried to keep him from watching the news and things of the sort, he had saw. He had saw, the malice and destruction the war had caused. This, was when his hate for violence sprouted.


Meanwhile, several years later, Kuzani was just graduating High School, Now focused on going to College. He had actually made quite the many friends during the rest of his school years, his shyness dieing, and more out a kind, more open personality, making him quite the well liked person. Still, despite this fact, no matter how many the friends, his sickness kept up, causing him to miss school quite a few times. After graduating High School, Kuzani went to college, and did a thing nearly no one expected. He had begun to study Mobile Suits. The very thing he had said needed to be destroyed, so wars would end, he was studying. Not only that, studying how to Pilot one. Although this was not the biggest surprise. What surprised them the most, was when he flat out told them he had been studying Mobile Suits for a while, ever since he was 12, as well as sneaking off to practice on the game-simulators of mobile suits. Though these weren't even close to the real thing, he had picked them up as a hobby. He was determined, to destroy every other mobile suit he could, so they couldn't harm ORB. ORB, at least, he would do his best to protect.


When he finished doing all the studying he could about Mobile Suits without actually joining the academy, he had discovered that piloting a mobile suit, was not like the simulations or games. It required physical condition, something that Kuzani for the most part, really didn't have. So, slowly he began to try and make himself, how one would say 'Physically Fit' or at least a bit fitter than he was at the moment. He pretty much just began to jog/run alot. You could rarely find him doing something else really. However, because of his sickness, he was often accompanied by someone else, to monitor him, and help him out when ever the sickness effected his running. Still, Kuzani keapt at it, despite many protests from the people he knew. This was just another step to his goal.


Around 2 years later, he applied to join the ORB military, much more confident, and resolute in his goal. By this time, his friends and family had quit there protesting agaisnt him doing what he did. They had grown used to it now, and knew they weren't exactly going to stop him by telling him not to.

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Just for your information, mobile suit pilots generally need to be in prime physical condition. Piloting a mobile suit is taxing on the body physically. If you watched the series, you would notice how Sai Argyle had trouble trying to pilot Strike Gundam in his attempt to prove that he is not physically weaker than Kira Yamato.

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Huh, that would be a problem then .>" title="" /> (Thought the reason Sai Arygle couldn't Pilot it was because he couldn't operate the OS)


*Goes to edit profile around*


EDIT: Ok, I editted profile around a little, so he isn't exactly a wimp anymore.

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Thought the reason Sai Arygle couldn't Pilot it was because he couldn't operate the OS


Notice how he strained to control the MS and try to keep it in an upright position.


He isn't frail as he was but he's still physically unfit to be a pilot, in my opinion. It would require a more strenuous training regimen before he is in the condition to pilot.


Since there's nothing wrong with the profile other than the technical issue, I'll approve it. Although it is entirely up to the discretion of the faction leaders as to whether they would want to recruit such a character.


You may now apply for a faction.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Kuzani Koutetsu is a native citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


However, it is with regret that this citizen's application for entry into the Mobile Suit Division of the FREE Forces has been turned down at this time.  Further physical training is required, thus, this citizen will be assigned to the infantry.


Signed and Noted by:

First Lieutenant Demetrius Amherst

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