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Orb foundation week: Bumming around


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((OOC: another continuation of Orb foundation week: the parade))

A burger, not just any burger but the ideal burger. The exquisite aroma of toasted sesame buns. The mouth watering way a newly grilled beef patty drips it's juices. The lettuce, tomatoes and onions glistening as if they still had dew on them, indicating the vegetables' freshness. The unique smell of mustard and ketchup combining with the beef patty's juices. Couple the ideal burger with a heaping mound of freshly fried French fries and a super sized serving of rootbeer. Just the thought of this meal is enough to make JM's mouth water. This is JM's dream meal. Unfortunately the road side restaurant they were eating in only sold hotdogs and sausages... Too bad.


Damn! thought JM


JM, Siegfred and Jase were eating in a roadside restaurant. They had built quite an appetite after racing through ORB's roads. He apologized already to his two companions for putting their lives in jeopardy. JM took a bite from his hungarian sausage sandwich.


"Hmm... This sausage isn't half bad... Not great but not bad..." JM talking after swallowing what's in his mouth


After they had finished their lunch and Siegfred making sure that JM took his medicine, they made their way to The place where Sieg had parked his car. Unfortunately JM forgot the name of the place.


"Hey Sieg. Where is your car parked again? I forgot where you said you parked it." parking the blue sport sedan by the sidewalk.

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Jase had got a Hot Dog it was tasting so good he had remembered his and J.M reckless racing and the third car which belonged to another solider "Errm I hope we don't get scolded for racing"he thought too himself.


"Well J.M its alright but next time we race we try in at a track and ill make sure to have a better car then the bulky military jeep but all in all nice moves you can sure as hell drive well"Said as Jase to a bite of the Hot Dog .


"MMMmm so we go get Sieg your car then were too?"said Jase slurping down the cup of Gingerali. 

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"My car? Its parked in front of the Unity Bar. I'll show you the way." Sieg said as he finished his hotdog.


Hearing Jase's question on where to go to Sieg was stumped for a while. They were supposed to go back to his house, put perhaps it would be a whole lot better to spend the day somewhere more productive.


"JM I have an idea! Once we get the car why don't we go to Onogoro! The shooting range sounds fun, but we could get into some sports there if you like.", Sieg told JM as he was standing by JM's car, waiting for the go signal to get his car and drive towards Onogoro.

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Okay... sounds cool. I can report there since I've just been accepted as a FREE soldier this morning. You guys can give me a tour of the base. By the way who am I going to report to?


((OOC: Seriously... Who am I going to report to... Since Rad is MIA)

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"Uhmm, I'm not sure. All the more we should haul our asses down to Onogoro to get our bearings straight."


(OOC: You guys won't mind if I fast-forwarded things a bit, Liubei's waiting for us in Onogoro. Thanks!)


Sieg jumped in the blue sports sedan NeoG brought along. Tailed by Jase in his Jeep they sped along the roads of Kuzanagi (now going at speeds within the speed limit) towards the Unity bar. This is where it all started, the failed parade, the security meeting, where Sieg got to know Jase and most importantly, where Sieg left his car!


Going round the last corner Sieg breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing his car still parked in front of the bar. Though all alone as NeoG parked in front of the car Sieg was sure that his car was smiling at him as he looked at it from the rear view mirrors.


"Just wait for me to get into the car, then follow me to Onogoro, I'll leave my radio with you so we could keep in contact whilst in the convoy.", Sieg told NeoG before disembarking.  He proceeded to Jase's jeep which was parked in front of NeoG.


"Jase, once I get my car out you and NeoG follow me to Onogoro. We'll be in a convoy."


Sieg proceeded to his car. It was quite a hot day and upon entering his car tuned his aircon to full blast. Then starting up the engine of his own sports sedan he turned on his radio. As usual it was alive with his usual Euro-beat music.


"I'm sure this car would eat NeoG's 'sport' sedan for lunch, how tempting, hehe... But we have businesses to attend to. Better put that daydream off for later."


As soon as the insides of his car was cool enough for his to be comfortable to drive in Sieg put on his own radio headset and turned into the street. Checking his rear view mirrors if Jase and NeoG was behind him Sieg proceeded to the main highway of Onogoro. Turning into the onramp from the surface streets Sieg radioed his 2 commrades, "Just keep on following me, and for the love of all thing good, keep below the speed limit!'


Driving along the highways of ORB the miles seem to go by. As the scenery of the city skyline gave way to the seaside sights Sieg knew they were nearing the bridge that crossed from Kuzanagi to Onogoro.

They kept on the road, with Sieg constantly checking if NeoG and Jase were still tailing them until he pulled into an exit. Although Onogoro island was a military facility civilians are allowed in some places in peacetime in some parts of the island. The three cars pulled into exit O15, then turned into the shooting range's parking lot. As Sieg's blue sport sedan stopped in a parking slot he looked back to see the 2 other cars doing the same. He checked his things before alighting from his car, waiting for his 2 commrades to get out as well.


(OOC: Alright guys I'll wait for your replies. You could just piggyback on my posts then we're off to the Onogoro Island threads...)

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Jase saw Sig getting out of his sedan and thought "darn ill have to get my car for next time or ill be left in the dust".

He looked around seeing how military and civilian personal all in one place."Hey Sieg so are we using the shooting range or one of other facility's here"said Jase.

Jase busily disconnecting his phone from its charger and also replace his revolver he had with him with a standard Military pistol with an advanced targeting scope attached to it.Jase said to himself so no one could hear "id love to give this baby a shot". 


So Jase got out and walk over to where Sieg had been standing and stayed there waiting for JM."So Sieg have you got any assignments in the next few weeks"said Jase as he popped a piece of gum in his mouth.

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"Alright. If thats the case then we better get going there!"


Just as JM said that Sieg was already in the car.


As usual, he's giddy as ever... Well we gotta go!


"Follow us Jase!", JM said to him. "We wouldn't want you leave you this time around.", JM said both jokingly ang conscientiously.


Then NeoG went around to drive towards the Unity Bar. But now he was going there quite gingerly. At least it was a benign ride compared to the full-blast one they had a while ago (with a 'suspected' fellow soldier tailing them). Following Sieg's corner by corner navigation, much like how the rally drivers and their navigators work in tandem, they sliced through the roads of ORB as they drove to the bar. Rounding out the last corner before the bar JM heared Sieg breathe a sigh of relief.


"Bet you were scared that your little baby would get scratched or something, don't you?"


But Sieg was too preoccupied with being re-united with his 'baby' that he didn't even heared what JM said.


"Oh well, once a car nut, always a car nut... Heck I would be the same as he is right now...", as JM parked his own blue sports sedan in front of Sieg's.


"Just wait for me to get into the car, then follow me to Onogoro, I'll leave my radio with you so we could keep in contact whilst in the convoy."


"Roger that sir!", JM said half-jokingly as he reached for Sieg's radio and put it on himself. He then saw Sieg say the same to Jase in front of them. Then Sieg proceeded to his car, started it up and after a short while Eurobeat music was pumping out of his car.


"Hmmm, Eurobeat... Makes me want to race. Though this Subaru Impreza's smaller than his Nissan Skyline I modded this baby out so she could keep up AND pass that car. It'll take all the self-control in my body to stop me from racing him. Good thing I took my medicine already."


A bit after that Sieg pulled out from the curb and proceeded down the street. After having Jase follow Sieg first he followed Jase as they proceeded down the streets of ORB. As they proceeded toward an onramp Sieg broadcasted a message: "Just keep on following me, and for the love of all thing good, keep below the speed limit!'


Knowing that he was the one Sieg was referring to keep below the speed limit JM let out slight laugh before responding.


"Ok there Sieg, roger that."


The miles continued to roll after they got themselves on the expressways. The city skyline gave way to some suburban structures, then these also gave way to some coastal sceneries. Then they approached the Kuzanagi-Onogoro bridge. He then knew that they were close to their destination.


He was the Skyline, the lead car, pulling into exit O15. He turned-on his turn signals and followed the two cars as they went off the highway and onto surface streets. JM followed them both for a bit until they turned into a parking lot in a nearby facility.


"So this is the military facility. Perhaps we should get going to the shooting range. I'd love to try my shooting skills again."


As JM parked to a spot beside Sieg's Skyline he waited for the turbo to cool down in his car before shutting it off. As he disembarked he saw Sieg was already chilling out beside his car.


The metrosexual, in his usual self..., JM told himself.


"So Sieg have you got any assignments in the next few weeks?", JM heard Jase ask Sieg.


JM followed up Jase's question, "Yeah Sieg. If you don't have nothing to do then why don't we go to the shooting range now."



[OOC: We can migrate to Onogoro now, from the looks of it. We'll wait for your post Sieg!]

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