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Iezarc Drake


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Full name: Iezarc Drake

Nickname: Fire Breather. Insane Psycho Mobile Suite Obsessed Lunatic or IPMSOL for short.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT military academy

Birthplace: Dunedin, New Zealand, Oceania Union

Citizenship: Oceania Union

Alignment: PLANT

Personality: Iezarc is considered by people to be obsessive, as once he sets his mind on something, he will usually stop at nothing to achieve that goal. He also has difficulty expressing emotion, due to his tragic past, but he is improving.






Height: 195 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Black, long and unkempt.

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: A small scar just below his hairline. It was caused by a piece of shrapnel that hit him during the car bombing at his school.

Skin Tone: A light tan, naturally pale however.

Build: Fit, but not exactly muscular. He’s more of a runner than a person to fight at close range without weapons.

Clothing: Black overcoat, grey t-shirt and black trousers. His uniform is a standard ZAFT green coat.

Handiness: Right-handed






Mother: Elizabeth Drake (Coordinator)

Father: Mykeal Drake (Natural)


Dominick Drake (Deceased, Natural)

Annabel Drake (Coordinator)

Wife/Girlfriend: Aiarnia Dower



Personal History: Iezarc’s life has been pretty ordinary. His mother is a coordinator that relocated from the PLANTs, and his father a natural who had been an ambassador. Living in the Oceania Union, Iezarc was exposed to a tolerant society, where both naturals and coordinators actually got along. Then in C.E. 70, a local group of Blue Cosmos threw Iezarc’s life into chaos. His school had a population of about four hundred coordinators and thus was an easy target for the extremist group. About five minutes after the bell rang to signal the end of school, over sixty innocent primary school kids lay dead with many more bleeding to death. The only thing that saved Iezarc was the fact he had been pushed of the stairs leading out of the building by a friend. Lying there, deaf, scared and totally confused, blood soaking his clothing, he worked up the courage to take a look from behind the stairs. Where his friends had once been, there was only a sludge of organic matter.


It took nearly six months for Iezarc to even begin talking, let alone understand what had happened. After 9 months, he finally was ready to leave the hospital, and on the out side he got another tragic piece of news, his older brother had been right next to the car. That piece of news barely even fazed him, after all that big a shock left him totally void of all emotion. Doctors speculated that he would never recover, and all that his parents could hope for was a child who may at some point show them affection. But with the new school year on them, Iezarc threw himself into his school work, excelling and then even advancing at an astounding rate. By age 9 he had already finished intermediate level, and was beginning his first years of high school. Then the second war reached home. His parents, fearing that they would be discriminated against, fled the major cities and fled to an old shack some where in the mountains. In seclusion they waited for the war to end, fearing that maybe, just maybe an Earth Alliance patrol might find them. Then one night, an aerial battle in the clouds cemented Iezarc’s future. Falling from the sky was a single DINN, the pilot wounded. Iezarc saw it all, the beams and tracers, each hit causing a massive explosion. It was curiosity that drove him to the crash site, and it was pure luck the ZAFT pilot didn’t shoot him.


The war only lasted two weeks after that incident, but in that short period of time Iezarc had gained a new goal in life. He wanted to be a soldier. And with that goal, he restarted school. Determined to get the highest possible results that the school system could offer, and of course, he remained in touch with that ZAFT pilot. It took him six years, but he finally qualified for an armed services training program. In fact, the only reason he qualified so late was his age. In the course, he excelled, showing such a level of determination and obsession that most of his instructors were concerned, as he always perused one objective, often to the exclusion of other activities and even making friends. It was during this period that he nearly collapsed after a seventeen hour straight personal training course, and made his instructors believe that he should be dropped from the program. However, taking a doctors advice to heart, he slowed his pace to a more reasonable level. After two years of military training, he finally made it. He had finally made it to a ZAFT military academy. His dreams were nearly complete, but one thing still eluded him, a Mobile Suite. That was the one thing he wanted above all other, he wanted to pilot a mobile suit. However, with his training nearly at an end, he has begun to loosen up, even making a few new friends.

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Looking through it, I don't see any major problems.

It might be a little (very slightly) god-moddy to have him learn and excell at such a rate it freaks his instructors freaked out; perhaps tone this down a little?


Where his friends had once been, there was only a sludge of organic matter.


*Turns greens, bubbles float and burst around head.*

It could be me, but that seems a little...graphic...either that or its my sisters cooking starting to get to me.


(ARMADA; I just realised, you're a Kiwi )

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Took you that long did it? Any way, there may be some mistakes, and any advice is appreciated.


Oh yeah, the sludge was the first thing that came to mind, and trust me, that's not very violent at all for my writing. Luckily for you however, that's the only gory bit in the background.

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