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energy takers are the way to go for him, just speed the process up by having all your ET users with support attack (I use the Valsione and Trombe usually) and then use zeal or the like to get extra attacks in (Latooni has one that gives an ally an extra move, but it costs something like 90 SP).  If you don't have enough though, you can always use the fury skill as well, it allows units to break through any armor ability (Kyosuke and Rai have it I believe, and possibly some of the others, its been awhile).


In Super Robot Wars J I've been using the Brain Powered units alot lately, makes me want to actually watch the anime to see what its all about

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Thanks Kaizer, I didn't think about using fury at all.


Brain Powerd (I think it really IS spelled like that O_O) is cool. It was shown on ANIMAX a few years ago, but I didn't follow it. I've seen them in CG in ACE2 videos on youtube. Pretty Amazing!


I don't use Rai that much, but Kyosuke is my main boss-killer. Rai has a lot of potential to be a very good character, but I feel being SRX's leg holds him back.

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Also Nagano designs, if you are a sucker for one. Too bad Tomino was being too optimistic about it (he was quoted saying that Brain Powered will beat the crap out of NGE).


In all that, I never got round to even Strike's stage in J yet, scheduling has been a murder.

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I've already beaten J around 5-6 times now, I just keep increasing the difficulty level whenever I replay, and thus boost my characters and mecha to insane proportions.  Luckily you only have to upgrade their stats in this game, unlike OG, so there's less to mess up on in translation.  Gamefaqs has some language translation faqs for it if you need them, but I just use the save state feature to test each of the settings until I figure it all out.


Btw, SEED is a big part of J once you meet up with the Strike, and the archangel becomes one of your main ships, so its good to take the time to upgrade them, as well as the nadesico units (I've got 3 of the aestivalis nearly perfect now, as well as the nadesico).  And the super robots are god in this game if you know how to use them, cause each of them usually has 2 or more pilots, so you get skill points and skills up the wazoo.


But I still prefer the real robots in the long run just for their dodge and accuracy rates, that way I don't have to be as stingy with the skill points.  I just hate taking on the providence in that game, crazy dodge rate and range, as well as over 100k HP (basically the R-gun Rivale, but with a long range map attack to boot).

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I tried doing that once with D, with the language translation open in another window. Gonna give it a go again one of these days.


Just a few hours ago I got fed up of Ingram's HP and EN regeneration antics and closed the window, haha.


His attack power increased significantly on the second encounter, it seems. I think I'm going to try again before I go to bed.


Lions are my favorite fodder mechs so far. The design reminds me of ZOE's Orbital Frames.

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Haven't played any except a few rounds of OG2 on a friend's SP. I'm thinking of importing the SRW Alpha games, though.


Personally, I'm a sucker for the Huckebein MkIIM. If inly it had the same dark-blue-and-gold colors of the original Huckebein...

Huckebein MkIII's got the best head design of the Huckebein line, but overall my favorite's the Huck MkII.


Still, right now I'm fanboying over R-Gun Powered and Wild Wuerger. those things're AWESOME...And on the subject of "Wild" PTs, I definitely prefer the Wildraubtier over its successor, the R-1. I'm okay with Wild Falken(anorexic Weissritter) and I hate Wildschwein.


You know what else is a really, REALLY funny machine? the Fairlion.


And while we're on the subject, anybody watching the anime Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars? I am. I've seen the old SRW: OG OVA, too...Good stuff, good stuff...

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The Wildraubtier is my favorite PT! Fairlions are amusing; sorta like the female mechs from Virtual-On.


The Gespenst model that really catches my eye is the MkIIS. Gespenst with a Blaster Cannon is awesome! If it's the transition between Grungusts and Gespensts, then isn't it borderline Super Robot?


I have the first two eps of Divine wars. As much as my fanboy instincts urge me to watch it, I felt it was too slow. Does it pick up the pace after that?

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I preferred the OVA over the Divine Wars series, just because it was a new storyline and I prefer pure animation over the CGI stuff they used in Divine Wars.  Not to say that DW hasn't had its share of good parts (Ingram's showdown at the beginning was awesome, and Cybuster will always be teh win ).


I'm a sucker for Huckes as well, but my fav suits will always be the the Valsione and Cybuster (hence my infatuation with the Lune character ).  Valsione became my #1 ranking unit after I gave it the Shishio Blade (get it from beating the tar out of Sanger in one of the missions), and Cybuster doesn't need added weapons when he has the Cosmo Nova.


And back on the topic of kicking Ingram's butt, I find that the R-Gun can be useful to use against, assuming you were able to keep it.  Both Leona and Rio can use it well with their decent ranged stats and TK levels, and they each have something they can bring to the suit in terms of skills.  Rio has Drive, which means you don't have to spend hours building up to Metal Destroyer, and Leona has a low cost Fury, so you can break down Ingram's armor before attacking (plus they both have innate levels of support attack, so you can spam Metal Destroyers as you launch off some energy drains).

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Yeah, Ryusei route is easier then Kyosuke route overall, but the first half of Ryusei route is tougher than the Kyosuke route (kind of makes sense; as Ryusei's the bumbling fool who slowly gains ultimate power [ the traditional good guy ], and Kyosuke is an experienced pilot who's got the devil's luck on his side [which he needs, as kyosuke route is tough, damn hidden boss] ).


The Shishio blade is one of the strongest weapons in the game (the strongest melee weapon next to Sanger's Colossal Blade, Kyosuke's Trump Card, and the SRX's TK Burst Slash).  No energy or morale requirements, 60 weapon space, post move attack capable, decent critical hit rate, and base attack strength of 4000.  This makes it super easier for me to get Lune's morale up as I can OHKO weak enemies until 130 morale, then have attacker kick in as I spam Psycho-Blaster and Cross Smasher.


On a completely unrelated (yet always SRW related) note, anyone got any good SRW quotes or jokes?  You know, something along the lines of;


Sanger and Elzam walked into a bar, which abruptly exploded as no such level of awesomeness can be contained in one building.


Or my favorite SRW quote, courtesy of Irm,

"Do you guys have a monkey piloting that thing?"

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Apparently, the Kurogane is tough enough to contain that level of awesome! Well, considering it's awesome in itself. Oh ho, massive drill.


I just got through Judecca. Levi's way easier than Ingram! I decided to just move on to OG2 afterwards, because I couldn't wait to see the new Lions.


Ryusei: It's so nice to be at the beach!

Tasuku: You're right about that, Ryusei! We finally get to see the girls in bathing suits!

Irm: Bathing suits are fine, Tasuku, but the beauty of a woman is not judged solely on that...

Tasuku: Then what else is it based on?

Irm: The body and sex appeal. Without it, the bathing suit is useless.


Tasuku: Sigh. Oh wait, here they come!

Irm: Are you sure it's them? No... it's Elzam! Wh-what is he wearing!?

Tasuku: Those trunks barely cover anything! Oh god, my eyes!

Irm: Red... and black...

Elzam: Ah, the beach. Let's go, Trombe!

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Yeah, it would be too powerful if they ever put it in the games. It's like an amalgamation of all the hax technology in the universe!


Going through OG2, I really enjoyed the part where Masaki was just about to say "Red Comet" when he was giving Sleigh a nickname, but his familiars stopped him before they get sued. "That was risky!" Waha.


"Crimson Comet" isn't much of an alternative, either!

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And the level that followed was just as funny,  Gotta love Sanger and his ability to shut up any boss just by yelling his signature quote at them (and Ratsel for overwriting any combat theme with TROMBE!).  I especially loved after the mission when they were commenting on the Dygenguard's name. (note: this isn't an exact quote of it, but its pretty close)


Rai: "Ryusei, don't even think of calling the SRX the 'Dai-Ryu'"

Ryusei: "Nah, that doesn't sound right, but how about the Dairai or Daiaya?"

Aya: "Daiaya, it sounds like a princess' name."

Mai: "Aya, do you really think thats a good name?"

Aya: "I guess not, at least not for a super robot."

Mai: (Aya, were you really serious back there?)

Ryusei: "Well, maybe not Daiaya, but what if we added something to the end of Dairai? Dyraioh?"

Lune: "Dyraioh? Now that sounds like a super robot to me!"


On another note, has anyone seen SRW W for the DS yet?  Its about the only DS game I would ever want if I got one, and I've been scouring the net for a rom .  I mean, the number of units you get is just staggering;

-Prince of Darkness

-Gundam SEED

-SEED Astray

-X Astray


-Full Metal Panic

-Tekkaman Blade


-Endless Waltz

-Getter Robo

-Detonator Orgun

-Hundred Beast kind Go lion (aka VOLTRON)


And I hear that if you beat the game, you can buy enemy units to use (wants to get the Blitz, and Miguel's Ginn ).  That and the main character's unit seems pretty cool (its a transformable robot that can combine with one of the battleships )

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