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Kanon Zetsubo


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((Some of my info. is most likely incorrect, since I'm still unsure of some of the locations and stuff. If so, feel free to tell me ))


Full name: Kanon Zetsubo

Nickname: Zet

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: (Coordinator)

Occupation: Pilot

Date of Birth: February 10

Birthplace: Februarius City, PLANT

Citizenship: Februarius City

Personality: For the most part, he is a friendly, outgoing kind of guy who can be easy to get along with. He tries to avoid confrontation whenever possible, but isn't afraid to fight for friends, family, and beliefs.


He is a hopless romantic, and a sucker for women. Although he believes that everyone should be treated as equals, coordinators, and naturals alike, he favors women overall when it comes to anything. But he, shows them great respect, and doesn't do anything to them that they don't like.


Deep within, he holds his anger and sorrow, bottling it up inside, ready to explode out at any given time, which gives him a short temper when stressed out and tired. He hates being pressured and bullied, which only sparks this anger, and causes him to randomly snap at the one upsetting him. He rarely does this as he has a better grip on his mouth, and he has never done so to a woman before, but mistakes can happen, and Kanon is far from perfect.


During fights, his attitude changes to someone more serious, and focused. The only thing going through his mind at that point is completing the mission with the fewest casualties possible. He tends to look out for his allies, and has no problems being the point man if he knows it can by time for escape or to further a mission.


His preference during combat is either close combat, or long range sniping.  During close combat, he is very aggressive, and very extreme, throwing is everything into defeating his enemy. As a sniper, he stays as calm as possible, taking his time picking off whatever targets he can. He hardly uses mid range weapins, unless to distract, or keep his enemy at bay to either close in for a kill, or gain distance until he can get into a sniping position.


Theme Songs:

1) Etro Anime - Danger

2) Light Before We Land

3) Kiri

4) Growing Wings




Height: 6"2

Weight: 155 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: He keeps his hair short, black hair and goatee well combed and trimmed

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: A scar on the right side of his head, running from his ear to his chin

Skin Tone: Hazel Brown

Build: Slim


Set 1:

He loves the color black, and wears it quit often. Normally, he wears dressy clothing. This includes a short sleeved, vermilion red shirt, under a long sleeved, collared, black dress shirt. He wears black dress pants, and boots, and a black belt, with a silver buckle. His shirt is always tucked in, and it is very rare he ever keeps it out, unless its very hot.

Set 2:

When not dressing up, he likes to wear urban style clothing, which consists of a red Hood, and baggy, army camouflage cargo pants. Underneath his Hood, he normally wears a black t-shirt, and black tennis shoes.

Handiness: (Right handed)




Mother: Miyuki Zetsubo

Father: January Zetsubo

Siblings: Hiriko Zetsubo (Older sister)

             Yuji Zetsubo (Older brother)

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Growing up within PLANT, ten year old Kanon's biggest dream was to become a mobile suit pilot, but to never join the military like his older brother and sister did. His father owned a shipping business that sent goods back and forth from PLANT to various locations, while his mother helped him do so. His parents wanted him to take over the family business since Hiriko and Yuji wouldn't do so. But Kanon also refused, though he knew not what he wanted to be at that time.


Eventually, his father ended up hiring a group of mercs. for an escort mission to guard a cargo ship filled with food to another location. At the time, Kanons parents had been on board, with Kanon along for the ride, thinking everything would go smoothly. Along the way, a suprise attack ensued by a group of bandits in which Kanon witnessed first hand mobile suit combat. He was en armed by the site, and skill the they executed their attacks, from then on, he decided he wanted to be one.


A year later, his parents divorced, causing Kanon to live with his mother in an apartment. Since his mother refused to allow his father to pay for his schooling, he instead attended a poorer school than the one he went to. Because the way kids acted at his new school was so different from his old one, he had a hard time adjusting to his surroundings. Because of this, he was routinely picked and teased on a daily basis which both of his parents argued back and forth. Often times putting the now eleven year old in the middle.


For a few years, up until he was fifteen, he fell into a state of depression until he stayed with his father for three months. During that time, Kanon came to understand how hard things could really be for him if he did not improve himself, both mentally and physically. He came to this understanding when his father gave him a job working at low paying, but highly stressful, full-time job. The employees there were overworked, and under appreciated, and Kanon was misarable there.


After finally recovering from his depressed state, he learned how to keep an open mind about how the world works, and about how to better improve himself through studying and understanding of the world around him. Because of this new realization, his burning desire to become a merc. only increased, and for the next four years he has spent learning about mobile suits, and piloting mechs. Along the way, he heard of the soldiers of fire, and decided to seek them out.


One thing he had always wanted was to experience love at least once. He had seen the closeness his mother and father had at one point, and wanted the same thing as well for himself. During his four years, he acquired his first lover by the name if Karin. Kanon grew to love her deeply because of her strong mind, Independence, and strong will. Not only that, but she was very easy to get along with, and treated him as an equal. Kanon had found a happiness he had never felt before when he was with her, and wanted to keep that feeling for as long as possible. He did not want to repeat the same mistakes his parents had gone through, so he did what he could for her. Though she herself did not feel the same, they made the best of friends. But because of Kanon's willingness to open up so easily to her, and wanting the same in return, it drove her away. This left Kanon heart broken, though he had not given up hope on finding a lover one of these days. He wanted to feel that spark of happiness and acceptance once again at the hands of someone he truly cared for.


It wasn't until one week before his birthday did he come across a member of Soldier of Fire that he introduced himself, and wished to join their team.

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Hmm...not bad, not bad at all.


Most issues I noticed in your profile are mostly mechanical (spelling/grammar), but I won't go and point each and every little thing.


Anyways, your personality is quite detailed and thorough, however, I noticed that in the section regarding his 'hopeless romantic' aspect wasn't really mentioned in the Personal History.  i.e. How did he become a hopeless romantic, despite his somewhat turbulent past and how does this affect the way he deals with people? (Your paragraph deals with the last part, for the most part.)


I don't see many profiles in which a combat preferences are stated but I do note the interesting extremes your character takes.  However, it would seem more realistic or reasonable for your character to 'struggle' balancing these two outlying types of combat, given what I've read regarding his personality.  Bah, I can't figure out what I was trying to get at here.  >_<


At your History, your character's father was said to have 'sent good back and forth from ZAFT to varies locations.'

ZAFT is not a specific location; it is the military branch of PLANT, which is a collection of space colonies inhabited by Coordinators.  And I think you meant 'various' not varies. 


Now for some spelling stuff...  :P

Februaries City --> Februarius City

dint --> don't (?)

series --> serious

'but highly stress full job' --> but highly stressful, full-time job

The employees their were --> The employees there were  (This is a very common mistake, so it's not a big deal.)


But overall, you got yourself a great profile.  Don't worry too much about the mechanics, since all you need is a little practice.

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Oooohhhh ok O_O

Despite how much i watch the gundam series, I'm still very ignorant to most of the finer details


And yeah, I originally had a different history set up that told about that, BUT then i read the rules on cliche's, and well, yeah


So i started from scratch and forgot some stuff And also, i type really fast, so i tend to over look alot of stuff in my spelling


And the combat extremes i got from halo and halo 2 as silly as it sounds Whenever i do multiplayer with my friends, i either snipe, or engage in close combat. I hardly ever use any other weapons but sniping and energy swords unless i have to.

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Hi man, sorry for the wait. Those damn chocobos won't want to turn green and when they do they don't turn male.


First off, personality: you need to expand on "he sometimes ACTS like a friendly...blahblahblah" Why acts? Is there something behind this or miswording?


A couple of typos in it like series instead of serious. Simple typos that can be fixed by a good read-through


Theme songs, while this isn't officially needed I just wanted to point out that the song "Kiri" has no link?


Now onto your history: During the time of the war, the Soldiers of Fire did not exist; maybe only elements of it but it would not exist long enough for the EA to randomly raid civillians.


Other than that your bio is very well done. I would suggest for your history that you simply say bandits rather than EA or ZAFT since you're so into the SoF

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Hmm maybe I should make a guide on this.


PLANT is an alliance of several nations. Each of this nation is called "PLANT City". The twelve PLANT Cities are the twelve Coordinator nations. It's kinda confusing, I know.


So you need to state which City Kanon is a citzen of.

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