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Hi guys!


Just thought i'd pop in and say "I'm Here!" before I got down to writing my profile, it's nice to meet you all. I really don't have much more to say, i'm somewhat new to the Gundam Universe having only discovered the Gundam Seed Anime a few months ago. I must say though, i'm absolutely in love with it.


I guess mabye a little about me would help, i'm currently completing a BA at Canterbury University in New Zealand, i'm a double major in Japanese and Theatre and Film Studies. I also write scripts and screenplays in my free time (Though nothings been published yet). Anything else you'd like to know just ask.


Once again it's nice to meet you all and i'll see you around!

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Cheers, for we have successfully converted another one to our side. Whoever's responsible for the Gundam propaganda, s/he should get a pay raise.


If it's Bandai, never mind.


Although, we need a couple of thousand more Gundam fans to assist in the lobby for Mobile Suit research. We're getting there...


Nice having another person in here. Glad you enjoy Gundam SEED, and hope you explore the other couple of series as well. Good stuff.

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Thanks for the warm welcomes, I read all the info and started writing a profile, seeing as I don't know too much of the specifics of the Gundam Universe i've left it at that for now, i'll continue it if no one points out any inconsistancies or stuff that simply Just "can't be".


I'm currently waiting to get my mitts onto the other gundam series, it's hard, anime's not huge in little ol' New Zealand.


As for Gundam Propogander it was just on TV when I was studying late, so I managed to catch it, all the better for me, mwahahaha!

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i'm absolutely in love with it.


dont mean to disappoint you or anything but lets hope you wont be kicked off the cliff just yet...


we dont have a problem with gundam but seed is just teh suck. have to realize that hisashi was the only thing that kept the garbage on our plates :<


welcome anyway =]

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Cool thing about UC is they arent afraid to kill their main characters or have them become "disabled" in the series or movies end.


exactly..for once Id like the world deprived of kira. plus lacus, she shudve died ages ago wth so little power. seed is just a corrupt love story all together. btw I would recommend the deathnote movie - I have never seen anything better.


but dont take it too hard Caerai I wont give anyone a hard time, Im sure thats not what Valiant wants either. cya around~.

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