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I really could have sworn there was already a topic on this but i can't seem to find it. Either way just so I know I'm not going crazy, i was just thinking about how it was going to work. If i recall correctly i thought there was going to be a raffle or something like that to see who would be newtypes. The other thing that popped into my mind was the ratio of newtypes like approximatly how many will there be compared to the rest of the site's population?

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Characters. Spell it in full if you want them to know what you mean <_<


At any rate, its better if you choose the newtypes properly. If luck so has it that one faction has all the newtypes...


At any rate, in that era, there were only what, a few apparent newtypes? (Gundam Seed-wise) Mu La Flaga, Al Da flaga. Rau Le Cruset probably. Ray, not too sure. Kira? Goddamn.


That leaves us with... Pretty much a slim chance.

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Sorry but the details of how to become a new-type are not up for discussion.


And yes, it's the only way until we decide a new method


So if one faction gets all the NTs, that's tough luck for the others lol.


'Sides, how many newtypes do you see ATM?

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All in all, The UC 0079 era had a fair share of newtypes. SEED, Newtypes are almost extinct, only naturally occuring on Mu La Flaga, whom I'd say is a full-blown natural newtype. Not a clone and not genetically altered. Considering being a newtype requires 2 things, a strong mental connection and possibly the need to live in space, earth-bound people have a much lesser chance to form newtype bonds, but it is possible.


Then again, The UC timeline had their own fair and share of "Druggies". AKA Human CPUs. Artificial newtypes...


All in all, I say we don't even discuss it. I remembered Gundamofficial.com, I remembered the newtype thread. It was going in circles again and again. =/

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Previous Newtype Thread


Theres the original discussion thread, which is locked now because all of the questions asked were answered, so unless there is something that was left unasked, there should be little reason to ask anything more on the subject of Newtypes.  Simply put, don't worry about them, there's nothing special to be gained from it.  As of CE 73, it was noted that gunbarrel and DRAGOON technology had advanced to the level that even non-Newtypes could use them, so there's little reason to be a Newtype anyways.

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