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Katherine Pryde

Guest Katherine Pryde

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Full name: Katherine Pryde

Nickname: Kitty

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Student

Birthplace: Orb

Citizenship: Orb

Personality: Although she's a kind hearted girl it doesn't change the fact that she's shy and most of the time alone, but she doesn't complain much. Being the sweet and helpful girl she is it's hard for her to say no to someone's request, even when she refuses a person she's not too fond of she feels bad, but she does hate being forced into doing something. Helping others makes her feel useful and replaces some of her loneliness. She hates disappointing people and that's why when she sets her mind on something she gives it all she's got. Kitty's the kind of girl that hates people who pretend to be something else, those who thing the're superior and lets not forget those who never follow their dreams. She's kind of a daydreamer and uses that fact to the advantage of her artistic skills. She hates war and believes trying to understand eachother is a better way to resolve conflicts.




Height: 167 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Long brown hair, which she keeps in 2 low ponytails tied with the help of some of her hair and white ribbons; 2 locks of hair are tied in front with 2 gold cylinder pieces and she has strands of hair outlining her face as well.

Eye Colour: Light blue

Identifying Marks: none

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Delicate

Clothing: She's currently wearing a white spaghetti strap dress with white lace and an orange sleeveless jacket on top with a green collar and buttons, accompanied by yellow edges. The outfit also has orange sleeves with blue ribbons and a beautiful design that starts from above her elbow till her wrist. For her footwear she has long green boots past her knee with yellow designs at the top and blue ribbons, with heels that are not too high.

Handiness: Right-handed






Mother: Rebecca Pryde

Father: Nick Pryde

Siblings: none

Husband/Boyfriend: none


Personal History:

Everything went smothly in her life until the age of 7 when her father became too fond of drinking, resulting in him coming home late and drunk. Some of the fights between him and Kitty's mother would become violent, others would be her father throwing insults and her mother would always be the one to shed tears. These fights are part of the reason why Kitty was shy and quiet at school, the other part being the fact that she kind of lacks confidence in herself. Kitty got used to the times when her parents would fight, fortunately they weren't daily, but now her father developed health problems. Katherine always makes sure that whenever her parents fight they never hurt eachother physically.


Kitty had her own problems with her social life. At school during breaks she would stay in her seat and watch others, rarely steping in a conversation. She hated when some of her classmates would make fun of her but i guess it couldn't be helped, getting back at them wouldn't help. She felt like she didn't belong there, maybe the reason being that some of her classmates were too superficial and she wasn't that of a material girl. She learned to like her alone time thanks to her classmates and not to try too hard at making friends, if it was ment to be then their friendship would grow easily.

At the age of 17 she thought it was time she decided what to do with her life. Being a writter to her ment that she might be able to teach people the value of life. She set her heart and mind on writting about war to make them understand that it will never lead to true happiness and there are alternate methods that people don't actually see. She never understood why coordinators and naturals had to fight, actually she doesn't understand why people were labeled like this. It's true she doesn't like the idea of somebody meddling with your genes but it can't be helped. Why should people be persecuted now for something that happened in the past that wasn't their fault? Right now this is what she wants to show the world in her book : understanding, compassion, equality, not forgetting to mention the suffering some had to go through. Her book's purpose is to make sure no more wars occur. She hates the whole idea of being afraid day by day, of living with the thought that you could anytime die and feels content with how things are at the moment.




The Personal History probably needs some more work, but don't have any inspiration now.

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Pretty good civvie profile.


But yeah, what Sieg said.  Please use the format provided for your profile.  (Bold letters for the 'labels' only, not the entire text.)


You do have a few typos here and there throughout your profile, but I won't go all 'Nazi' and pick them out.  Just carefully re-read your profile and you should be able to spot 'em.


Your history could use a 'little' more elaboration but I think it covers all the bases.

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You should also make sure to give credit to whoever drew that picture you're using, or at least, the site that you found it on.  Its just a little formality, but we like to keep things official here, and we don't want people breaking copyright laws.

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